Bathroom key thief assaults clerk

August 16, 2010

A man attempting to leave a gas station with a restroom key became violent when a clerk demanded that he return the facility key, on Sunday shortly after 9 p.m.  [KSBW]

At the Shell Station on Main Street in Salinas, customers have to ask for the key to unlock the bathroom. When a clerk noticed Jacob Rede attempting to leave the station with the key, he confronted the intoxicated 19-year-old.

Rede became angry and threatened the clerk with a screw driver. The employee followed Rede out to his car and attempted to jot down his license plate number. Rede backed up and hit the clerk with his car and then drove away.

The clerk received minor injuries.

Salinas police officers found Rede driving through his apartment complex with the stolen key.

Rede was booked into the Monterey County Jail on suspicion of hit-and-run, assault with a deadly weapon and driving under the influence.

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I think CalCoast News is great.

But please don’t expand your scope of interest to SALINAS!

There is plenty going on in SLO county.

Grand theft is $400 or more value of whatever was stolen.

Hitting someone with your vehicle and then driving off is a big-time felony and this poor drunken kid is going to do some serious time, say 90-180 days (3 to 6 months) probably in the County Honor Farm, unless he’s already on probation or something.

I tend to agree that if the kid were stoned on weed he would likely not have gotten into a fight with the clerk over the bathroom key and would not be in the serious trouble he’s now in.

Maybe he’ll get lucky and the judge or the prosecutor will take pity on him. He is after all only 19.

AHHH. Let’s take pity on the poor kid committing felonies. If he had killed the man with the car should we still take pity??? If this kid gets off light then the next time he will figure, “what the heck last time I got off easy.” If it was just one thing but COMON the guy first used a screwdriver, then a vehicle. Give me a break!!

BTDT, I have to agree with you but if he turns out to be a kid that has no previous “NON ALCOHOL RELATED” offenses then it’s possible that he already has an alcohol problem at 19 and simply can not ever drink. I would be all for a 90 day rehab if it turn’s out that he is a good kid when he is sober.

I am all for not ruining kids lifes over lesser things (caught with booze, pot, etc) but the fact that he confronted the clerk with a knife, this could have had serious consequences. I am not saying prison but six months to a year in county if found guilty.

90 days is a cakewalk and with time off (which you know they will) it could be as little as 45 days. Not enough in my book for the serious nature of the crime.

I agree but I also suspect that it might be the alcohol that could have been the cause of his egregious behavior. I have known gentle non confrontational people who were violent and nuts when they drank, but everyone said they were the nicest people in the world when they were sober. I would be for splitting it down the middle with you. I think you are right and that a 90 day rehab is too easy. He should go to jail for 6 months and then a 90 day rehab and then probation with the mandate that he is not allowed to drink. That would be a total of 9 months. 9 months is a very long time for a teenager. I also think that if he completes his probation his record should be expunged and will only reactivate if he re-offends.

This would have never happened if he’d been smoking marijuana instead of drinking.

Right on Cindy. We should all work for the passage of legalization come November.

I don’t know about that Cindy. I think Grand theft is over $100 bucks? Well he probably would have left the restroom and ate up the store inventory. Hehehehe.

P.S. Loved and agree with your comment.

So here we have a idiot who could today still most likely be out enjoying the day. Instead we take a nothing, commit a felony and two other serious charges. It is AMAZING to me that people like this manage to even breathe (simple task) the same air as the rest of us, seeing as they lack all other brain capacity already.

instant jerk just add alcohol