Teens arrested for making death threats

April 23, 2011

Arroyo Grande Police arrested two juveniles on Friday for allegedly making threatening phone calls to at least seven Arroyo Grande High School students as well as numerous other victims throughout the country during the past two weeks.

In some cases, the callers threatened to harm or kill the students and members of their families.

The suspects found names and phone numbers on social networking sites. Police plan to contact law enforcement agencies about victims in other areas at a later date.

Police booked the juveniles, whose names are being withheld because of their ages, into San Luis Obispo County Juvenile Hall for allegedly making terrorist threats and conspiracy.

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I just heard on the news that someone defaced a school somewhere in the nation with Swastikas etc. I guess, in hard times, fear and loathing rise up to agitate the lower classes. Happened in Germany in a big way, and could anywhere. Parents should be the primary block, peers and school next. Teaching kids self worth and compassion for all could go a long way.

I agree with Roger, Typo and Danika on our frail parenting these days. I never agreed with the limp wristed new age parenting stuff that came out years ago. Kids are plenty smart to recognize boundaries, and consequences. I’ll never forget this partial quote, from a forgotten author, something about “the tyranny of low expectations”. Parents, peers, schools and others should have high expectations and hold others to their standards, otherwise everything goes to hell. Not easy though.

Kids have nothing to strive for. I can’t stand the fact that every year when my children play sports, it doesn’t matter if their team comes in last, they all get trophies. Why work for something if you’re going to get rewarded anyway. In every class room, especially in the lower grades, every class has a candy dish and every time a kid does well they are given a piece of candy,,way to bribe our kids with unhealthy rewards. When I was in school (sound so old) we were happy just to get a good grade, that was all we needed. Perhaps if we got a really good report card our parents would reward us but candy for not talking during class, candy for finishing your homework,,give me a break no wonder there’s so many fat people. In reality we shouldn’t get instant reward/gratification for everything we do and as adults we don’t so this reward system really screws our kids up.

TO: MS. SANDY BARTELT, Custodian of Records

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Dept.

(Att: Ms. Shawn Retzer, Legal Clerk)

Fax: (805) 781-1136


FrontLine Defense Advocates

Telephone: (805) 474-9242

Date: April 25, 2011

Dear Ms. Bartelt,

This is a request for all recorded calls made to 911, and to Watch Commander “Perry” on April 11, 2011. The calls were made between 10:10 A.M. and 11:00 A.M.. There are approximately five calls, two of which include hang-ups by the dispatcher “Candice” and two which were transferred without requesting transfer from dispatch to “Perry”. The calls to “Perry” were recorded and those are included in this request. The purpose of this request is to accurately document discrimination based upon gender in the way “Perry” handled the calls and to accurately document what was said in reporting this to the Sheriff Ian Parkinson. A further reason in requesting an accurate and complete record of what was said, is to document the response of the dispatcher “Candice” and to show that “Candice” deliberately placed false information in her notes of the call to state that a “man was shooting a BB gun into the air” on my neighbor’s property, when in fact, that information was sheer fabrication on the part of Candice. The caliber of the rifle has never been established, and the man was in fact shooting the gun at shoulder level towards 1505-15th Street, Oceano. He was hiding behind a tree, and standing three feet from the retaining wall of my property, which is legally within my “sphere of privacy.”

As of this date, the man who trespassed into my next door neighbor’s cement driveway and who began shooting a rifle at shoulder level up the driveway towards a house situated behind the first townhouse, has never been cited for those violations, has never been identified by first and last name, or by his primary place of residence. Nor has the gun ever been identified as to the name of the owner, or the make and model of the gun. This is because the sheriffs do not think this is important. The man’s explanation for shooting a rifle in the neighbor’s driveway is that “he wanted to put a bird out of its misery.” This investigation is insufficient to identify the gun by make, model and licensed owner. It is insufficient to explain what the gun was doing in the possession of an 18 year old male (according to officer Miller who came out days later to follow up) . It is also insufficient to identify the owner of the gun and to determine how it came to be in the possession of the 18 year old who has been identified by Nate Englekirk as “Eric.”According to Miller’s direct inquiry of “Eric,” the owner of the gun is someone else who lives in Nipomo. There is no indication that the owner of the gun was identified by name, or that Eric had permission to possess the gun.

The make, model, owner, or licensed owner of the gun should have been determined as a matter of routine, and especially when the dispatcher raised this question when determining not to send anyone out. It was also raised as an issue by officer McKim when he came out forty-five minutes after the first call was made, and complained that “it was only a BB gun” and presumed that “the 18-year old had permission to be shooting a gun in the neighbor’s driveway.”

During the first 911 call, “Candice” was given the shooter’s first name “Eric”, an address where the shooting and trespass occurred at 1503-15th Street, Oceano, California, and the house where he came from, which was the house across the street from mine, and which is owned by Nate Englekirk. I also informed the dispatcher “Candice” that I saw the man. I saw the man shooting the gun. I heard the man shooting the gun. I believe I told “Candice” that the neighbors were not home and did not know that he was on the property. But this was not enough to convince “Candice” to send out a sheriff. In order to accurately document what was said, I will need copies of all the calls.

In addition, officers McKim, Foster, and Miller recorded my conversations when they came out to speak to me as a matter of routine, according to officer McKim. I will also need copies of these recording to accurately document what was said.

After dispatch first refused to send out a sheriff, then delayed in responding to the call, then refused to make a report or to investigate, my car was subsequently vandalized twice in the following week. One of the vandalisms included shooting out a window in my truck with a BB gun. There is no indication that the gun used to vandalize the truck was the same gun in the possession of the 18-year old “Eric.” When the sheriffs refused to respond or investigate in a timely manner, this gave the shooter, or shooters, the green light to continue to annoy, harass and vandalize my property.

At the same time this type of response is occurring from the sheriffs out of the Oceano substation, Basti (when he was in charge of the Oceano substation,) reported to the Oceano Community Services District that “incidents of domestic violence is going up in Oceano.” It appears that the quality of response by the sheriffs in the Oceano area may be directly related to the increase in incidents of domestic violence in the Oceano area.

While I appreciate the eventual response of officers to this incident, the above identified information should have been obtained on the first call, and sooner than forty-five minutes, given the fact that the incident occurred two short blocks from the Oceano substantion. Instead, a routine identification of a known shooter frequenting a known address two blocks from the Oceano substation, has taken two weeks, several calls to the Sheriffs Dept., and three visits from three different officers, on three separate days. And still, the most basic and most important information has not been obtained:

1. Identify the shooter by first and last name, and primary residential address. (Nate Englekirk’s mother states that he does not pay rent and is only staying there on a temporary basis.)

2. Identify the rifle by make, model, and owner, or licensed owner if in fact it is a .22 caliber rifle and not—as everyone is presuming—a BB gun.

3. If the 18-year old shooter “Eric” is not the owner of the gun, then identify who the owner is, and whether the owner of the gun gave Eric permission to be in possession of the gun and for what purpose.

This information should have been obtained as a matter of routine, as a relatively simple matter. However, none of the sheriffs but Miller did any investigation whatsoever, and even Miller, who claims he spoke with “Eric” at Nate Englekirk’s residence, obtained documented factual information concerning the gun.

I hope this gives you an idea of why I am requesting all recordings made by the Sheriff’s Dept. concerning this incident. Given the timing of the complaint about “Eric” and the subsequent vandalisms of my car in the same week, I now have economic damages and someone need to pay for the damage.

What is most important is the fact that Sheriff’s Administration needs to know that any time any kind of gun is involved in a reported incident, the information I have enumerated needs to be obtained as a routine matter. If “Eric” had been notified on the day this occurred, at the time the shooting incident occurred, he would have been put on notice that both he and the rifle had been identified, and the subsequent vandalisms to my vehicle would never have taken place.

Finally, when I called today, April 25, 2011, to obtain the incident report numbers from the visits by officers McKim, Foster, and Miller to my residence at 1491-15th Street, Oceano, I was only able to obtain the CAD numbers for two calls rather than the approximately five calls made on April 11, 2011. In order to fully document the conversations with the dispatcher “Candice,” and the subsequent dispatchers and Watch Commander “Perry,” I need recording of all calls made and received by 911 between 10:10 A.M. and 10:55 A.M. on April 11, 2011. Again, because “Candice” hung up on me twice, and because I later got transferred twice to “Perry” and spoke with one other dispatcher after “Candice,” it took at least 5 calls to 911 to get anyone to respond to the call for assistance concerning a man shooting a gun towards 1505-15th Street, Oceano, from the driveway of 1503-15th Street, in Oceano, when the homeowners were not there and when no one gave him permission to be on the property.

The CAD numbers and incident report numbers I have been given do not identify all the calls made. I need all identifying CAD numbers and incident report numbers for all calls made; and the dispositions of those calls, and incident reports, if available.

CAD # Incident Report Number

1108065 Officer McKim 110402402

11018177 Officer Foster 110402648

11019786 Officer Miller (the only officer to make contact with “Eric” at the residence of Nate Englekirk,) – incident report number not identified by Records Dept. as of April 25, 2011.

Your assistance is not only appreciated, but it has a critical impact on the quality and completeness of criminal investigations in the Oceano area. By being educated about what the process is to document and track reported incidents occurring in Oceano, residents and homeowners will know what information is needed to follow through with their complaints about vandalism and use of a gun in or adjacent to public streets and populated areas in Oceano. Knowledge of the process for making and documenting such reports will streamline the process for law enforcement to follow up on the reported incident and to establish whether the use of the gun was legal, illegal, if the gun was stolen, or if the use of the gun was a credible threat to human life or property. This in turn will directly affect the level of crime in Oceano, accurately apprise responding officers of the what they may encounter, and curb the illegal use of a firearm in public streets, and residential areas of the town.


N. Giselle Naylor


I think there are several great points being made here by the reviewers below:

1) parenting is 24-7 and they are responsible for the outcome, period,

2) Although it wasn’t explicitly said here, it takes two involved parents to have a chance at a good outcome for their child, but only one to create a monster

3) We cannot expect the schools to be “loco parentis” if we don’t empower them to act… plus we need to inspect what we expect there.

I hope that we see that it was ONLY two kids here… but I am sure that the list will grow, but I doubt we are seeing a huge problem as the fear mongers were trying to stir up. And now that the ‘kids are in the system’… they need a huge attitude adjustment, maybe a year of embarrassing community service to start.


Roger I think that the good fortune you have had with your children is given you positive reinforcement of the decisions you made and how your life turned out. However, it does NOT require two parents to have a chance at a good outcome for their child. It may HELP, it may be most desirable, but it does not NECESSARILY dictate a good outcome. Furthermore, I have witnessed families with two excellent parents in which one or more children did no turn out to be such a good person. Good job on your own choices, but don’t pat yourself on the back too readily, and think that all of the good things about your family come from your actions and decisions. Instead thank the universe that you have been so blessed.

This is what becomes of taking discipline out of the home and schools. Many teens fear nothing and are reasonably confident they can get away with anything. My, their parents must be proud.

Gosh, we agree again,,,amazing. I agree Danika. AG school is out of control. Yes the parents need to teach their kids to respect others. I am always blown away at the lack of respect that many of the kids on that campus display not just towards other kids but to their teachers and other adults. That school is a mess. I don’t know why I hear people saying what a great principal the current one is, he is way too slack with those kids. Plus he doesn’t show respect to the kids or the teachers so these death threats are just par for the course.

“This is what becomes of taking discipline out of the home and schools.” Nice attempt to find a place on where the “blame” should go; I agree that there are some parents that do a lousy job of setting examples, of establishing rules and not enforcing them when the rules are broken, but there is also more that can be looked at as “causes” of teens turning out like this. In the fifties and sixties when I was growing up, my Mom stayed home and stayed on top of me and my siblings, and she let us all know that our Dad was expecting us to do the right thing. When my wife and I had our children in the late seventies and early eighties, she was able to stay at home for most of their grade school years (money was tight, but it was our choice). Now days, in this economy, both parents usually work, sometimes one of them has more than one job, so there is not always a lot of supervision at home, the parents are usually stressed about paying the bills and the children react to that kind of a situation by acting out occasionally with bad results. As for the lack of discipline in the schools, again, look at how society functions today as compared to some years ago. Education today sometimes like a hollow reflection of what used to be a great way for children to learn how to learn, learn how to interact with authority figures and each other and currently it seems like school is more and more about “teaching to the test” in order to get the test scores high enough so administrators aren’t breathing down the necks of principals and they in turn aren’t doing the same to the teachers. How many teenagers realize that the big business types who seemingly “get away with” ripping off thousands of consumers, examples like Kelly Gearhart, Bernie Madoff and so on are not supposed to be role models? As the fictional character Gordon Gecko said: “Greed is good.”, literally opening the door to people who feel that they can do anything they want because they think they won’t get caught; add that to the mentality of the typical teenager of “nothing will happen to me, I’m young, I’m quick, I’m invincible” and you have teens pulling crap like these wanna be thugs pulled. My point here is that it isn’t just about discipline; communication, setting examples, follow through and having expectations all contribute to shaping young individuals into functioning members of society, and of course, discipline is a large part of that formula as well, it’s just that discipline itself is not the “whole” answer.

Bob, If you can’t raise your children to not death threaten others, kill others, or be a menace to society then…don’t have them! If you have to be the kind of parent who works away from home AND cannot supervise your kids to not be a future inmate…don’t have them. Society is to blame here. We prevent parents from disciplining their children WHEN PARENTS COME HOME FROM WORK! We prevent schools from disciplining children WHEN THEY DESERVE IT! This is about cause and effect. Kids have all the power in the home and society. We agree to look the other way on major political issues all due to “safety” for our children. Adults can be arrested for “bothering a teenager”. Call it what you want, Bob…but having children and raising them comes from the home. If you can’t afford your kids, can’t be there for your kids, can’t raise your children, DON’T have them!!

You’re right Danika, if you can’t take time to raise your kids then don’t have them. Too bad that the extreme right is attempting to close Planned Parenthood which thousands of pregnancies each year in the form of birth control.

I sorta agree with you. But I don’t believe that discipline is the main answer. When I say discipline I mean having strict rules as far as dress codes, and respect towards others. I don’t believe in corporal punishment at all. I do believe that positive examples set by parents and teachers is important. A teacher can say one negative comment to a kid that will stick with them for life. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in helping a kid. We’ve become a selfish society. Bob brought up some good points. The greed displayed by not just our politicians but by everyone is apparent everywhere. The kids at AG drive nice new cars, ie sports cars and NEW cars. These kids aren’t buying these cars themselves as my generation did. The parents are broke but the kids have nice cars. We aren’t teaching kids true values, we are teaching them to be shallow superficial give-me’s. That being said, I know many wonderful kids so I don’t want to lump all kids into this but it is becoming a very disrespectful world. I believe that technology is also contributing in this. Kids are losing social skills. I have kids that don’t want to leave the house. They play games ie Play Station where they communicate over the TV with each other. I have kids that come to my house but then they leave so they can play with my kids over the net instead of in person. As in this forum, people will say things that they wouldn’t normally say face to face. So gradually I believe that social skills are breaking down.

In reality there’s a lot of things that contribute to the break down of our society.