County supes draft 2010-2011 budget

June 16, 2010

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors tentatively adopted a 2010-2011 budget of $442.7 million on Wednesday, down $25 million from last year. [Tribune]

The county currently employs 2,400 workers. Forty-three staff positions, all of them already vacant, were eliminated. The good news: No layoffs are being planned.

Supervisors added back a part-time building inspector and a part-time resource specialist in code enforcement after the Planning and Building Department challenged earlier proposed cuts.

The new budget is expected to finalized at next Tuesday’s, June 22, meeting.

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“The good news: No layoffs are being planned.” Good news for who? Certainly not the general public.

When the supervisors and the employee’s union reps begin salary negotiations, the discussion inevitably leads to parity with other like counties such as Contra Costa or Marin so that we can attract only the brightest and best candidates… know, leaders like Gail Wilcox, etc.

How about parity with respect to county budgets? Santa Barbara County is much larger than SLO county in terms of area and population and it’s budget is almost double ours. Yet the SB Co planning Dept functions with 97 employees and the SLO planning Dept has 87.

Planning departments rely on development fees for a portion of their operations with the balance coming mostly from their general fund. The SB Co planning department is able to function with only 27% from its general fund while the SLO planning department needs a whopping 56% ($4.6 Million) from our general fund to function. Could it be that there are almost no current applications (fees) due to the current economy? If so, just what are all 87 of those people doing? I can guess.

And according to CalCoast News, no layoffs is good news. Talk about media spin.