Oceano medical marijuana co-op proposed

July 21, 2011

The fight over medical marijuana is headed back to the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors within the next few months.[Tribune]

The owner of a medical marijuana collective in Goshen applied in May to open a similar shop in Oceano. Tammy Murray, a Grover Beach resident, plans to have the marijuana provided on a consignment basis by farmers.

Four years ago, county supervisors voted to allow medical marijuana facilities in the county. To date, they have rejected all applications.

In 2008, the board rejected an application for a Templeton medical marijuana co-op. Last year, county supervisors shot down a proposal for a Nipomo dispensary.

A dispensary in Morro Bay, approved by the city council, opened in 2006 and was closed about a year later after sheriff’s and federal Drug Enforcement Administration officials raided it and arrested the owner claiming state and federal violations.

Murray’s application will be heard in several months, either at a planning department hearing — at which a staff member would consider approval — or before the Planning Commission, the Tribune said.

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Mr.s Murray better be careful. This county has a poor history when it comes to mmj providers. The good ole boys club with the assistance of Sr. Rodney John of the NTF refuse to accept state law and will still arrest you no matter how in compliance you are. I wouldn’t even consider it until the issue is settled with the feds. When they come in its game over with no mmj defense.

Definetely, You gotta be stupid to open one. What are they smokin’?

This county definitely needs a medical Marijuana dispensary. The difference this has made in my life in helping alleviating back pain is beyond description. After an accidental over-dose using conventional drugs for the pain for almost 20 years, the MMJ is effective and safe.

That being said, I wouldn’t have much faith in someone from the San Joaquin Valley owning/operating in SLO Co. Call it a prejudice, I don’t care. I would hope that someone local would have the capital and compassion to open a dispensary. There are good delivery services but most have limited selection.

No, what (the county) needs is the stupid controversy of whether cannabis is a useful drug or not to be settled.

if it’s a useful drug (and I think that it is) then every pharmacy should be required to sell it with a prescription. You would have dispensaries at every drug store.

Problem solved, you are welcome.

A few months back, I posted a link here from the government’s own website for the Dept. of Health indicating there is medical benefit for the use of MMJ for cancer patients. They came right out and stated that the DOH has concluded there is medical benefit. So why the avoidance of making it legal if there is governmental support from the DOH of it’s medical benefits??? Things that make you go hmmm…..

I feel it should be legal like alcohol. But seeing that it’s not an option then I guess this is the way the way it is now is the only option. I disagree that it should be handled by pharma.. I understand the mind set for that but we all know what will happen it has to go through that type of regulation. More money and more corruption by big pharma..

Keep it the way it is now but perhaps a bit easier to open these places ie Oceano until it becomes legal.

TQ. Just another way for the county to let Oceano be the pig in a poke. The county get’s the tax revenue an Oceano takes the [ hit’s ] Please … all we need are the gang’s ripping off the dispencery. With Wallace and the OCSD do we really need any more problem’s. Hey how about Grover or A.G. they are always looking for more revenue to build, and appeal to those out of town dollars.Or it could be the way the county has come up with a plan about the flooding.smoke an be happy while the water covers ur knee caps.Come on workd. Give Oceano a break.Still more people trying to make a buck off Oceano. Enough is enough.

Hooray! The area could benefit from an increase in the sales-tax base.

I think Oakland is WAY ahead of the game by letting growers set up legit growing facilities in their city. My God, I cannot imagine how much more money in taxes alone those facilities will bring to Oakland.

There goes 1000 jobs if they get a weed store. Kinda like when Wal-Mart moves in. A reefer stand in Oceano? Why?

….1000 jobs… Kinda like when Wal-Mart moves in how so?

sorry, you know, puts the littleman outa business….we’re talkin’ bout weed sales? (seemed funny earlier, sorry.)

I think the “independent franchise” sellers will always have their clientele.

However, I have to say that I believe everyone who makes a profit in business should pay taxes on that profit.

I thought it was funny, state vs little guy, big box corp. vs mom and pop store what drama,sadly, this co-op will turn out to be something like the state lottery run by the state and to big to fail. I wonder how much that will cost us?

There go,s the Beach front.