Paso Robles woman arrested for infants death

January 10, 2011

Police arrested a Paso Robles woman on Saturday in connection with the death of her 3-month-old daughter.

On June 16, police responded to the home of 42-year-old Erin Christine Martin to reports of an unresponsive baby. The infant was pronounced dead two days later.

Paso Robles Police and San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office investigators determined Martin was responsible for her daughter’s death.

Officers booked Martin into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on one count of murder and one count of assault on a child causing death.

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When I first carried my baby brother at age 10, my mother made sure I held the neck and back carefully.

When my first child was born, not having slept for two days, the nurse handed my daughter to me and I was frightened. When my daughter was in both my arms a definable aura developed (the aura: nothing in the world or universe can harm this baby while she is in my arms”) I believe this is a gracious and natural spell.

As I look at her photo, I believe that her past baggage drifted into her life, relationship and childbirth.

I am only sorry that her innate parental power (protecting the most precious thing in a person’s life-their baby) is unable to channel out her demons no matter how bad the present or future appear.

Just sharing a guess.

What was the assault? Shaken baby syndrome?

Good insight.

Usually the case, its heart breaking, even to her.