The Andrew and Katie Show

April 5, 2011

We don’t know exactly who “SLOShank” is, but he/she has certainly posted an interesting animated video on YouTube depicting an imaginary conversation between San Luis Obispo City Manager Katie Lichtig and councilmember Andrew Carter.

The conversation raises a number of interesting questions. Does Mayor Jan Marx really visit Lichtig at her other home in Malibu? How much time is Lichtig really spending at her San Luis Obispo office? Is Andrew Carter trying to either remove Lichtig or at least negotiate a change in her salary/benefits?

Decide for yourselves. Enjoy this exchange, courtesy of SLOshank.



Very funny and sadly, true. My suggestion to you is to make this a weekly thing ;-)


Kevin Rice

You should post comments to the video author’s YouTube page, though one might assume that he/she is aware of this article by now.

Kevin Rice

I suspect from my past posts here that the true author of this video is already aware that I have looked into this problem months ago and have a solution in mind…

The Governor of the State of California makes $173,987. Katie Lichtig makes $221,520. Does this outrage you? Our little city manager makes more than the Governor?

Is anyone interested in correcting this? I suspect both Liberals and Conservatives have mutual interest. Unions and Chamber, etc.

I have a ballot initiative in mind. It would require time, effort, and donations. Interested parties may contact me via my web site (click my user name).


Good job SLOShank. Finally someone has exposed “Happy Town” for the cartoon that it is. I would suggest you be mindful of your personal safety for awhile. Exposing SLO City Government’s “sacred cows” will make you SLO’s version of Salman Rushdie. Anyday now Deb Linden and SLOPD could be kicking your door in, an hauling you off to a “secret location” because you left your trash cans out overnight.


Thank you Kevin for using a new name “SLOshank” People didn’t know you are a film director. Oh! How Cool that you and any kindergartener are now equal. While the kindergartener may have to take eight minutes to do the project, sorry it took you so long.


Dunedude or dune douchebag? How bout you put together something on Youtube in response,maybe a Kevin R VS DD cartoon. I’ll start the clock in a few minutes, Hell…we’ll even give you 10 minutes to do it. Oh…and dont forget to post the link so we can see.

Kevin Rice

DuneDude: I appreciate you trying to give me credit for this very funny cartoon. Yet, you are wrong as you have been often. Here, your suspicious mind has led you to a fallacious conclusion which you now defectively purport as fact. I understand suspicions as we all entertain our own. However, you leap from suspicion to proclaimed conclusion of truth in complete ignorance–I use the word ‘ignorance’ here in it’s literal definition: lack of knowledge.

I have some suspicions of my own regarding the author of this video. They are based upon previous comments posted here and elsewhere. However–like yourself–I am also ignorant (lacking knowledge) of the true author. Because I am personally identified by my postings (my user name links to my personal web site) I refrain from posting any ignorant conclusions.

You, on the other hand–because you post under an anonymous pseudonym–have no reason to refrain from ignorance, lies, or slander. You personally suffer no repercussions from anything you can say, whether it is simply ignorant, or malicious. Thus, your postings utterly lack credibility since we know nothing of the motivations and credibility of the individual that hides behind them.

I have my own strong suspicions about your identity. But, unlike yourself, I won’t ignorantly name and attempt to injure you absent of facts. Thus, in your cowardly anonymity, I invite you to take up rallyraid’s offer. It would be entertaining. I will generously give you one hour.


All you LA transplants to SLO are getting exactly what you deserve, a corrupt and expensive city government. Quit complaining and continue to bend over and take it. You are too ignorant to do anytning different. Hell, you guys don’t even seem to want to be kissed first.


I think you got it wrong, SLO is and always was ass backwards and corrupt, and the transplants come here to take advantage of the situation and the residents and carry on the tradition of filling their pockets with our tax dollars, kinda like the predator series on TV but financial in nature. The corruption in this county is staggering compared to a county 20++ times is size.

Kevin Rice

Why SLO for new city manager Katie Lichtig?



That’s hilarious…..I’m still laughing my backside off. I can think of a few others who’s arrogance and defiance would fit the character role just as well.



Hey, If SLO Town plays it’s cards right, maybe they can steal Raffeale Montemurro away from OCSD and Lichtig could take his spot. The OCSD shouldn’t conflict too badly with her Malibu lifestyle.

Kevin Rice

City Gets Ready to Start Search for a New Manager

Current Chief Administrator Gives 30-Days Notice—Jan. 9 Is Last Day in Malibu

Malibu Surfside News

December 15, 2005

In a move that surprised many residents and City Hall watchers, City Manager Katie Lichtig announced Dec. 7 in an open memo to staff and the city council that she is leaving the top local administrative post for a position in Beverly Hills.

Her leave follows the recent departure of other Malibu municipal department heads, including those of public works and parks and recreation. Two other top posts were recently filled when a new planning manager came on board and the city hired a new administrative services director.

Lichtig said she has accepted the position of assistant city manager in the City of Beverly Hills. Her salary will be $181,131. She will report directly to City Manager Rod Wood, who cited her “extensive management experience working in municipal government.”

Lichtig will oversee the day-to-day operations of the municipality, which includes seven departments (including its own police and fire departments), 750 employees and a $120 million general fund budget. Malibu has 60-plus employees and a budget of just over $15 million.

Lichtig had apparently just completed contract negotiations with Malibu city officials last May, when the Beverly Hills position was announced during the summer after the previous assistant city manager retired.

During those negotiations, the city council approved a three year contract with Lichtig that increased her salary to $149,900.

Councilmember Sharon Barovsky said she considers Lichtig the best city manager Malibu has ever had. In response to questions, Barovsky said Lichtig was solicited by a “head hunter” to apply for the position.

“She is a bright star [and] headed upward,” Barovsky said of Lichtig. “Besides, we couldn’t match Beverly Hills’ salary.”

Lichtig was initially hired as interim city manager in 2002. Before her most recent contract negotiations, she was making about $135,000 per year.

Prior to her employment with Malibu, Lichtig worked for the City of Santa Monica for eight years, where she served as assistant to the city manager and acting assistant city manager.

She earned her master’s degree in public administration from Syracuse University and her bachelor of arts degree in political science from the University of California, Davis.

Lichtig notes that she grew up just outside of Beverly Hills. “I have fond memories of the community, especially Roxbury Park and the swimming pool at the high school—so in many respects, joining the [Beverly Hills] city team is like a homecoming for me,” she said.

* * * * *

Assistant City Manager Katie Lichtig Appointed San Luis Obispo City Manager

Beverly Hills Courier

January 19, 2010

Katie Lichtig, Beverly Hills’ Assistant City Manager and Chief Operating Officer, has accepted the role of City Manager in San Luis Obispo, replacing Ken Hampian, who is retiring.

Lichtig has been with the City of Beverly Hills since 2005.

Beverly Hills Mayor Nancy Krasne expressed appreciation to Lichtig for her service to the City: “Katie has been a huge asset to the City of Beverly Hills and our loss is certainly San Luis Obispo’s gain. While Beverly Hills is accustomed to top-notch staff, Katie has been an extraordinary talent and a key driver of the outstanding level of services our residents, businesses and visitors receive.”

In her new role, Lichtig will be responsible for guiding the day-to-day management of the City of San Luis Obispo, managing 358 employees and a budget of nearly $100 million.

She is expected to assume her new role on January 19, 2010.

“While we will all miss Katie, this is a terrific opportunity and we wish her all the best in her new role,” said City Manager Rod Wood. “Katie is an excellent administrator and has been a great partner in leading this City over the last four years. Her incisive strategic skills and ability to multitask effortlessly have helped all of our departments deliver exceptional service. Katie is a very talented leader and a true mentor to our staff. San Luis Obispo is lucky to have her lead their team.”

Lichtig has more than 25 years of public service, including senior management positions with the cities of Santa Monica and Malibu. She began her career in Washington, D.C. in the Department of Treasury and the Office of Management and Budget.

“Beverly Hills has been an incredible professional and personal growth opportunity for me as I have had the pleasure of working with outstanding Councilmembers and a seasoned executive in Rod Wood,” said Lichtig.

“Growing up nearby, when I joined Beverly Hills it felt like coming home. While I am excited about this new opportunity, I will miss the support, guidance and friendship of the people of this community and our extraordinary City staff.”


Very well done. Thanks to CalCoast for posting.

Now can we please get rid of Lichtig? Can we please get rid of Jan Marx? Please?


OMG! This is about as funny as it gets. I am laughing my hips off.

Unfortunately The humor masks the bigger problem of hypocrisy on part of SLO politicians and muckity mucks