Update: Parkinson unaware of tax liens?

May 14, 2010

Ian Parkinson

In response to allegations that San Luis Obispo County Sheriff candidate Ian Parkinson was untruthful when he said that he has never had any tax liens, attorney John Ronca said his candidate had paid off three liens and asserts Parkinson did not remember them because the amounts were so small.

“After reviewing the printout and checking the county records, Ian does not deny that liens were filed, he simply did not recall them on the show, nor does he recall them now,” Ronca said in an e-mail to Dave Congalton at KVEC radio. “The bottom line is that Ian was completely honest on your show when he said he always paid his taxes and that he was unaware of any tax liens.”

Ronca said he reviewed county records and found that all of the liens were more than five years old and the amounts were under $240.

He, however, failed to mention a 2006 lien on a property Parkinson owned in Monterey County that was also listed in the e-mail.

In 2006, after Parkinson failed to pay a property tax bill of $1,546 for a home he owned at 44250 Via Canada in King City, the Monterey County Tax Collector placed a lien on the property. More than a year later, on Aug. 31, 2007, Parkinson paid the bill, according to the Monterey County Tax Collector’s office.

In San Luis Obispo County, if a recreational vehicle owner fails to pay their boat taxes on time, the county sends out a notice of intent to place a lien on the property. If the property owner does not respond to the notice, a lien is place on the boat, said Art Bacon, San Luis Obispo County principal financial analyst.

In the 2007/2008 tax year, the tax collector sent Parkinson a notice of intent to file a lien if he did not catch up on his delinquent taxes. He paid the bill prior to a lien being recorded, Bacon said.

In the 2005/2006 tax year, Parkinson failed to respond to the notice and a lien of $164 was placed on his boat. Shortly afterwards Parkinson paid the tax and the late payment fines.

In the 2002/2003 tax year, Parkinson again failed to respond to the notice and a temporary lien of $201was placed on his boat.

In the 2001/2002 tax year, Parkinson owned two boats. The tax collector sent him notices of intent to file liens on both vehicles.

When he did not respond to the notices, the county tax collector’s office filed liens of $237 and $222 on the boats. Parkinson paid both liens off within a few months of the recording.

In the 1999/2000 tax year, the tax collector sent Parkinson a notice of intent to file a lien if he did not catch up on his delinquent taxes. He paid the bill prior to a lien being recorded.

The sheriff oversees a staff of 375 and a $57 million budget. The department patrols all unincorporated areas in the county and several cities including Nipomo, Shandon and Avila Beach.


Go to New Times website and vote for the candidate you want. Parkinson asked all his Facebook fans to vote for him, looks like they did. I don’t believe the other candidates even know it’s out there. Not sure what the results would be if everyone knew they could go there and vote.


I’m supporting Ben Hall for Sheriff.

I’ve worked with numerous Sheriff’s commanders and police people over the years and I find Ben to be a very personable guy, easy going and he’s worked every job in the Sheriff’s Department. There would be no learning curve with Ben Hall and I believe him to be an honest cop with a great sense of humor (tough to find in a cop). AND he can dance the tango too.

But joking aside, though I support Ben Hall, I could also live with Joe Cortez, Mike Texeira or even Mark Adams. I would not support Lenthall or Parkinson.

Actually, I already voted for Ben Hall on my absentee ballot. So Ben you’ll get at least one vote…


This is a big mess. We are all going to end up with Parkinson or Lenthal because people don’t know enough to band together and beat them. They are the two top contenders. That means they will each get lots of votes. The rest of us who are smart enough to know not to vote for them are also dumb enough to split our votes between 4 others candidates. We are all going to lose except for one of those top two contenders and their supporters. Voting early rather than sitting back and waiting to see who might emerge as the most likely to garner the most votes out of the 4 is willful at best.

How frustrating.


We’re going to end up with the person that the most people vote for. Your way of thinking is why we end up with the people we have. I know that you believe what you’re saying but I believe that people need to vote their conscience and for the person they believe will do the most good. I doubt that anyone will win in the primary. If they do, then they deserve it. I will be voting for Mike “Tex” Teixeira. May the best man win.


What do you want to bet that the 4 candidates collectively end up with more than 51% of the vote? That means that the majority of the citizens don’t want either Parkinson or Lenthal. That doesn’t mean that we won’t end up with the two of them taking the primary and leaving us all with no other choices.


With a field of candidates this large, it would be a real rarity for any candidate to take a race during the primary. Our process of electing government leaders is working and each of us have the opportunity to voice our opinion in the polls. That seems pretty fair to me regardless of whom I have chosen to support.


Based on some of the responces here I’m wondering if people understand that

only the top two candidates will go on to the general election. I agree that it isn’t likely that anyone will be walking away with 51% of the votes from the primary. I am concerned that Parkinson and Lenthal could walk away as the two contenders to have garnered the highest amount of votes. The way that can happen is when too many votes get split between the other 4. I don’t want to end up with only Parkinson or Lenthal to vote for in the general election.

I believe more citizens don’t want Lenthal or Parkinson that do want them. I believe all those citizens could end up with no choice but them if we don’t get together and agree to vote for the candidate most likely to beat them.


“each of us have the opportunity to voice our opinion in the polls.”

The primary election isn’t a poll. We are going to decide which 2- TWO- 2 of the 6 candidates running for sheriff will go on to compete in the general election.


The June Primary is in fact a poll and that is where we each have the opportunity to vote. We have an option of mailing in our ballot with the same result. In theory, if the voters support a single candidate with 50% plus one vote, that person will prevail and become Sheriff Elect. Should no candidate prevail, there will be a run off election in November. We are not voting for two candidates at the primary although the field may narrow without a single winner. What is most important is that the community selects the Sheriff regardless if they are YOUR candidate. That is the American way and in my opinion is fair to all who are eligible and choose to vote.


WRONG – WRONG – WRONG. Only TWO candidates will emerge from the primary to move on to the general election. STOP disseminating false information, your dangerous.

You are correct that if one candidate receives more than 50 +1% of the votes in the primary then it’s over. Your wrong if you think that we all get another shot to vote for all 6 candidates after this primary. We only get a shot at voting for two after that.


The June Primary Election will be the deciding factor of which two Candidates running for SLO County Sheriff will appear on the November ballot for Sheriff elect. I hope those two choices won’t be between Lenthal and Parkinson. That can easily happen if say Lethal and Parkinson were both to get as little as say 18% of the vote each. Do the math.


Cindy- Read my blog before declaring “wrong wrong wrong.” I never said you have a second chance to vote for the six candidates. I said we could elect the Sheriff at the primary with 50% of the vote plus one individual vote. If no candidate reaches that majority, the two candidates with the highest votes move on to the general election, that would be two candidates. I am not disseminating false info and you once again are shooting your mouth without doing your homework. It is not 50% plus 1% and your apology will be accepted.


It’s clear that there are people who don’t understand that only two candidates will prevail in the primaries and move on to the general election. IMO you did your best to obfuscate that fact.

“Should no candidate prevail, there will be a run off election in November. We are not voting for two candidates at the primary although the field may narrow without a single winner.”

If you want to accept my apology. go ahead apologize to yourself for me. I won’t be offering it.


Don’t worry Cindy, I would never expect an apology from you. If people do not realize that we could either elect the Sheriff at the primary (not likely) then two highest vote receivers will move on to the general election, it is not because of what I have written. Your approach here is just like filing federal charges locally; your fingers are quicker on the keyboard than your brain can work.


A group from my Church had this very same discussion on Sunday. We understnd what you are saying. We will all pick the best Candidate and all vote for the same, We don’t want Parkinson or Lenthal either.


With so much sleaze going on at the sheriff dept all these years makes me wonder what Hall was doing to stop it, inform other authorities or the public-or what? I guess we will see this Thurs on Congalton.


I think Michael Teixeira is the best choice for Sheriff. He’s not an insider like the rest of the candidates, so he’s more likely to clean house and clean up the department in an impartial manner. He also has big city law enforcement experience with CHP in SoCal. We don’t need another Hedges. Lenthall and Parkinson sound like Hedges Jr. who will give us more of the same: coverups, back room deals, and no internal investigations.


It has been reported already and never refuted that Joe Cortez has no internal connections to the sheriff dept. So why do you lump him and perhaps others as ‘insiders’. Seems to me a shotgun comment without merit. Only Hall is an insider (for good or bad).


I have been following local events surrounding the Sheriff’s Department for several years as there was a clear problem that was persisting. Many of the articles reference state or federal law which I would research and broaded my knowledge base giving me a chance to understand the true issue and all of the impact. My interest was not politically motivated except that when we arrived at this juncture and I personally would be able to cast my vote, I wanted it to be based on fact rather than rumor and the ramblings of others.

With that background I had analzyed each of the candidates as they would release information or respond to questions that had been reported. While leaning toward Lenthall for a couple of months, his responses were definative and deep. He consistently went for the cause of the root problem rather than a knee jerk reaction to a posed symptom. I am now a firm supporter of Lenthall and happy to say so. Not because of any political tie, but because I educated myself to the issues and compared them with the other candidates.

One blogger quoted the Bible urging us not to judge others. That was actually sound advise but the Bible also supportsgovernment and we should use knowledge to help ourselves suceed.

I feel sorry for Parkinson (and more for his familty) for the scandal about his honesty. That, however, rests clearly on his own shoulders based solely his words. This is not a media induced situation. This was based on what Parkinson, as a candidate, stated on public radio. Then his campaign team response merely buried him in his own sludge because one can’t battle facts with bovine droppings.

Based on a $57 budget and nearly 400 employees, the community deserves a candidate that will return the Sheriff’s Department to it’s former glory. Lenthall actually is the only candidate who has any real experience with that size of operation. If elected, I suspect it will take his entire first term just cleaning up the mess left by Hedges and turning the operation around while guiding it through some unpresidented financial times. But, I share my confidence that Lenthall has the skills, education, experience and the integrity get the job done right.


Your comments lead me to believe you did not review all the material about all the candidates. There is only one who has successfully led a whole department, and has no historical baggage-Joe Cortez.

While on the supes Jerry created such a poor record that his first term ended in a landslide victory for a relatively unknown challenger. He became a darling of the land developers and ignored wise advice from experts (including the county counsel) as far as land planning was concerned. He was determined in his attempt to appease the landed gentry here, not the public good. After many years he has only attained the position of sergeant.

On the other hand Joe Cortez has over 30 years experience, about 15 as Chief of Police. He has managed people and budgets successfully. For those fleeing the Parkinson camp I urge a serious look at Cortez.

Paul Anthony

odd that Jerry continues to promote himself as “chairman of the board of supervisors”

fails to mention that he alienated all who came into contact with him

fails to mention that he broke the law, ignored staff, pissed staff off, wasted all the money [salary, benefits, vacation, sick time, hard work of many many staff] spent advising him of land use and the LAW, and he ignored it and broke it.

and was gloriously trounced right out of there.

why? because he was awful. bad cop, bad supervisor. let’s let it stop there.


By supporting Lenthall, does not meant that I am not against Joe Cortez . My major concern is that all of his experience is with small departments equating to small budgets. He is obviously well educated and well spoken. Hopefully, we are all spending comparable time and energy to make the best informed decision, and that is what I have done. I think we can support our candidate better by sharing their strenghts rather than tearing down the opposition. I will not vote for MEG for govorner because of the attack ads she started. My ears are open to what the candidate has to offer rather than going on about his lack of promoting hirer than sergeant. I respect your opinion and appreciate your respect of mine.

Paul Anthony

it’s always interesting to see people who equate fact sharing with attacks or tearing down.

You want to censor me and others who do not want jerry or ian elected and do not want to hear why.

You vote for censorship. How American of you.

Meanwhile, I don’t care that jerry has “budget” experience that you think trumps others because of the amount involved. That’s simply a ridiculous reason to vote for him. managing budgets is managing budgets no matter the amount.

what concerns me, and ought to concern you, is not limited to the amount of the budget alone, but the quality of the character of the person who is doing the budget management and more. jerry fails here, so does ian. you can see this, right?

I have already stated that I have cast my vote for Cortez and others have articulated why much better than I can. But these absurd oversights of character terrify me. Good thing I cannot and will not censor you or attempt to. Think about the character not the stump speech.

Paul Anthony

by the way, jerry, I have to start my shift in a minute and will not be accessing this site until later tomorrow. So, have at it and tell us why a big budget is all that matters.


I have not censored you and actually appreciated your comments. I gave my opinion about the effectiveness of negative campaigning as well as the impact of managing a large budget. We all saw how poorly Hedges was able to manage the department budget and that is a very real issue and not one to be slighted.


With the budget deficit it almost don’t matter who is going to be governor.

My suspicion with Meg is who she is going to coordinate with or benefit.

It matters more who is governor when or if the budget is ever balanced.

With respect to who is going to be our county Sheriff, it seems significant because we live here. I am a civilian family man, NOT law enforcement and I agree with your analysis.


Thanks Willie. This is a very important issue for those of us living on the central coast. Many use the site for bashing but I believe the majority enjoy the forum to remain in touch with those issues that impact us.


Hotdog, I agree – Just take a look at Joes’s credentials, he has also served in LE for 30 years and has been a Police Chief for 15 of them. Even the Tribune had to admit that he was a top notch candidate despite their weak effort to try and convince us that Parkinson was their choice. The Tribune is such a hand shaker.

# Joe was selected by the Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) to represent POST as an assessor for the Hancock College Police Academy’s reaccreditation inspection.

# While serving in Colorado , Joe was appointed by both Republican and Democratic governors to serve on the Colorado Peace Officers Standards and Training Board, which is responsible for the certification and training standards of officers throughout the state.

# Joe is a graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, as well as the FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Development seminar.

# He possesses Associates and Bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice Administration, and a Master’s degree in Leadership is in progress. Additionally, Joe has earned all major California peace officer certifications from Basic through Executive levels.

Paul Anthony

except there is that little problem of his breaking the law

if he breaks the law as a police officer, breaks the law as a county supervisor, what do you think he will do as sheriff?

a polished campaign is just a polished campaign. no matter how you try to shine him up, he is still dirty.

Dirty dirty dirty. Get rid of one dirty sheriff and bring in a dirty man to be even dirtier?

You’re smarter than that, unless you are Jerry himself.


Oh please, I am not Jerry. I will certainly acknowledge that the land use issues were not high on my list of interests. Following the law enforcement topics impacted me more personally and drew me to much study. I appreciate a forum to voice opinions without the slapdowns, with a few exception. Thanks for your comment.


I have responded to a post from byfreakout. It is way down the page and there is a portion that I want to be certain no one misses so I have done a cut and paste and placed that portion here at the top as well.

Remember that byfo tells us that he is a good friend of Ian.

(written by byfo)” As for Ian’s education I don’t know the answer. ” – ” I’ve had discussions with him about college classes and know that he was completing them but I don’t know where or how much.”

Well how about that! Here you are his friend and champion, yet even you don’t have those facts. Considering that he is being accused of lying about his education I should think you would have talked with him and then come right over here and gave us all the raspberries as you rubbed all his courses and credits in our faces. This man is not competent to fill that position but lets leave the extent of his education out of it and discuss the fact that he isn’t honest about the extent of his education. Parkinson has a lot of nerve, he knows he isn’t academically qualified to fill that position but he will lie to us all and then attempt to fill it anyway. Pathetic


Oh Cindy,

Lets go down to a post of yours that you admit to making up and did absolutely no research before just making accusations. I think you may have lost your credibility. I tried to be nice when you admitted to being wrong but that obviously had not impact with you. Maybe you should move on to a different article on this website. Go after Arnold for cutting government spending and not raising taxes. Maybe you could just keep your responses to a simple, “OH YA!”

For the record, Ian has know idea who beforeyoufreakout is. I’m guessing if he did he would probably tell me to let it go. He has a little more mello demeanor than I do. That’s probably why he has promoted and not me.


The fact remains that Karen did her homework and the Parkinson camp did not like what she found. Every bit of that information was verified as a good investigative reporter should do. To attack the media and “expose” that she may have been fired from a job is of no concern as Karen is not the one running for office. Bottom line, we want 100% truth and disclosure from our next Sheriff.

Paul Anthony

I read my little voter booklet today and thought Lenthall had the best promo in there. Of course, he had someone else write it. Maybe after putting his thoughts on his 3 by 5 cards. His words mean nothing to me. No credibility. Who said the guy with the most signs is not the most qualified? Very astute.

My blackened bubble went for Cortez. Done.

Karen, well done, well done, well done. YOU are an asset to the community, and I cannot enough express my appreciation.

Skuze me while I go donate to you and your site.


WOW, It looks like we are all making a difference after all. I want to congratulate CCN for all their hard work. This morning after Church, some of the congregation were discussing local politics and the focus was on the race for Sheriff. They had two major concerns, one being administrative because they believe that it takes some finance “s a v v y” to finesse that budget. There was also what appeared to be equal concern about all the misconduct that was frequently coming to light and the murders committed by the deputies. SLO PD was also mentioned for brutality and drug dealing. The high light was when I realized that so many of them read CCN!

I didn’t think there were that many readers but there obviously are considering that an entire group of about 18 -20 people after church, who are concerned about local politics all read the site. I was told that less than 1% (far less than) actually post or even use thumbs. BRAVO to CCN. That means that the opinions expressed here actually do represent a considerable % of local citizens.


Here you go Mike:

I would like to start off by thanking Mike. If it were not for hard work from guys like him I would not make as much money as I do and have the great benefits that I have. I am sincere in that with a hint of sarcasm. There have been posts on here suggesting that Mike should be running for Sheriff and that we need more like him in this county. If you were not aware, I will gladly share with you.

Mike Brennler and Dale Strobridge own a business that negociates payroll’s for police and fire unions. I’m sure this is no big revealation for some or most of you. I just want to make sure everyone is educated since some of you turn to this site for your “knowledge.” I would guess that many of the readers on this site are offended by the six figure incomes of government emoployees. You can thank Mike and Dale for that. I know I am.

Although when Mike was on the Atascadero City Council he didn’t want the police and fire there to have any raises.

On to the issues.

The Sergeants Test: I am embarrased that the only person Ian had read over his questions was his brother. He should have had his wife, Sergeant, preacher, nieghbor, etc.. review the questions and answers. Every good professional and executive has their work double and triple checked. That’s what makes them good. I once had to submit a memo of interest for a special assigment. I wrote the memo and asked a Sergeant and Senior Officer to review it prior to submitting it. They both had some great changes that probably earned me that assignment. It’s sad that Mike had to hack into Ian’s work email and obtain that information. I think that speaks to Mike’s character. Having Mike as our Sheriff would just add to more bugging of offices.

Education: Hey Mike how many over educated people have you worked for that lacked leadership, communication skills and common sense. I’ve worked for and with officers that were highly educated and/or the validictorians of their academy class. They were great at writing and knowing case law but couldn’t do police work or lead. Not all. I don’t want to discredit education in law enforcement. I do think it’s important but doesn’t neccessarily qualify you for the job. As for Ian’s education I don’t know the answer. I believe he has a high school diploma or he wouldn’t have past a background investigation for Morro Bay or San Luis Obispo. I’ve had discussions with him about college classes and know that he was completing them but I don’t know where or how much. I’m taking his word for it but it doesn’t really matter to me. I understand that it matters to some of you. I’m not knocking that.

Tax Liens: I’ve already answered this in previous posts but I’ll add my personal feeling. In case you haven’t figured it out Ian is a friend of mine. Mike was at one time as well. Early on in my law enforcement career Mike told me that Ian was a good officer for me to look up to and use as an example. I guess Mike’s opinion has changed. I don’t dispute the tax liens. They were obviously there. Ian is someone I’ve know for almost 20 years. He is not a dumb person. I get that some of you are not buying this, but I believe that he was not lying on the air with Dave. The liens that Ben was talking about simply did not come to mind. Have fun with that, beat me up all you want. I’m not going to change my mind.

The rogue officers: I don’t know any details of their arrest other than whats been on CCN and other news groups. I do know that there is this thing called the Police Officers Bill of Rights. If San Luis Obispo Police Department were to screw up the investigation on these two guys the tax payers would be paying a lot more than just the salries they are earning while on administrative leave. If Ian were to discuss the investigation openly with the media he would open the city and himself up to huge civil liability.

Mike, I know you are a huge supporter of the Police Officers Bill of Rights. It’s what you defend for a living. How much are you getting in pay every month from the police and fire unions? It speaks to your credibiltiy that you haven’t defended Ian on this subject and explained to your followers what the Police Admin can and can not do with these officers. Several posts have implied Ian is failing to handle the issue. You claim to be an educater for the public. Shame on you. Have some morals.

When Ian began to promote up through the ranks, how many disagreements did you Dale have with Ian over conflicts between the union, city and police admin? Name an administrator that you worked for and got along with? I bet the list is short.

If you want to be successfull at any job, especially law enforcement you must do the following things. Always do what your boss asks of you. Do more than what you get paid for. Stay out of other employees personal business. If you see a need fill it. If you don’t like the way things are being done than follow the previous suggestions and promote. You worked with Ian, Mike. Can you tell me that he hasn’t earned the tax payer dollars he’s been paid? Did you earn it?


Good post, here is my first question, although it isn’t necessarily in order of most important to me.

When a citizen is found to have committed a crime, they are generally charged and called to answer for their crime in the venue where the crime was committed and discovered. Limon and McDow were discovered to have committed a crime in San Yisidro (sp?) yet they were not called to answer in that venue for their actions like any other citizen would have been. They were charged here in SLO and given a plea deal that is or should be unheard of. They were caught “drug smuggling” but were charged with a misdemeanor FDA offense. Who stepped in and arranged to have there indictments and arraignments charged here in their friendly little GOB city of SLO rather than down by San Diego where they should have received the same treatment that any other citizen would have? Can you tell me that their Captain didn’t have anything to do with that?


Cindy, I’m going out on a limb here because I haven’t done my research. I’m guessing you didn’t either and that is why you are just plain wrong. They weren’t convicted in San Luis Obispo County. They were convicted in a US federal court because they were arrested by federal officers and charged by federal prosecutors. There are no federal courts in San Luis Obispo County. You find this hard to believe but the federal police, federal prosecutors and federal courts could give two !@#$ what a police captain from San Luis Obispo wanted done with these officers.

If I’m wrong, I’ll apologize and go away.

Nice attempt at trying to drag Ian through the mud again. How was coffee with Mike this morning?


Oh Geeezzz, I just pulled up a copy of the plea agreement and you are correct. Well you sure made me look ignorant and I am going to go away a pout for a while.

Actually, I do have quite a few more questions but can’t hang on a PC right now. I’ll have at you a bit later. I’m also curious about the business that you mentioned Mike and Strobridge are engaged in. Maybe Mike can tell us about it? Isn’t Strobridge with the deputies union that is supporting Ian? That’s confusing if your correct.

“coffee with Mike this morning”? I don’t think I have ever had coffee with MIke. Maybe I did once or twice back when he was running for Atascadero CC and I met with him about signs etc. I really don’t know Mike well, apart from shared local political views we have never socialized.


Hey no apology required. My guess is you’re probably a really nice person and active in your community. I can appreciate that. Just try to check your facts before you post. That’s what got this whole thing started in the first place. Once Mike beat up Ian for the Sergeant test thing every little issue compounds. The coffee thing with Mike was just sarcasm. I didn’t actually think you had coffee with him this morning. I’m not following either one of you.

The Deputy Sheriff’s Association is supporting Ian and Dale is the president. However, when the endorsement was presented to Ian it was done by the Vice President who is I believe a Sergeant in the jail. I could be wrong on his position in the jail.

The DSA primarily is the correctional staff at the Sheriff’s Department. Up until a couple of months ago it included the Deputies. There were several reasons for the split. One of them being that Dale was the president of the DSA. Some deputies did not want him as the president anymore. However, the deputies are out numbered by the correctional staff in the voting for president of the DSA. There are several other more important issues but I’ve been told that the Dale being president is one.

The deputies have not made an endorsement yet but the president of the new union is supporting Ian.


Lot of good comments. But why are you dragging Mike and Dale back into this? They aren’t running, haven’t made a stink here about Ian or the race. I’m not running either, be really stupid for someone to compare my activities with the candidates for some gain.

Their business affairs are theirs to deal with. If there is wrongdoing that impacts the public sick Karen on them. She is an equal opportunity reporter, politics do not enter into her equation when turning over the stones where evil things lie.

And being friends with people does not mean they are good candidates for high office, just as you pointed out higher education does not make a good administrator. Ian has been very vague about his education, and whether he had the required credits for promotion etc. He was very vague about the liens. Why didn’t he go home Monday night and figure this out, call Dave early Tues morning and ask for a few minutes time that day to explain his lapse in memory? He would have gotten it and it would have died an instant death. But, he didn’t, hoping we would just go away. We didn’t.


Very good point and you’re right, Mike and Dale aren’t running for Sheriff. However, the mud slinging started when Mike went on Dave’s show and brought up the Sergeant testing issue. Other posts on CCN have referred to Mike as an honest great person who should be running for Sheriff. Others have written that they use CCN for “knowledge.” As Mike would say, “I’m just trying to make the public aware.”


Well byfreakout, The following sort of floors me.

“I don’t want to discredit education in law enforcement. I do think it’s important but doesn’t neccessarily qualify you for the job.”

I beg to differ with you but where the position of county Sheriff is concerned it matters very much. That position is more of an administrative position rather than a cop job. What’s funny is that people don’t know what they don’t know. I can assure you that no one effectively manages an operation that size ($45 Million is like running a mid size corporation) without a fundamentally sound background. Simply, the title ‘Captain of the SLOPD’ and an inability to complete a BA degree over a period of 25 years does not qualify him for that position, particularly in comparative to his piers. Sure he wants the position, sure his friends want him to have the position, sure the deputies want an easy going buddy to be the boss, especially after the outgoing neurotic, paranoid, inefficient, micro-manager that has been at the helm. Wanting to do vs the ability to do are two separate sides of the spectrum.

” As for Ian’s education I don’t know the answer. ” – ” I’ve had discussions with him about college classes and know that he was completing them but I don’t know where or how much.”

Well how about that! Here you are his friend and champion, yet even you don’t have those facts. Considering that he is being accused of lying about his education I should think you would have talked with him and then come right over here and gave us all the raspberries as you rubbed all his courses and credits in our faces. This man is not competent to fill that position but lets leave the extent of his education out of it and discuss the fact that he isn’t honest about the extent of his education. Parkinson has a lot of nerve, he knows he isn’t academically qualified to fill that position but he will lie to us all and then attempt to fill it anyway. Pathetic


Just a guess beforeyoufreakout– You’re a good brother and attorney coming to your brother’s defense.

I don’t think you should point fingers at others, not paying his taxes on time has nothing to do with Mike, Dale, Karen, etc. I have difficulty with people who do not take responsibility.

FYI, I do not know Mike, Dale, Karen.