Campaigns spending $2 million on Tuesday’s election

June 17, 2010

Some public officials have been griping about the cost of Tuesday’s special election between Republican Sam Blakeslee and Democrat John Laird. However, new figures show that the two campaigns and independent groups are spending more than $2 million throughout the district. [Sacramento Bee]

Independent groups have already spent more than a $1 million on advertising and political mailings. JobsPac, a committee funded largely by corporations as well as oil, restaurant and insurance industry groups, has spent more than $765,000 to oppose Laird plus another $97,000 to support Blakeslee’s bid.

A committee run by the SEIU California State Council has spent $107,000 to oppose Blakeslee, and the California Senior Advocates League, which has received nearly all its money from JobsPAC, has spent $103,000 to oppose Laird.

The 15th State Senate District runs from Santa Maria in the south to Santa Clara in the north. Democrats currently enjoy a six-point registration advantage in the district, which had a slight Republican edge when Abel Maldonado was first elected in 2004. He defeated former county supervisor Peg Pinard.

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If anyone objects to the obscene amount of money that is what politics today have become, you should be outraged at the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United. Sadly the court reaffirmed that corporations are the same as people, and that spending money on a political campaign is the same as “free speech”; if ever there was a definition of ludicrous logic, this is it. The unfortunate reality is that in order to reverse this nonsense, the Constitution of the United States will have to be amended to insert the word “natural” in front of the word “person” in order to reverse this ruling. Some may wonder why this is important; with corporations able to spend as much money as they want for any political campaign, anywhere, anytime, we will definitely start to have “they best politicians money can buy”, even if the money doesn’t go directly to the politicians. Campaign finance reform, in the form of publicly financed campaigns along with ballot standardization and I.R.V., instant runoff voting, and making media donate campaign advertising as a condition of their having a broadcast license is really the only way to get our elections on the path of true representation by political candidates. Oh, and the truly sad part, neither political party is really in favor of these reforms, so you know that this is what is really needed.

LMAO, Love the Blakeslee add. Now I’m definitely not voting him, wasn’t going to anyway.

Laird’s superior skills in the hula hoop make him eminently qualified to serve the 15th District.

The flip side, of course, is that if you want a real leader with real experience and real ideas, you’ll vote Blakeslee in.

Experience. Laird has way more experience in the public and private sector working for Californians in both venues. I guess you missed the Congalton show today when Laird listed his numerous service jobs over the past 20 years or so, including two successful terms as an assemblyman. With just that item he has more experience than Sam, who has not completed his terms yet.

Partisan comments without merit will always show up, even here. Interestingly Sam is a member of a full time legislature, yet lists his occupation as businessman on the ballot. I take that as a bit of an evasion, to avoid the anti incumbent paranoia sweeping the land. Or, has he been shorting us while he was supposed to be doing our business in favor of making a buck doing his business?

I have come to the same conclusion. Just wondering if you decided that it was time for a change before you spotted the add flashing next to your post? I have to admit that Lairds’ group has a sense of humor and perfect timing!

Didn’t even see the ad, I was focussed on my divine message. We need reform in many sectors of society; election finance, accountability and honesty should be in the forefront.

sorry hotdog, you and I both did our post at exactly 10:35am. I was responding to RU4Real. I know you would be voting for Laird.

Actually, I was teasing RU4Real and yes, I will be voting for Laird and I do love the add.

It’s too bad all these special interest groups from either side chime in with often unsubstantiated claims and charges. I would like to see all the money come from the candidates and all the advertising come from them as well. Then we would have some accountability and avoid sleazy affairs like slate ballots that plagued the last election and will in the future, just one device put out to deceive the voters.

It’s time to vote Blakeslee out…I’m ready for a change. I don’t see anything HELPFUL that Sam has done for the Central Coast. Let’s give Laird a chance.