Mecham scolds Hill for phony phone call

January 24, 2012

Frank Mecham


Supervisor Frank Mecham delivered a firm reproach to a peer Tuesday, characterizing Adam Hill’s recent phone impersonation of a political rival as embarrassing to the board.

Hill left a recorded message Jan. 6 with the author of a letter printed in The Tribune, in which he asked if she was “a communist” and made other comments. He then identified himself as Ed Waage, who is challenging Hill for the District 3 supervisor’s seat.

Mecham also said the incident was taking board time and was not an issue for which the board was responsible. He then asked Hill to apologize to fellow supervisors and to Waage.

Hill responded by repeating his claim that the call was a joke and suggested that the board get on with its business. He told board members he was sorry that it offended some… but he did not apologize.

Supervisor Bruce Gibson and Chairman Jim Patterson quickly defended Hill, both claiming the incident had been blown out of proportion by a “local media group.” Patterson called it “a trivial matter.”

Mecham’s assertions came after three people used their public comment time to ask the board to sanction Hill for his conduct.

In an earlier statement, Wagge said, “Common sense says to refrain from doing something so foolish, and common courtesy would require an apology.”

Despite Hill’s reticence to apologize, Mecham hinted the matter is far from closed: he challenged Gibson to “elevate this discussion in private.”

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Shame on you for perpetuating the good ‘ol boy network, and for trying to cast aspersions on CalCoast for their reportage. The people of this county are not well served by your passivity in this matter.

Kudos to Frank Mecham for taking Adam Hill to task for his…unusual…behavior.

Be very careful of Gibson.

I always hope a suspected liar has a prominent adam’s apple because the increased saliva produces a lot of saliva so they are constantly swallowing.

The most vivid example of this I’ve ever seen was, ironically, Ann Coulter when she appeared on the Geraldo Rivera show during the Clinton administration. She had inadvertently said something that linked her directly to the constant flow of leaks coming from Kenneth Starr’s office.

I think this story has just about been milked for all its worth unless of course this will be Ed Waage’s platform for his campaign!

Ed Waage doesn’t need Hill’s stupidity for a campaign. His honesty, integrity and ability to interact with the public will serve him well.

Bruce Gibson? Pfffffttt!

He has zero room to scold anybody, especially trying to force Hill to apologize publicly doesn’t do a danged thing to fixing the many problems with Hill’s “leadership.” If Hill’s actions are illegal, then nail him for it. Otherwise, the apology is akin to wallpaper covering a moldy wall….it’s still toxic underneath.

The following are excerpts from a couple of CCN’s articles about Gibson-related scandals.

Air quality district internal emails expose manipulations


“…In 2010, state parks, San Luis Obispo County and the air pollution board entered into a memorandum of understanding. The three parties agreed to share documents and any data or analysis with each other, according to the agreement.

However, emails between air pollution board director Larry Allen and San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors chairman Bruce Gibson show they were working together to block the state from conducting a third study of PM10 (particulate matter measuring a diameter of 10 microns or less) pollution levels.

After reviewing the district’s Phase II study, the state discovered errors and wanted several changes made. Allen responded with an email to Gibson, who was also the chairman of the air pollution board, in which he contends the agreement does not allow state parks to do research or request that errors in the study get corrected.

“Their edits completely misconstrue the purpose of the memorandum of agreement and seem to be a not-too-subtle attempt to create a third PM10 study rather than develop appropriate mitigation strategies,” Allen said in an email to Gibson. “This type of tactic is their MO – delay, dodge and obfuscate and try to wear us down while they’re spending money and resources right now to collect meteorological data in an effort to challenge our study.”

The district then brought in a technician with ties to Gibson to give the credence of a Ph.D to the study. University of California Davis physics professor Thomas Cahill worked in conjunction with Craig to polish the study.

“By the way, my sister is a friend of Supervisor Gibson,” Cahill said in an email to Craig….”


Supervisor Gibson’s failures to disclose


“/i>Bruce Gibson, a San Luis Obispo county supervisor who boasted on his campaign website that he advocates transparency, is under fire for failing to disclose some of his assets as required by law….


Adam Hill the jokester! After being a joke to all of us you are now a joke to yourself. Mr. Hill should really resign from the Board of Supervisors as he has shown that he does not have enough class to maintain his seat on the Board. Please go back to Cal Poly where you can play your games and impersonate yourself as a professor. Shame on Patterson and Gibson for defending Hill. Although as they say, birds of a feather flock together.

Another great job of integrity by Frank Mecham.

What are Patterson and Gibson thinking? This type of name calling and foolishness would be embarrassing in a school yard. It’s time to elevate the discourse folks.

Thank you, Sup. Mecham, for speaking up and giving voice to reasonable citizens in this county.

“Tempest in a teapot” !

I would like to know the identities of the three ‘public commenters’. I would wager that they are among the usual Peanut Gallery complainers that are just attention seeking loudmouths.

If Meacham wanted to “…elevate this discussion in private”, then he should have kept his mouth shut and follow his own advice !

How dare the ‘peanut gallery loud mouths’ exercise their First Amendment rights to free speech that so many have DIED fighting for!

The First Amendment does not guarantee a ‘right’ to make a public ass out of ones-self, but go ahead.

I hereby assert whatever First Amendment privileges accrue to me to observe that there are some that find supreme solace in being nothing but time-wasting bellyachers.

Adam – is that you?

Blaming the messenger is a weak attempt to shift the blame from those involved in this latest BOS scandal to those criticizing the actions of Adam Hill.

Even if the three “public commenters” are, as you postulate, “among the usual Peanut Gallery complainers that are just attention seeking loudmouths,” it does not impact on the validity of their statements to the board.

We’d love to know your identity as a loudmouth hypocrite.

BTW, you are welcome to elevate this discussion in private.

-Kevin 602-2616

P.S.: Please use your real name if you leave a message.

Go find Ayn Rand to tell you that you are a Superman that doesn’t need anybody else for anything, and then we’ll talk.

Oh wait …she died taking Medicare and Social Security benefits !

From hypocrite to hyperbole in under 7 seconds.

she died taking Medicare and Social Security benefits In later life she was attended to by Alan Greenspan her loyal boy friend to the end.

Slow seems to be an Adam Hill apologist who is annoyed that his/her guy got caught again. Censorship of those with whom he has gripes serves his purpose. Birds of a feather………..

If you want to know the identities of the three public commenters, then look it up yourself. You have a computer.

I do not need to know their names to comprehend that they are pompous, time-wasting windbags.

Sorry Patterson, it was unprofessional whether it was a joke or not. Don’t just side with Hill just because he is a liberal. Way to go Frank.

I thought he sided with Hill because they are so similar in character.

I’d also like to commend the three speakers that cared enough to object to Hill’s embarrassing actions.

Me, too. After the supervisors have had people dragged out of BOS meetings because they didn’t like what the people were saying, members of the public have to be pretty brave to challenge any of the supervisors for their actions. Especially because it is almost a given that at least some of the supervisors’ toadies will try to shift the blame for what is being complained onto those doing the complaining.

This is why Frank Mecham is without a doubt the best Supervisor we have. He listens, he stands for integrity. The two who defended Hill are Chicken Little and Littler. I expected no less from them. This speaks to honesty and character on Hill’s part, as well as those who defend him. We have a choice in Patterson’s district in June. And, of course, in Hill’s. Let’s make our votes count this time.

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