Dumb criminal of the month, child pornographer

June 24, 2011

Our dumb criminal of the month award goes to a 31-year-old man who disclosed on his application to become a California Highway Patrol officer that he viewed child pornography on the Internet.

As a result, CHP officials launched an investigation and searched Christian Hernandez’s home. On his computer investigators discovered “an extensive collection of child pornography depicting minors being raped by adult men,” according to briefs filed by prosecutors.

Investigators also found images of Hernandez molesting a 5-year-old girl. Officials said Hernandez molested the girl for more than a year.

Hernandez “has no shame regarding his conduct, instead, he bragged about his conduct on a job application to the CHP,” prosecutors said in court papers.

On Wednesday, Hernandez was sentenced to 30 years in prison for producing child porn, ordered to stay on supervised release for the remainder of his life if released and ordered to pay the victim more than $71,000 for counseling.

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He should have applied for a job with TSA, where “feeling up” children in public is apparently perfectly legal.

So are government jobs just attracting all the wrong people, or are there so many government jobs, even the wrong people have a shot?

This is pretty bad, in many ways.

Why does this have to be about the government? This hanyak would have done the same thing if applying to Microsoft.

The applicant is clearly and idiot.

From the “The Anatomy of a Motive” Page 31, BY John Douglas, FBI Profiler.

“We found that the men we studied seemed to realize early on, sometimes even very young children, that the power to manipulate others gave them a sense of control that they felt was so lacking in their lives.”

This is might be the most ignorant comment I’ve ever seen on CCN. You’re a joke.

I’m sorry, but it does not matter what public sector(see servant) job he applied for or took, this is just wrong…

Anyone peeping at little kids is SICK…

He has a very good chance of losing his life in prison. 30 years is not enough. Sick to say the least. Prisoners also have a code. There is no safe place for him. God Bless that little girl, and all the others he damaged. $71,000 is going to be hard to collect I’m sure. Thank God for Victims Witness.

unfortunately they will probably put him in ASH instead of killing him straight away. I am disappointed in our police force. They should have taken care of this one. Perhaps he also applied to be a fireman. Now we will pay 150K a year to keep this guy alive for no reason. Hes 31 now. If no one gets to him for 30 years thats about 4.5 million we will spend on this human trash before he dies. I am the father of daughters, give him to me for 2-3 days and we will not have any more expenses on his behalf