Mecham scolds Hill for phony phone call

January 24, 2012

Frank Mecham


Supervisor Frank Mecham delivered a firm reproach to a peer Tuesday, characterizing Adam Hill’s recent phone impersonation of a political rival as embarrassing to the board.

Hill left a recorded message Jan. 6 with the author of a letter printed in The Tribune, in which he asked if she was “a communist” and made other comments. He then identified himself as Ed Waage, who is challenging Hill for the District 3 supervisor’s seat.

Mecham also said the incident was taking board time and was not an issue for which the board was responsible. He then asked Hill to apologize to fellow supervisors and to Waage.

Hill responded by repeating his claim that the call was a joke and suggested that the board get on with its business. He told board members he was sorry that it offended some… but he did not apologize.

Supervisor Bruce Gibson and Chairman Jim Patterson quickly defended Hill, both claiming the incident had been blown out of proportion by a “local media group.” Patterson called it “a trivial matter.”

Mecham’s assertions came after three people used their public comment time to ask the board to sanction Hill for his conduct.

In an earlier statement, Wagge said, “Common sense says to refrain from doing something so foolish, and common courtesy would require an apology.”

Despite Hill’s reticence to apologize, Mecham hinted the matter is far from closed: he challenged Gibson to “elevate this discussion in private.”

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Sooner or later most everyone will be free to see outside the box.

Unfortunate for me it took 10 years after I retired looking back and saw it was all by design.

In my generation there was an absence or lacked real investigative reporting, which is why we are where we are at (all levels of government)!

The next generation (and my children) will suffer more for it, NOT me.

For example: I am already collecting a paid for pension and Social Security check, a viable system screwed up behind OUR backs (hurting the future generation) among many many other things at all levels.

It is the next generation moreso that should be more astute and vigilgent instead of the old folks like me.

Unfortunately our youth are too caught up struggling, studying and training (or being institutionalized) to unconditionally obey and serve elected officials. They have no time to be vigilent to things like this.

I agree, Willie. I sometimes think we are in the middle of a very bad 1984 prequel.

I’ve never understood the personality type that refuses to apologize, even if it’s in his best interest to do so AND even if he doesn’t mean it. Even if you’re completely convinced of your own infallability, sometimes self-preservation dictates a public apology.

There are at least three schools of thought about apologies.

One is that someone who has wronged another must apologize, even if they don’t mean it.

Another school of thought is that unless the apology is based on true sentiment, and the product of a change in the offender’s behavior that will lessen the offender’s chance of offending in the same manner in the future, an apology is less than worthless. This is because an apology gets the offender off the hook for the offense, in many people’s eyes, and, therefore, simply frees him to go forth and offend in the same way again, after which he can AGAIN offer a meaningless apology.

The third school of thought is than an apology has worth, even if the offender doesn’t mean it, because it makes the person who was offended feel better.

If Hill really believe what he did was ill-advised and that such a call was inappropriate (especially for a supervisor) to make, and if he really learned something from it such that he would not repeat that kind of nincompoopery in the future, then an apology would have been priceless.

However, IMO, for him to just apologize to get himself off the hook, or to put a patch on the tattered reputation of the BOS as a whole–most septic tanks contain material that is of more worth than that kind of an apology.

Like a sit-and -spin toy, this appears to have political potential for the weak-minded who don’t understand what our government should be accomplishing. Beware going down with this spinning ship. I’m still trying to figure how Steve Jobs created more jobs than the stimulus, unraveling the last kooky spin I heard. Beware a generation that won’t listen ’cause they think its a bunch of spin.

Clearly Mecham is the most intelligent & “HUMAN” of all the SLO Supes! Hill, Patterson & Gibson, the “Good Old Boys of SLO”, hopefully are on their way out, never to be re-elected to ANYTHING ever again. All 3 need to go hide in SHAME!

Are you for real?

OK…Maybe that is a joke. Because Frank Mecham really shouldn’t go around throwing stones in glass house. Mr. Mecham has definitely made some questionable decisions, and I am sure he does not like people to remind him.

About the Adam Hill incident; it was a prank. Goodness, we have had our old college buddies pull that ‘prank’ for the past 20 years. Right up there with ‘Do you have Prince Albert in a can’…old, but fun. Never occurred to me it was a crime. Really….none of you folks have never, ever pulled a prank? Ever had it go wrong? It happens.

I had an angry SLO law enforcement officer call me at home one night after he engaged in an online dispute with me at the Trib. After he chewed me out and called me a bunch of filthy names, and he finally took a breath, I told him I was going to talk to his supervisor in Templeton the next morning, and said good night. And that is what I did. I never went to the police to have him arrested. I went to his supervisor to have a talk with him about inappropriate behavior. It was handled the way is supposed to be. He never called me again. And no one knew except his supervisor, my husband, me, and the LEO. THAT is how you handle these issue. Grow up.

Well said, you are so right on. I hate to tell you this but this is rigged so they can dislike your comment X2 to get your post removed due to dislikes. I think sometimes political agendas get in the way of good judgement.

Frank Mecham is clearly the most intelligent & “human” of all the SLO Supervisors! He’ll never get through to Gibson, Hill & Patterson, the 3 “Good Old Boys of Slo County”…Hopefully, all 3 are on their way out of office….never to be seen in the public eye again….All 3 are disgraced!

I am so disappointed that this forum is being used for political bashing, right against left. Not just Adam Hill but Sup. Gibson and Patterson too. If you think that Mecham and Teixeira aren’t manipulative and self serving you are sadly wrong. They just happen to be the candidates that you support so its ok, right?

@ Disgusted – I beg to differ, I have associates in Paso Robles that were glad to see him go along with his back room politics.

This has really turned into a political witch hunt with Slorider and others calling names in the comments to others that disagree with them. I’m sure I’ll get plenty of responses and maybe my email will get hacked into like others who have disagreed with the opinions stated here.

To Karen Velie, show me your friends I’ll tell you who you are.

I don’t know/care who you think you’re connected to, but I know none of the Supes personally, and base my criticisms and compliments on the behavior of all. I simply recoginze poor behavior when I see it, and expect way more from elected officials who work for US, such as Hill, Gibson and Patterson in this case.

connected one

“maybe my email will get hacked into like others who have disagreed with the opinions stated here.

To Karen Velie, show me your friends I’ll tell you who you are.”

I am trembling every moment about that and feel in grave peril, what do you suggest we do?

Or maybe you already inferred it.

connected one

” If you think that Mecham and Teixeira aren’t manipulative and self serving you are sadly wrong.”

Can you be more specific with this mysterious and open ended parable!?

Projection: accusing others of what you yourself are doing.

So Carl Rove.

So David Axelrod ;)

Wrong. Karl Rove was a protege of Lee Atwater, who was behind the “Willie Horton” political ad that helped sink the Dukakis bid for president. Lee Atwater was the king of filth politics….until Karl Rove started working in politics. He quickly surpassed anything Atwater had ever dreamed of.

The irony is that Atwater died very young, from brain cancer, and before he died he voiced remorse for what he did.

Axelrod was a political operator, but no where near the depth of political strategy depravity that Karl Rove is.

1. There is remarkably little in the way of left-versus-right bashing here. When occurs, at least as I see it, it is the mark of a person who goes for knee-jerk politics. They do not yet know enough to realize that neither left nor right is without sin, and so it is more relevant and accurate to criticize the action of the person or politician and not their political affiliation.

2. I am one of the more disagreeable posters here, and my email account has never been hacked.

Perhaps you need another email service provider.

Patterson got it right. It was a trivial matter.

Remember, folks, blogs like this are all about page views. There’s money in sensationalism.

OK Osborne fine, it was a joke and Hill couldn’t remember doing it. That’s just great, the supervisor makes cranky phone calls that he can’t remember doing it for 9 days? You don’t think that’s a problem either, I take it.

Tell me this, what’s with calling people a homophobic and an anti-abortion advocate over their opposition regarding the plastic bag ban? What does one have to do with the other? When did it become appropriate to name call citizens who raise a question during public comment and this isn’t the first time he has done so or even used profanities in the process? This guy is a loose cannon. At least if he is going to apply tags to people he could get it right like the one that I’m about to apply to you………CRONY.


(“Patterson got it right. It was a trivial matter.”)

The County’s Mission Statement is unambiguous, if that is truely Patterson’s sentiment, it says a lot about him, he should resign.

Right wingers stick together like how all the little pieces of sewage congeal.

I am forever cognizant of this prescient quote by the late George Carlin:

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”.

Please comment on the issue at hand. It seems that you are here on this forum to do nothing but criticize the people commenting.

But that’s just it…I am on topic. My comment is how many are making a mountain out of a molehill, and how Meacham is compounding this useless waste of time.

I would never criticize the other people commenting here by calling them communists or Marxists.

I make it a practice to NOT know the political party of the supervisors. Really, the political party of a person these days means little, except at campaign time, when each party’s candidates anoint themselves with the most asshatted beliefs and rhetoric of the most extreme of their party.

I could give examples, but don’t want to drag this further off point.

Oh go ahead, Mary ! I dare ANYONE to name equivalent examples of asshattery from one political party to another !

Just for starters…who are the similar opposites to:

Michele Bachmann = ???

Check out the TEN craziest MB quotes:

“The Lion King” being gay propaganda ?

Carbon dioxide is harmless ?

Eliminating the minimum wage would CREAT jobs ?

Turdleface Mitch McConnell = ???

That moron Eric Cantor = ???

Evil historian with all his facts wrong Newt Gingrich = ???

Dead baby hugger and gay-basher Rick Santorum = ???

Old racist coot and gold bug Ron Paul = ???

Dumb as a stump Governor Rick Perry = ???

I could go on, but you get the point. When it comes to the most asinine assertions and LIES, …ONE political party holds the patents and intellectual copywrites. The other party only rents them on isolated incidences.


“Remember, folks, blogs like this are all about page views. There’s money in sensationalism.”

How can you say that!

I do not personally know anyone here, people posting agree and disagree.

They are random samplings (Like the Gallop).

Look at all my thumbs down!

Welp, I have to say that I’m concerned about Patterson’s response. It would have been better to say nothing rather than diminish the very real inappropriate behavior that was demonstrated bu Adam. I voted for Patterson and I can’t say that I’m going to do that again. Unfortunately Patterson and Gibson are more concerned about maintaining a liberal majority on the board rather than one of integrity, in other words, they are currently engaged in a symbiotic relationship where they’re only as strong as their weakest link and that last link is about to snap in my opinion.

How do you know that keeping a liberal majority on the board is their goal?

The reason I’ve always liked local politics is because, a) politicians tend to be more issue oriented, and, b) local politics are much more hilarious than national politics.

Democracy in action. I love it. Thanks for posting these videos SLORider.

Can anyone clarify what the last lady was saying about being characterized as homophobic by Adam Hill during the plastic bag ban debate?

Adam Hill spoke to the members of the public speaking for freedom and in opposition to the ban, castigating and stereotyping them crudely.