San Luis Obispo County Supervisors vote against SmartMeters

March 8, 2011

San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted to ask the California Public Utilities Commission to suspend the installation of SmartMeters in the County on Tuesday.

Four supervisors voted in favor of recommending suspension of SmartMeters installations until the California Legislature votes on proposed legislation. Supervisor Frank Mecham was absent but had his assistant read a letter supporting the resolution.

“It is the opinion of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors that the CPUC, as the regulatory body, should take immediate action to order PG&E to suspend installation of wireless SmartMeters until such time as the consumer is given a choice of having an alternative to wireless SmartMeters,” the resolution says. .

County officials cannot suspend installations of SmartMeters.

PG&E began installing SmartMeters in the North County and planned to have them installed county wide by the end of 2012.

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While I oppose the so-called ‘Smart Meters’ on other grounds, I think that this move by the supervisors is purely ceremonial. They have absolutely no jurisdiction in preventing PG&E from installing these meters.

My reason for opposing them is that I oppose the silly notion that electricity rates fluctuate during the day – they DO NOT. The cost to generate, deliver or BILL us does not change from 12noon to 3pm each day. The reason these meters are SO IMPORTANT to PG&E is that it allows the utility to charge more for a regulated product, based on the bogus claim I just outlined. Period. The meters are a means to an end by allowing the utility to measure WHEN we use our electricity, nothing more. The ONLY reason a utility would spend the money to force these on us, engage in propaganda campaigns and fight multiple claimants in multiple courts is to MAKE MONEY.

Supply v Demand, what you want is socialism,not that there is anything wrong with that.

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Many other local governmental bodies in CA have banned them, and some have legal grounds to do so. I don’t know why SLO Co. does not, but Gibson made that point (among other people), but I feel it is critical for our local governments to assert control over the commons, in this case the airwaves or aether, the transmission medium that the wireless transmissions pass through. This belongs to the people, not PG&E, and is administered by the FCC & CPUC supposedly in the public interest. But if they fail in their oversight, as the FCC continually does, and the CPUC is doing in this case, then the local governments should assert control, whether they have explicit legal authority or not. Let it be hashed out in court if need be, in front of a jury. We have given up too much of the commons out of our laziness or busy-ness.

When we have power blackouts who pays to fix the broken equipment — we do.

Maybe if we stay off the grid during peak times we will cause less/no damage, therefore incur less cost to ourselves?

Regadless of what the BOS decided to do, all I know that since the smart meter was installed last year, our sex life has improved dramatically.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

I know. I hacked into your meter and am posting the feed on YouTube.

Ready Kilowatt likes to watch

I feel, as we had absolutely NO choice in whether or not to have the SmartMeters installed, we should have the choice to have them replaced at the expense of PG&E. Had I had options, I would not have had the SmartMeter installed.

So what does this mean for the Smart Meter already on my house?