Central Coast Magazine may be folding

May 14, 2010

Central Coast Magazine (CCM), unofficial chronicler of the lifestyles of the local rich and famous, may be publishing its final issue. [Tribune]

The glossy publication, originally started in 2003, faces mounting debt, a loss of advertising revenue, and legal infighting. The current May-June issue, according to one major investor, is likely to be the last hurrah for CCM.

Covering the good life from Monterey to Santa Barbara, CCM targeted affluent readers with features about travel, gourmet foods, wine, and home decor. The four founding partners–John and Liz Summer, along with Michael and Anne Vidor–celebrated the stuff that dreams are made of.

However, circulation had dropped to an anemic 16,000 copies. The CCM offices in Grover Beach closed last week and the ten employees were told they were being let go.

Jim Smith, a major investor in the magazine, is currently involved in various lawsuits with both the Vidors and the Summers. John Summer recently became the executive director of the county Visitors and Conference Bureau. Michael Vidor is listed on the masthead of a marketing firm in Grover Beach.

Smith did not rule out trying to sell the magazine.

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I’d like to know more about the lawsuits. Can you tell us CCN?

Cal Coast News should buy them. CCN does have a new society section.