Did stolen guns prompt Brown’s resignation?

January 18, 2012

Paul Brown

Morro Bay Police department is looking for a new police officer.

That’s because Paul Brown, one-time San Luis Obispo restaurateur and city council member, has resigned from his officer-training position with the Morro Bay Police department.

Officials said Brown turned in his resignation Wednesday; no reason has been forthcoming.

Brown was in the ninth week of a 14-week field training session when CalCoastNews reported he had left an unregistered 38 caliber revolver and a loaded semi-automatic pistol in the center console of his personal car when he went home for the evening. Brown discovered the guns were missing and reported the theft to the San Luis Obispo Police department.

The Morro Bay department is still in the process of investigating that occurrence, and officials would not say if the resignation was connected to the stolen guns incident.

One of the weapons was said by Brown to have been registered to his father, who died two years ago. He said he was in the process of registering it in his name.

“I left my car unlocked,” he said after the theft. “I wish I could relive the moment.”

The Department of Justice recommends gun owners store their weapons in a safe and secure place and keep ammunition in a different location to prevent unauthorized use. In this case, the semi-automatic had a bullet in the chamber and the revolver had ammunition stored next to it.

Brown was the longtime owner of Mothers Tavern, and made an unsuccessful bid for mayor of San Luis Obispo.

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Another haunting thought about this

Both Brown and APD Chief were negligent with leaving their gun to be stolen

Reporting them stolen alleviates them of being connected to future crimes


What if someone was assaulted or killed with their guns

And the culprit by fingerprints on the LE vehicle can be connected as the thief

Could they be sued?

Could the LE agency also be sued?

This could be something for them to really worried about if all the pieces fit together later

What happens if “someone was assaulted or killed” with the two wine bottles that were part of the garbage I left out on the curb this week for the garbage service?


You are not under a higher expected standard

Gun owners are sort of inbetween

California is sue crazy, the possibilities exist.

As a gun owner I am subject to the same standards and expectations as Brown. Both of us are subject to far higher standards than insiders like Lisa Solomon who broke the law with complete impunity.

California has some truly screwed-up gun control laws that do absolutely nothing but cost taxpayers $$$ and allow sleazy politicians to pander for votes.

Thumbs up on this comment. Gun control is as illogical as knife control. Criminals do not obey laws and disarming law abiding citizens is stupid. I love the fact that Korean liquor stores in South Central are a dangerous target compared to the unarmed 7-11 clerk. I’m not a gun nut. I inherited my grandfather’s Stevens 76A tube feed varmint gun (a semiautomatic weapon!) which has now served reliably for 76 years. I do not have a Glock, Mossberg, or an AR-15 (civilian). I don’t even lock my doors. However, if I, as a law abiding citizen wants to buy all three and go to the range everyday it is no different from a model train enthusiast or doll collector. Additionally, if crime were to become a problem to the point where I was interested in home defense I want to be able to buy these weapons. I watch gun control legislation carefully and if a semi-automatic pistol sales ban were even to be considered I would be buying one ASAP. The guns nuts went crazy and emptied the whole country of ammo after false fears of an Obama presidency doing a gun control backdoor regulation of not guns, but ammo.

“Gun control is as illogical as knife control.”

“I’m not a gun nut.”

LOL, haaa haa oohhh LOL ROTHFLMAO, that is so funny. I spit my tea out from laughing so hard. You’re a comic right? Noooo, LOL you’re not a gun nut, that’s the ticket. That’s right, guns are like knives [giggling]. Now excuse me while I clean up that tea.

Amen. Fascinating how you pointed out how ammo was (and is) being stockpiled in the USA. Same with firearms. One of the unintended consequences of attempts at “gun control” is that more guns are being sold today then ever before in the USA. People don’t only want to make sure they’ll have guns — they want to make sure that future generations of their families will have guns no matter what roadblocks the pandering politicians throw-up in the coming decades.

Hmm, wine bottles vs guns,,I’d rather take my chances with the wine bottles. Not many wine bottles go through walls and it’s much easier to out run a wine bottle than a bullet.