Morro Bay man arrested for allegedly torturing girlfriend

August 5, 2011

Police arrested a Morro Bay man suspected of locking his girlfriend in a closet and repeatedly assaulting her with a knife. [Tribune]

Andrew David Mattson, 27, and his girlfriend allegedly engaged in an argument on Tuesday night that quickly escalated into physical violence. Mattson is suspected of holding the victim captive at her home on the 2000 block of Ironwood Avenue.

“Mattson allegedly restrained the victim, locked her in a closet at her home for several hours and threatened her life while assaulting her with a knife,” police said in a news release. “The victim sustained moderate injuries from the repeated attacks for which she received medical attention.”

Police arrested Mattson Wednesday on suspicion of felony domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, torture and false imprisonment. He was booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail.

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How do you get someone that mad?

I gave you a thumb up (probably the only one you’ll get). I did it because you made me laugh so hard.

I mean really, can anyone imagine having a mate like that? I probably shouldn’t tell anybody this but I once had a boyfriend that locked me in a closet except he didn’t pull out a knife! Rather about every 10 minutes he would open the door, yell bitch and then spit at me! I ended up climbing out the window when he answered the front door after the neighbors heard me yelling. Back then, the police wouldn’t do anything about things like that, so nothing happened to him.

Wana know what I did to make him that angry? I told him that I couldn’t date him anymore because his nature was so volatile. He then decided to lock me up until I told him the REAL REASON!

No doubt in both your story and the other, alcohol involved?

No!! There wasn’t a single drop of alcohol involved and no drugs either (that I know of).

As for this current article, the media hasn’t mentioned if this maniac was intoxicated or naturally nuts.

I’m glad that you had sense enough to decide to quit dating him. So many people stay when they should leave. I’m hardly surprised by anything I hear anymore, which is sad.