Seeking the death penalty’s demise

August 29, 2011

Urging termination of California’s death penalty, an advocacy group launched a ballot initiative effort Monday, just days after a similar proposal stalled in the legislature.

Taxpayers for Justice announced a signature-gathering campaign aimed at giving state voters a chance to weigh in on replacing the death penalty with life without possibility of parole.

In June, the state Senate unanimously approved a bill which would have accomplished the same result, with Sen. Sam Blakeslee (R-San Luis Obispo) part of the 39-0 majority. The bill, SB 490, then died in an Assembly committee.

Erin Mellon, a spokesperson for Taxpayers for Justice, said in a statement, “We have ample evidence that California’s death penalty system is dysfunctional and costly. The death penalty costs California taxpayers approximately $170 million a year… $ 4 billion since 1978.”

Taxpayers for Justice describes itself as “a coalition of law enforcement professionals, crime victim advocates, and individuals exonerated from wrongful conviction.” The group’s more outspoken members include Gil Garcetti, a former Los Angeles district attorney responsible for dozens of death penalty prosecutions; and Jeanne Woodford, former San Quentin State Prison warden who oversaw four executions.

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From LittleAcorn we learned that “A dead person is not capable of committing additional crimes.”

Was that an epiphany Acorn?

stopagenda feels that if you don’t agree with killing people that you should have them “move in with your family”. Hey there’s a good answer to the problem, why didn’t I think of that.

bob says, “he has a sweet deal to live out his life in protective custody…”

Death row what a party eh bob, haa that’s the dream life.

SanSimeonSam says: “Speed up the process and reduce costs.”

Perhaps we could put a few Nazis on the payroll to show us how to kill people faster. The finial solution.

Other than those gems as well as a few others some of the posts are sensible (IMO). I wish that I could get some of you that are pro deathers to tell us if you are Christians and how you wrap the idea of accidentally murdering an innocent person around you’re religion. Was vengeance and murder taught to you in Sunday School while you were growing up? I find this a moral issue so that is why rather than saying just kill the b@stards I’d like to know how any moral person can kill another person. I’ve seen posters say things such as ‘I’ll pull the switch’. Personally I could only kill a person if I were protecting my family from immediate danger ie home invasion. If you have the fortitude to pull the switch and those that really do pull the switch, doesn’t that make you and them cold blooded murderers just like the people that you’re killing? I feel bad when I step on a spider, I can’t imagine killing another person and using the law as a rational/justification to do it. If it’s legal to execute someone it doesn’t seem like you should morally allow anyone kill anyone.

Why all the christian bashing “Typo” ? People of faith can agree or disagree on the death penalty. In my opinion the death penalty saves lives, the correctional officers and staff that have to deal with people everday are at risk every time one of these dirtbags have to moved from cell to cell or transfered to another prison.

What are costs for life in prison? This is never mentioned so I’d say export the job to China or off with their heads Mexico.