Gun involved in Highway 58 murder-suicide

December 2, 2010

The two bodies found in a vehicle off Highway 58 south of Creston died in a murder-suicide on Wednesday morning.

The victims, Stephanie Rodriguez, 19, of Templeton and Hugo Castillo, 22, of Atascadero, were found in a car that went off the road, down an embankment and came to rest on its side. The victims sustained gun shot wounds, sources said.

Autopsies are scheduled for Friday to determine the cause of death. Sheriff officials said that no more information about this case will be released until next week.

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Foolishness is common to the young. It isn’t clear from this article whether the lady had any relationship with the young man. But unless it was kidnapping, she did at least get in the car with him.

Paraphrasing from Unforgiven

William Munny: “We all got it coming”.

another line,

Little Bill: “You just shot an unarmed man… ”

William Munny: “..He should have armed himself.”

Of course dating someone capable of killing you isn’t as blatant as hanging a friend of a Clint Eastwood character in your shop window, it can be even more deadly since this is real.

No one has pointed out that this is possibly the second case where a young person has inflicted harm on themselves and others over a failed relationship. The other case is the young man who intentionally wrecked his car outside of Marie Callendar’s and killed two innocent people in the process.

I have all the empathy in the world for a young person that develops depression and can’t cope with it. When they take their own life, it is indeed a tragedy. What I do not have ANY empathy for is an obsessed narcissist that takes the attitude that “if I can’t have you, then no one can have you.” May the young woman (who according to people who knew her say that she was the victim) rest in peace.

I feel the same way.

RIP young troubled Stephanie and may your tormentor pay the ultimate price when he meets Saint Peter at the gates… It is a sick tragedy that such young folks just starting their adults lives are cut down too soon…

I don’t think that the girl had much say in the matter.

If you have more information than was published here, Jeremy, then please tell us why you know the girl was the victim. Since the Sheriff has not released any further information, unless you are leaking privileged information from the Sheriff’s department, you are obviously just making a sexist assumption.

If you don’t think women are capable of being the assailant and men the victim in a murder-suicide, you might want to recall what happened to poor Phil Hartman. Quite a few other cases of woman inflicting violence on men (including some in this county) come to mind, Please don’t jump to conclusions until all the facts are out there.

I don’t know why I get sucked into these things. Instead of making asinine comments, why not just wait and see what eventually comes out. You’re preaching to the choir here, mister!

sloslo, I got my information from the blog over at the Tribune. There are two posters there that knew these people. They claim that the young woman was having a very difficult time with Hugo stalking and abusing her.

A couple of points:

First, the blog over at the Tribune is hardly a stellar source of information. I have seen plenty of information posted by “family & friends” that was later found to be false. For example, there was an fatal accident where DUI was suspected and all the family and friends posted on the Tribune blog saying the person would *never* drink and drive. Of course two weeks later the lab tests came back, the person had .18 BAC.

Second, even if the stalking story is true, there have been cases including one prominent one in SLO where a woman shot a man who was supposedly abusive.

Only people who know what really happened are the investigators and coroner in this case, not the family and friends. Until their report is released, everything else is pure speculation. There have been plenty of surprises in the past.

Just maybe someone knows more that the general public and the media so please save the lessons on crime and criminals.

I cannot imagine why people so young would end their lives in this manner. My condolensces to those who knew them.