Homeless man drowns in Paso Robles

February 26, 2011

A homeless man drowned Friday night after he fell asleep under a bridge and was swept away by the rain-swollen Salinas River in Paso Robles. [SanJoseMercuryNews]

Three homeless men were sleeping under the Niblick Road Bridge on an elevated sandbar on Friday night. The heavy rains caused the sometimes dry river bed or small creek to become a 30 to 40-foot-wide river.

The men awoke to find themselves submerged in rushing water. Two of the men escaped and called for help at 10:50 p.m.

The victim has not been identified at this time.

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Is this a great country or not? Let’s just keep diminishing government and lowering taxes on the likes of the Koch brothers. They are the billionaires behind much of what ails society, currently embarked on destroying unions, and by turn, whatever is left of the middle class. Google them to learn more.

Wordsmith of the Conservative Right, Grover Norquist, wants a government so small it “can be drowned in a bathtub”. Look him up also if you’re not familiar with him.

Meanwhile, when is HappyLand going to do something about homelessness besides flap their gums?

In weather like we’ve been having, there should have been an effort made in every community to provide at least overnight shelter for anyone with out a roof over their heads.

Well I agree that we should make arrangements to shelter the homeless during adverse weather conditions. As for the “gubmint”, I too would like to downsize them until they can all fit in a bathtub together.

Well, make a list and cross out and make adjustments to this awful life that the government has saddled you with.

Education. (nobody will need any smarts to live in that New World order)

Transportation& roads. (note to self: buy a horse).

40 hour work week. (Ask Mom to take the kids Sat.)

Minimum wage.( Cancel hairdresser, massages)

Mom and Dad’s Social Security checks.(convert the garage so they can move in)

Libraries. (No time to read when you work a 48 hr. job, have to grow your own veggies,etc)

Police protection. (note to self:buy more guns)

Fire protection. (note to self: buy buckets)

Waste disposal (note to self: buy more buckets

Good luck with all that.

If you feel such empathy for the homeless invite one into your home. Don’t ask me to support them through my tax dollars. It has been my experience that the majority of homeless men are homeless by choice. They would rather spend their money on drugs and alcohol than put a roof over their head. It is not the fault of society that they are homeless. Get over it.

I know, I know. You dragged yourself out of that baby crib and climbed the mountain to success without even a learner’s permit. Bet you even changed your own didees.


I cannot imagine being in his situation; to be homeless in the winter and have to sleep under a bridge in a cold rain. Homelessness is something that should be at the forefronts of all of us. By the grace of God…