Senator Sam!

August 17, 2010

Sam Blakeslee – photo by Dennis Eamon Young

Republican Sam Blakeslee will be the next state Senator from the five counties that comprise District 15.

Blakeslee, currently a state Assemblyman from San Luis Obispo led the vote count throughout the evening in pretty much of a repeat performance from the special June primary.

With almost 100 percent of the vote counted, Blakeslee claimed victory with 48.8 percent. Democrat John Laird managed to improve his turnout over June to 44.1 percent, but still fell short, despite a highly-publicized endorsement from President Obama.

Also-rans Jim Fitzgerald finished with 5.1 percent, while Mark Hinkle finished last with 2 percent.

Blakeslee will assume the seat of Abel Maldonado, who was appointed lieutenant governor last spring. Meanwhile, Blakeslee’s Assembly seat will remain empty until the November election decides a successor.

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————————–Sorry for the confusion, this is the right website

————————–I believe Mr. Blakslee is the right person to help our State and also resolve the permanent flooding that the Second Appellate Court has ruled in the published inverse condemnation case Bookout v. State of California.

I have created a new website to help all State Senators review the evidence presented to Superior Court Martin J. Tangeman.

Okay, so nothing changes as far as the number of Republicans in Sacramento, so, nothing is going to change, period. I just can’t wait for all of Sam’s no votes concerning the budget; like I said, nothing changes, thank you, party of NO.


I –almost — wanted another radical wingnutty guy in the state legislature to bring the entire house down… but I have ‘HOPE’ and maybe Sam you will try to take a leading part in getting things turned around.

If you don’t lead… who will?

Ok Sam, you’re now on the hot seat. What do you intend to do about public sector self-dealing, obscene public wages and massive pensions?

For example, my brother in law will retire from the Dept. of Corrections as a member of the CCPOA this coming December, barely 30 days after his 50th birthday. He has never attended college or post high school education. He will receive a pension of $96,000 per year plus lifetime medical bennies. On the Monday following his Friday “retirement” he will return to the exact same desk he has occupied for years, the only difference being he will be called a Retired Annuitant yet he will still be making his previous income – bringing his total combined state salary / pension to $192,000 per year. There are hundreds, if not thousands, just like him.

What specifically, if anything, do you intend to do about this? Or perhaps you are simply hoping to get in on the action?

More than a simple win for conservatives, this election is the leading edge of a paradigm shift among the electorate. They’re sick of Obama and unions and rampant spending like the money was free.

If you are a democrat and you are not shaking in your boots, you’re an idiot. Change she’s a-coming.

Explain to me how electing a republican to fill the vacant seat left by a republican is change?

Guess you didn’t look at Blakslee’s history of positive work? Change will be measured in what he accomplishes. Putting a liberal spender like Laird in this position would be a real change for the worse and assure the 2/3 super majority…

The voters have spoken, get over it.

You nailed it racket.

People are fed up with the BS and the free for all spending. A real change is coming and those in office better watch their six…

Money is only free for cheap labor conservatives and Goldmen Sacks bankers; it is an economic race to the bottom for wage earning folk.

New boss same as the old boss. Nothing will change or get better in California.

Only 2 precincts left in Monterey County. 376 of 378 reporting district-wide.

Blakeslee 77,062 (48.9%)

Laird 69,632 (44.2%)

FitzGerald 8,013 (5.1%)

Hinkle 3,158 (2.0%)

Blakeslee ahead by 7,430 votes. Only a couple hundred more votes expected from the 2 remaining precincts in Monterey County.


The state website runs behind what is available on each of the 5-counties’ own web sites.

Logging in to each we have 318 of 378 precincts (84%) reporting:


Santa Clara 47.8% / 46.7% (100%)

Santa Cruz 57.4% / 36.6% (100%)

Monterey 52.1% / 40.6% (45%)

San Luis Obispo 35.8% / 56.5% (100%)

Santa Barbara 29.4% / 61.7% (100%)

Polling place turnout is very low–4.08% in Santa Clara County up to 10.47% in Santa Cruz County with 100% precincts reporting in both counties.

Extending the precinct turnout information, there are only about 4,100 votes left in Monterey County. Those votes could in no possible way put LAIRD ahead at this point as he is trailing by 9,009 votes.

The election is over, Laird lost. The super majority by Dems was stopped. Look at the last twenty years of Dem lead legislature for a good reason why this turnout was good…

Yup, Laird just wasn’t with it, I don’t think he had the where with all to sort out the real issues. I’ll still vote for the park restoration proposition. I think he’s right about that.