Grants to illegal immigrant students could cost California $14.5 million

October 9, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown

The California Dream Act, which Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Saturday, could cost the state $14.5 million a year in state grants to illegal immigrants. [LATimes]

The California Department of Finance estimates 2,500 additional universities and community colleges students will qualify for Cal-Grants as a result of the Dream Act, the LA Times said.

The controversial measure gives illegal immigrant college students access to state-funded financial aid. Opponents contend it will take funds away from legal residents.

At a time the state is broke and raising tuition on legal residents the Dream Act is “a reckless use of taxpayer money,” said Federation for American Immigration Reform spokeswoman Kristen Williamson to the LA Times.

Under the new law, students must meet eligibility requirements that include having attended a California school for at least three years, be in the process of applying for citizenship, meet academic standards and show financial need.

“Going to college is a dream that promises intellectual excitement and creative thinking,” Brown said in a written statement. “The Dream Act benefits us all by giving top students a chance to improve their lives and the lives of all of us.”


I’m waiting for the next shoe to drop. They decide that to fund it and not make taxpayers upset, they further increase the cost of tuition on the LEGITIMENT students.


Free guns from the Justice Department, Free lunch in school, Free K – 12 education, Medical, A.F.D.C..Motor Voter Registration, Cal Grants, What else?


As much as Adam Hill has commented frequently at many Board of Supervisors meetings about the continued failure and dysfunction in our state government, I’d think he’d be all over this declaring Governor Brown a racist.

I won’t hold my breath. Hill would postulate that this is somwhow different.

Mr. Holly

Does anyone remember Grey Davis? He sold us all down the farm with his give away programs. Looks like Old Jerry Boy is starting to do the same thing.

This giving away to everyone except the working folks who pay for all of this has got to start being questioned. We are not improving but rather getting worse.

It may be time to start think about you know what for Jerry?


We have already lost this battle. I was looking at the state statistics today surrounding the free lunch program. I was shocked to learn the following:

Here is a breakdown by nationality of the 6,217,000 students currently attending grades K-12 in the State of CA:

Latino/Hispanic 3,198,000 51.44%

White 1,656,000 26.64%

Asian 530,000 8.53%

Other 417,000 6.71%

Black 416,000 6.69%

Currently 55.9% of the K-12 students in the state of CA are said to be receiving the free lunch program at a current annual cost of over $380,000,000. The liberals are now pushing a new program in an effort to encourage the students who are already qualified for the free lunch to also agree to have a free breakfast each morning. The liberals blatantly state that, if they could sign these free lunch students up for breakfast , the state school system will qualify for and receive an additional $351,000,000.

Now, what’s interesting is the reason the free lunch students aren’t also opting for the free breakfast. Currently the breakfast is served before school starts. The students don’t want to come to school early so they can have a breakfast (guess they aren’t hungry after all)! The liberals pushing for the increased program and are now planning to start serving free breakfast to the qualifying students in class, rather than prior to class!

It’s all there on the CAL Dept of EDU website!


I think I found your statistics at the State’s Website it is for two school years ago (2008-2009), but is recent enough. The data is not the same as you listed, but very close. Maybe you have a link to last school year’s? 2009-2010?

Anyway, it is a pretty shocking discovery, and makes sense why the pandering is up four-fold from normal levels…


Oh geez CCN, you sure know how to push this crowds buttons. I’m not going to fight with everyone, not enough time and you’d all just hear my same old lines about the importance of have an educated population as opposed to a violent, crime ridden uneducated population.

Some of us get it Jerry, good job.


Of course it’s better to have an educated population as opposed to a violent, crime ridden uneducated population. I AGREE 100%

So why are they giving grant money to foreigners who are criminals and think they are entitled to cut the line, while others follow our laws and who will undoubtedly send their money home to another country or leave the country after they earn a degree and default on the loan? Why are they giving these grants to foreigners rather than the US citizens who so happen to be the people that the grants rightfully BELONG TO, we paid for those grants? Take a look at my post up above,10/09 3:59pm. We are now the minority, this is discrimination, where are OUR RIGHTS?

The Gimlet Eye

We have been sold down the river. This is TREASON.

The Gimlet Eye

No, Typoqueen, you DO NOT “get it.” You do not get it at all. The nanny state is the road to Hell. This is disgraceful! Where were you educated? What in God’s name can you be thinking of? As if we had only two choices here, a nanny state or a criminal state! Come on, WE ALREADY HAVE A CRIMINAL STATE! Jerry Brown is just another cog in the wheel of the gangster cabal which runs not only this state, but the country as well. Any time that an American politician can defy our immigration laws with impunity, it’s time to call it quits. This isn’t a country any more, it’s a cesspool where crime is a good deal and the rule of law is just a memory.

Have you ever heard of the NAU? It stands for the North American Union. Welcome to the Gangster State. Hope you like it. If not, you are going to have a hellova problem.


The banksters are educated, Congressmen are educated. Theives and crooks are born and school does nothing to change that. Educated crooks do the most damage. It sure hasn’t improved your intellect.


“The End of the American Empire and What’s In it for You,”

“Wire” creator David Simon delivers a lecture to the educated


That was great zap, Simon gets it. I know that I am probably the only one that will watch that and that is a shame, it was worth every minute. Every 99%er should watch that lecture, it was fabulous.

Two little tiny interesting notes were the issues that he pointed out that, one, every state that is a ‘right to work’ state and doesn’t have collected bargaining also all have the worse poverty, they are mostly the southern states. He also pointed out that since Reagan fired the air traffic controllers that we’ve been short air traffic controllers and have had more close calls and saftey issues with the air traffic controllers, we are less safer since he fired them. That should be a wake up call to some.

On the topic of this thread just the simple phrases that he used say it all:

‘We are all connected’.

Our country is going through a ‘Failure of citizenship’.

And we have ‘lost our core value that we are all in this together’.

I wish that I could express myself and sound like Simon. Thanks zap, that was a very good lecture, I really really wish that everyone would watch it. Geez I have to get up in a few hours,,thanks a lot!


Illegal alien means the person us here not legally ergo a crime!


“Going to college is a dream that promises intellectual excitement and creative thinking,” Brown said in a written statement. “The Dream Act benefits us all by giving top students a chance to improve their lives and the lives of all of us.”

My daughter, a native born Californian should be so lucky. Ever look at college entrance acceptance papers, I have and it is not cheap to go to even a CS school in CA. CalPoly has raised the bar and made it more difficult for American students to attend than foreign students…


I agree and this is reverse discrimination at it’s worst. They are profiling rather than considering the best and the brightest who qualify for those grants. They are only giving away these grants to illegal immigrants,CRIMINALS if you will, while granting them a pass to pilfer our hard earned tax dollars and slide into our rightful seats in our own colleges where many of us can’t afford to attend or send our own children. Something here isn’t right in fact something is very wrong. Is there something in our US drinking water? I’M SERIOUS.

******************************RON PAUL in 2012.*******************************

Send Washington a message. We can shake them up if enough of us are willing to throw away our vote to send the message. Frankly I doubt there will be anybody running worth voting for anyway so there is nothing to lose with throwing a vote at a 3rd party platform.


In a word, yes it as become an outrageous burden on the taxpayer and the political stream is not hard to follow…


What a great idea. Now illegal aliens can get an education in California, have us pay for it through loans, then slip back across the border and default on their loans. But my kids can’t get college loans because I make too much money. Another case of Robin Hood, rob from the rich (middle class in this case) and give to the poor. This country and state can drive one crazy!


mrcyberdoc is correct. Currently, there are hundreds of illegals attending North County schools. Their Mexican families are smart. They send their kids to the Estados Unidos to stay w/”aunts and uncles” for the school year then they go back home for holidays and summers. It’s a myth that only poor familias come here for work… Many well-to-do Mexican families “work the system” and I can’t blame them. We offer free breakfast…free lunch…healthcare…dental care…and K-12 educations, regardless of a child’s citizenship status! Sneak into Mexico and try to enroll your kids in their schools. They’d kick you out so fast your head would spin! Do some research about the enrollment numbers in Paso schools & in Lillian Larsen in San Mighetto. It’s mind-blowing how many Lincoln Navigator/Cadillac Escalade-driving familias are sticking their not-poor not-US citizen kids in our local schools.

The Gimlet Eye

This is an outrage. This SOB should be impeached for this. This is treason. Who the hell does this rascal think he is? We don’t “owe” ANYTHING to illegal aliens but a deportation notice!

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