Singles mixer at the cliffs resort, event photos

November 1, 2011

The first Thursday of every month, find love on the rocks at Punch Drunk Love.

The Cliff’s Resort in Pismo Beach is providing those without the time or the patience for the online dating scene an opportunity to meet new people, sample a variety of gourmet punches and listen to great music. You may find a new love, you may not – either way, you will have a great time.

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If you would like to buy a high resolution print of any of these photos, contact photographer Nick Altamirano at (559) 904-2814 or See more of the photographer’s work at

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If anyone that might happen to read this loves the central coast and want to preserve and not get stuck with added taxes, traffic congestion and smog then it then you should boycott this establishment. The owner is one of the developers that is attempting to add almost 700 homes, a convention center, a hotel, an 18 hole golf course, a wine tasting room and a spa in the Price Canyon area. All he cares about is $$$.

I’m sorry but your one strange woman….Geez, get a life!!!

I have a good life and that’s why I’m trying to help preserve the quality of life on the central coast…why is that so strange? Or can you only throw out ignorant insults??

I stopped spending my hard earned dollars at both the bar and the restaurant about 8 or 9 years ago! Piss-poor service, inconsistent food quality, terrible managers. Seemed like every time I discovered a new favorite menu item, it didn’t seem to stay on the menu for

long. Used to enjoy going there, until they started going downhill.