Cambria’s fire chief reinstated

May 14, 2011

Cambria’s Fire Chief Mark Miller will be running the department again on Monday, said Jerry Gruber, Cambria Community Services District interim general manager. [Tribune]

On April 12, former general manager Tammy Rudock created a firestorm when she fired Miller. The day before the board terminated Rudocks’s employment, almost 300 people arrived at a board meeting to show support for the rehiring of Miller and the firing of Rudock.

“I’m looking forward to him coming back, looking forward to working with him in his department,” Gruber said to the Tribune. “I’m looking forward to putting this behind us, as Mark is, I’m sure.”

Under an agreement, the district will give Miller back pay for the time he was off work and a check to cover the cost of an appeal he filed. Miller, in turn, will give the district back un-cashed checks for severance and unused leave time.

“This is what I wanted,” Miller said to the Tribune, “to have my job and my reputation back.”

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I wish nothing but the worst for rudock. She is evil. Maybe I can get the money her unfair regulations ripped me off for 3 yrs ago. What a sow.

That’ll show her.