Does Ann Coulter make you hot?

February 21, 2012

Roger Freberg


Conservative author and activist Ann Coulter will speak at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo on Feb. 28 from 7 to 8 p.m. at the Chumash Auditorium in the University Union. The event is free and open to the public. However, tickets are required (information below).

Ann has already created quite a stir in the britches of some on the Cal Poly campus. A “flyer war” has erupted with officially approved Ann Coulter flyers being ripped down and replaced with very angry and profane alternatives that look like racist literature to me.

Somebody is going to a lot of time and expense to put up these fakes. The biggest battle ground appears to be the architecture building, long a bastion of right wing ideology. Right!  One faculty member was particularly distressed that any public funding would be used for Ann’s talk (although most of her fees are being paid privately). Public funding or no, some people just don’t think conservative voices belong on campus (or on radio or the internet or employed in academia or anywhere else, for that matter).

Just to be fair and balanced here, President Armstrong’s office has also contributed and this is a refreshing change from prior regimes.

For those of you who haven’t followed or read the works of Ann Coulter have missed some fun — she is definitely part of the American political landscape. Ann is very accomplished as an author and speaker and, yes, she has a degree or two. Her web site provides these ‘offensive’ tidbits about her life (with my observations in parentheses):

• “Ann Coulter is the author of seven New York Times bestsellers. (I am still waiting for one of our local leftist activist professors to have their first).

• She is a frequent guest on many TV shows, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Hannity, The O’Reilly Factor, The Glen Beck Show, HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, and has been profiled in numerous publications, including TV Guide, the Guardian (UK), the New York Observer, National Journal, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle magazine. She was the April 25, 2005 cover story of Time magazine. ( I don’t see CNN or CNBC or the Telegram Tribune and I wonder why?)

• A Connecticut native, Coulter graduated with honors from Cornell University School of Arts and Sciences, and received her J.D. from University of Michigan Law School, where she was an editor of The Michigan Law Review.” (After this, she had quite a bit of experience in practicing law, but I will leave that to your reading.)

However, it is not her accomplishments that have drawn ire from the left, but rather her uncompromising attitude over what is right and what is wrong in America. Here is one of her recent observations:

“…Oops, I take that back: Government employees who rob the elderly also can’t be fired.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that, after a spate of burglaries at a veterans hospital in California several years ago, authorities set up video cameras to catch the perpetrators. In short order, nurse’s aide Linda Riccitelli was videotaped sneaking into the room of 93-year-old Raymond Germain as he slept, sticking her hand into his dresser drawer and stealing the bait money that had been left there.

Riccitelli was fired and a burglary prosecution initiated. A few years later, the California Personnel Board rescinded her firing and awarded her three-years back pay. The board dismissed the videotape of Riccitelli stealing the money as “circumstantial.” (The criminal prosecution was also dropped after Germain died.)”

It does appear that a few at Cal Poly really don’t want you to hear or read about things that might make you think in “unapproved” ways. They just want you to live your life according to a plan, theirs.

If you would like to attend, tickets are available to members of the public in limited quantities at the following locations: Spring Street Auto at 729 Spring St. in Paso Robles; Kokkonen Insurance and Financial Services at 1103 Johnson Ave. in San Luis Obispo and David and Zimmerman Law Offices at 227 E. Branch St. in Arroyo Grande.

I won’t say that Ann makes me hot, after all, my wife reads this. Let’s just say I admire her and leave it at that.

Roger Freberg is a San Luis Obispo resident who is using his retirement to write a culinary-inspired blog, comment on important local events and occasionally enjoy getting sued for his journalistic excellence.


Please notice what was NOT included in the initial article: The TITLE of this purported “speech”:

“DEMONIC – How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America”

Now…it really does not get much plainer when a personality or pundit DEMONIZES their adversaries than by calling , …well, DEMONS !

I mean, how can anyone TOP that ? It’s like the final lob of brinksmanship that goes too far into the realm of ridiculous.

It’s “Doin’ the Dozens” with “Yo MAMA SO ( FITB )” jokes.

Howzabout we go there, since AC has already labeled people like me a “DEMON” ?

Yo imaginary girlfriend is so nasty, a skunk walked behind her and passed out !

Yo sweet transvestite so skinny, she use a Q-Tip to pleasure herself with !

Yo trophy wench so stanky, they bring in dead fish afterward to ‘freshen up’ the place !


“Ask yourself… Have you ever seen a “conservative mob?” Can you imagine a “Republican riot?” The notion is absurd.

“It’s not going to be 2008 ‘Yes, we can’ anymore. I think it’s going to be slash-and-burn,” said Democratic pollster Paul Maslin. Translation: The outright thuggery we witnessed in Madison was a preview of how Democrats will use mob tactics…” -Anne Coulter promo

“DEMONIC – How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America”

Now…it really does not get much plainer when a personality or pundit DEMONIZES their adversaries than by calling , …well, DEMONS !” -Slowerfaster


V. perceptive Slow. Liberals tend to be nice people who want to help society; they tend to reflect Jeffersonian principles and you can talk to them without being called a ‘racist’. From there: Progressives>Leftists>Socialists>Communists>Fascism/Naziism, it is a guaranteed descent into Hell.

How many of you Leftists around here agree with this:

“”Childbearing should be a punishable crime against

society, unless the parents hold a government license.

All potential parents should be required to use

contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing

antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing.”

– David Brower,

first Executive Director of the Sierra Club


More red herrings. You must like out-of-date fish ! LOL !

Anticipating a superclean shower, I ventured into the Love Canal of internetland …the Silcone Blond Succubus’ website ! I go wher angels fear to tread !

So telling is a LIST . one of certain pride …of seven, count them SEVEN reporters that the human projectile vomit machine has deemed worthy to be ALLOWED to interview it again !

Talk about Freedom of Speech ! “ALLOWED” to interview.

We don’t make ‘stuff’ like this up. Check it out if you are brave…but I really don’t want to advertise or in anyway direct traffic to this black hole of creation.

Now, William here has probably visited on more than one occasion. Just be careful when you do your David Carridine trick, William.


SEVEN reporters that (have) deemed worthy to be ALLOWED to interview it again !

Talk about Freedom of Speech ! “ALLOWED” to interview.


Recommend you review 1st Amendment…


William, I’ve seen plenty of “Republican” and “Conservative” mobs. You ever hear of Richard Nixon and his henchmen? The Bush Family? Karl Rove? Haliburton, Dick Cheney? Blackwater? These guys HIRE their mobs, or conscript from the government payroll, using police, military, CIA, FBI, whatever, to “Shout down/Shoot Down” their opponents.

What kind of fantasy world are you deluding yourself with, William? You truly do not seem to have a clue as to what is going on, and yet you your tone is of an arrogant know-it-all. But seriously, no offense, but the more you try to defend whatever it is your are trying to defend, you honesty appear more and more foolish. The cognitive dissonance is astounding. I feel you are trying t be a decent person Wiliam, but man, oh, man, you need to metaphorically WAKE UP!

By the way, please tell us EXACTLY where you are getting that alleged David Brower quote from, and I’ll then proceed to tell you why you don’t know what you are talking about and you are either naively or purposely (l’ll bet for the former) trying to deceive people.


why is my comment waiting moderation?




why? because there is multiple links. ????


Ah ha, I was wondering when that multiple link thing would catch up with you. I was busted for that awhile back. So how does if feel to be called out by the principal Mr. Goody Two Shoes? (JK)


“Ask yourself… Have you ever seen a “conservative mob?”

We are out front and open. You guys have the worse kind of mobs, the sneaky slithering behind closed doors mobs. Your mob leaders are the Koch brothers, they don’t get any worse than that. Your righty mob does things like,,well,,,does then name ‘Watergate’ mean anything to you? Or how about J. McCarthy, he used to be a righty mob leader and mentor. Then you have those right wing fringe mobsters, ask Gabby Gifford about that one. Yes, ask Dr. Tiller’s wife how snake like the mob on the right are. Granted, Newt or AAAnn might end up with a glitter but it’s much better than what Timothy McVeigh did and actually seeing that AAAnn was disappointed that Tim didn’t kill more people I would definitely add her to the the right wing mob. Glitter or getting shot, singing protest songs(Lennon) or getting your phone tapped.

Yes, we might yell, we might leave a mess in a park but at least people don’t die because of our actions. We are up front, you are behind closed doors.

You want to bring up quotes, we can have a contest to see who can find the most dumb quotes. But I would like to see the quote that you pulled up in context. I remember how Rev. Wrights quotes (someone used today) were taken out of context but the right, you people can’t be trusted with being completely honest when presenting these quotes.. Maybe I’ll Google it.

I really don’t want to go back and forth with you though. I’m tired of being called a ‘Nazi’. If that’s the best you’ve got then you’ve lost the battle.



Game over.


Self-referenced evidence and ‘victories.’ You people are so full of yourselves…


“Help maintain a healthy, respectful discussion by focusing comments on the

issues, topics, and facts at hand—not at other members of the site.”


Really? That was pretty mild but, happy too. Maybe you should address that comment to some of these people and the vulgar references they’ve made about ‘yur nose up Roger’s a$$’ and telling him to ‘go eat yourself.’ These are just off the top…


Tattle tale!

Consider leading by example, rather than provoking and then calling on “moderator” to hassle others on your behalf.


You and Slander are still idiots…


I feel exluded !


Bingo! I forgot about that. LOL ‘Brooks Brothers rioters’.

Watching that I remembered how their mobs would shout down dem congress people that were trying to have forums/town halls to help people understand health care reform.


Google Brooks Brothers riot : supposedly spontaneous ( NOT ) uprising in Florida to prevent democracy in 2000 . Successful.

RESULT ? at least 2,000,000 DEATHS that are accountable that humainty is aware of.

Probabaly many more than that.

TRILLIONS stolen from the lower classes and transfered to the uber-rich.

Class warfare as perfected by the worst people in history.


2000 was stolen fair and square, just like the Panama canal


a small conservative mob financed the friecorps takeover of a labor union that was used as a vehicle to strangle post war democracy movement and establish military control of germany to effect a roll back the Bolshoi revolution of 19 17 seen as a threat by the global industrial cartels of europe .

a catholic steel magnate wrote a very explicit title

so I show a link and call bullshit on your assertion. the nazis were fueled flown and financed by the corporations of the time (including the duponts who also ownd GM ) anti labor corporations. then as same as now . just like the original Tea party corporate global cartel tea was dumped, not the kings. or the Kochs.


I checked on that statement you claim was spoken by David Brower. Turns out that a conservative politician told an author of anti-environmental screeds that Brower said that and so the author included it in a book he wrote and now conservatives across the country post it and pass it on to others as if it were true and corroborated. The problem is there is not way to knot. Brower and the politiian are both now dead. So, bottom line, the myth of the statement is being pushed forward energetically by anti-environmental groups and other conservatives in order to “prove’ liberals want to take away your right to bear children and want to force conservatives to be sterilized. This is actually what the conservatives say. Even if Brower made that statement, that does not stand as “proof” that all liberals want to follow that agenda. But the truth of the matter is not what concerns the conservative propagandists who circulate these rumors nor does it seem to bother the witless, naive pawns that do their part spread misunderstanding and animosity among humankind.


So you must not remember the recent speech by Maxine Waters where she called all republicans “Demons” and said they could all go to h—-.

She is an elected democratic member of the house not non elected author.


Do you really one to try and one up? Remember when our president was giving his address to congress and some redneck congressman disrupted the speech by calling him a liar. That is about as low as it gets. Agree or disagree with the prez there should always be some form decorum when the president is addressing congress. To the rest of the world that tea bag idiot made us all look like a bunch of low life dumb tea bag rednecks.

It’s not smart to try and show the stupid things that have been spewed back and forth, the repubs have aced the stupid remarks. Perhaps Maxine’s words were a bit harsh for someone in her position but the sentiment is how the majority of people in her district feel, she was representing the people and it was a fair assessment, but I will agree that she could have been a bit milder with her wording. That being said, one of the reasons I like her is that she’s so blunt.


That Redneck congressman was way out of line and frankly he got off too easily we all must respect the President if you do not like the man or disagree with him fine but always respect the office.

What I was getting at is the total lack of respect by everyone out there.


Sally, you are misquoting and misrepresenting what Maxine Waters really said. She named two particular Republicans as ‘demons’ and said The Tea Party could ‘go to hell.”

So, bottom line, Waters did not make the sweeping anti-Republican statements you claim.


Your use of the term Transvestite as a very bad term to describe someone shows you have no respect for the gay community.

You are a homophobic person, please stop the hating of people due to there sexual choice.


The moderator obviously does not understand “memes” and how they are directly on point in this topic, making the discussion of ‘infections” and “infection carriers” absolutely relevant to this topic.


I publicly challenge Ann Coulter to an on-line debate RIGHT HERE, on CalCoastNews, as long as we can be sure it is truly Ann Coulter at the keyboard. And if she wants to do it live, on stage, I’m up for that too, as long as the playing field is level and appearance fees, etc. are equal.



WiseGuy Theory:


Ann Coulter’s popularity among Republicans is plummeting, Fear is rising about her future book sales and speaker fees.

Thus, in order to garner massive amounts of free publicity and “sympathy” from conservatives, the Ann Coulter team has been scouting universities in order to instigate an “attack” against Coulter to be blamed on “liberals” and to garner news coverage. Cal Poly is looking ripe for this kind of despicable , underhanded publicity stunt, especially having recruited Roger Freberg who the Coulter camp expects will issue opinion pieces and monitor the blogs in order to sway opinion to sympathize with Coulter for having her “free speech” attacked by “fascists”, “socialists” and “wild eyed liberals”.

Cal Poly is one of a few campuses that are be scouted for this type of propaganda scheme, the final selection determined on a case by case basis on the day of her talks. Blogs and newspaper letter sections will be among the things monitored by Coulter’s team as it does daily analysis, aiming for an attack scenario that will generate the most lucrative publicity for Coulter.

Roger Freberg doesn’t realize that he is being played by Coulter’s team, members of which laugh and joke about the fact that Freberg is doing work for Coulter without even being paid. That’s one reason they say they love San Luis Obispo, where hardworking conservative pawns and suckers abound.


Okay boys and girls,

We’ve seen a lot of name calling, mother insulting and intelligence questioning; however, I have seen very little from my lefty friends that sounds like intellectual discourse, just character assassination. These are not ways to win a debate… it just makes your point look a little silly.

Ann Coulter will be in town for a while so I am sure we’ll see you at some of the events. That is, if you have gotten the ‘free’ tickets for one event or paid for tickets to another event. They have been given away or sold out for a long time… get over it… the events look like they are going to happen anyway. Now, I shouldn’t be telling you this… but to let you know how times have changed, rumors say there will be plains clothes folks in the audience and around the area. That’s not counting all of those , what do you call them, ‘rednecks’ you might happen to run into.

Just a few more rules, and I know how you all love rules being so conscientious, no signs will be allowed into the building and I hear backpacks may be searched. Lastly, I hear that this presentation will fall under the authority and rules of a faculty member’s class… which is far more restrictive that an open public meeting. I hear signs and such will be posted to this effect . This may all be rumor, but a word to the wise, this is not 1968.

Now, if anyone has something wonderful to stimulate our minds?


Tsk, tsk, tsk, Roger. Now YOU are threatening people! The Coulter virus is obviously spreading, even going so far as to bring up the specter of anti-civil rights violence by invoking the concept of “redneck justice.” And then you invoke, in a promotional manner, the illegal police brutality of 1968.

Roger, Roger, Roger! Do you see what you’ve become? Rumor monger is the least of it. The Coulter virus has taken hold, Roger. May God save you!


Yeah he is ‘threatening’ people by advising of the unfortunate need for extraordinary security. Wonder how much ‘threat’ Angela Davis or Bernadette Dorn would require against the campus


Keep on ’em Roger but you now know the Conservatives here are outnumbered 10:1. And (or maybe as a result) they are blind to their group-think, pathologic projection and come up with not much more than vulgarities and personal attacks.


William, so you are calling “redneck” justice and police brutality necessary to keep order at Cal Poly? Are you also heavily infected with the Coulter virus?


Answer the rhetorical question. Oh, never mind; you might have to think. Conservative speakers are routinely subject to physical threats, which their Lefty counterparts simply don’t have to worry about since they are on what is essentially home turf.

You may now respond with a sophomoric insult…


So, William, your response is to join Mr. Freberg in threatening “redneck” justice and 1968-style police brutality.

Well, you might deem the following “sophmoric”, but I truly believe in the power of memes and viral ideas, and thus I truly believe you and Mr. Freberg have been infected with a nasty strain that I have dubbed the “Coulter Virus”. The first signs are a certain type of overly defensive, smug ‘Do-it-with-a-smiley-face” meanness that eventually blossoms into plain, ugly hate and animosity masquerading as political righteousness.


Ironically this was made before Gabby Gifford’s horrible meeting with a right wing extremest. Thank God she didn’t end up like Dr. Tiller.

Cons are routinely subject to what?




We had a PRESIDENT murdered ( JFK ) then MARTIN LK, then Bobby. Al Lowenstein MURDERED ! Jimi Hendrix MURDERED ! Jim Morrison MURDERED ! Al “Blind Owl” Wilson MURDERED !

Mary Jo Kopechne, secretary for Bobby Kennedy and friend to Senator Ted Kennedy.MURDERED by CIA ops ( Google Mick Huck )

Then, Nixon and his henchmen were in charge and the murders subsided, for a time.

Political assassinations since: John Tower former senator and secretary MURDERED. John Heinz, Moderate Republican Senator from Pennsyvania. MURDERED.

Democratic Chair and Commerce Secretary Ron Brown . MURDERED.

John Kennedy Jr. MURDERED. Senator Paul Wellstone MURDERED.

Hundreds of others of lesser or unknown celebrity were also killed in many of these political assassinations.

We KNOW what you and your kind are.

You just don’t like that we know know that.


richard nixons greatest hits Mp3 of old Brussels sprouts


Tin-foil hat firmly secured..


I don’t even KNOW where a person can buy tin foil these days. All I see in the stores these days is aluminum foil–and we KNOW that ain’t gonna help.

But, William, if you seriously know of a good, local source for TIN foil, please let us know. I’ll even buy some and prove once again that I support capitalism, as a consumer, in addition to doing it through being a service provider and manufacturer.

Capitalism is not the problem, William. It’s the crooks, killers and enablers who hide behind capitalism that are at the root of so many of our nation’s troubles.

Ann Coulter, either purposely or naively, ends up being a cheerleader and rodeo clown for the troublemakers and destroyers and genocidal sociopaths and liiars and cheats, simultaneously encouraging followers and at the same time distracting the public from and diverting justice from hitting its target.

I don’t mind being the one who tells Roger and William and other cheerleaders and rodeo clowns that they are following a very poor path that will add to their own burdens as well as others, making them doubly cursed with karmic debt.

May Love reign over all.


Along with that main course of red-herring I’ll have a side of adolescent presumption..

maybe not

They say, “you are what you eat.”


“maybe not”, now THAT is funny!

Thank you!

maybe not


Glad to be of service!



maybe not=100


Maybe not, I don’t care what side you’re on in this one, that was a perfect snarky comeback.


I’m sure that you fantacize about enjoying adolescent …well certain things !

You seem the type,

Paterno much ?


Whoa, the clowns are out of your closet bud. Ever wonder how those pixies ended up your pea patch?


Pretty much served that one up fat. One style-point for their side…


You jerks will kill each other, and I will sit on the sidelines and applaud .

Racist, nativist, religionist idiots killing each other !

Doesn’t get much better than that !

Kelly Clark

Thank you Mr. Freberg for attaching your real name to your responses. It just doesn’t strike me as an exercise in free speech when we can hide behind a handle that isn’t our legal name. That is one thing that irritates me about the internet.

As for your scare tactics, ie ” rednecks” and “plain(s)(sic) clothes folk” in the audience”, that kind of weakens your position by showing that you are a little afraid of leftist activism. We leftists on the other hand have had to live in conservative Hearst country for some time now and are not afraid of “red necks” or people who wear “plain clothes”. We know them as our “Farm labor” and “County Government” brethren. Please study the history of the Wobblies in Fresno during the 30’s to appreciate from where we get our spirit.

I do like your willingness to express your opinion in the public forum.

Thanks again.


“Boys and girls” ? Such condescending, passive / aggressive language ?

I run into immature TWITS like this and just IGNORE them. Easy to do in public.

but REALLY…you imagine yourself something “special” / or somehow superior to others ? WHY ?

i do not know.

What is it that compells a weak mind to dream that it is not only BETTER , but ABSOLUTELY better than all others?

This is why, in the face of OVERWHELMING evidence, posts and everything else under the sun; that this MORON ‘Roger Freberg states categorically that NO ONE has given him ANY evidence or refutation of any sort..

This, Ladies and gentlemen, is PROOF of a CONCRETE MIND…. in essence A BLOCKHEAD !


I recall an admonission against the



and litterrers

back in 1968 .


Is this where you hopped on the WAYBACK machine , Rog ? Was it Mr. Peabody , or that EVIL Sherman that persuaded you to get inside the craft ?

We all know that you’re …well …limited, and so can’t tell con artists from honest people.

Too bad.


Well Roger, you have definitely flushed out the truly ignorant and intolerant around here. I used to think this was a site of lively, although snarky debate. But the ease with which Typo, Slow, Slander and some others resort to vulgarity demonstrates true pathologic projection. They prove with each of their infantile, insipid postings the bankruptcy of what passes for thought on the Left. They reliably resort to nasty, personal and (again) vulgar attacks on any who would dare disagree.


Excuse me William, this topic is about Ann Coulter. In case you haven’t noticed, Ann Coulter promotes vulgarity. Using your own words, Ann Coulter makes her living by resorting to “nasty, personal and vulgar attacks on any who would dare disagree.”

Again, using your own words, Ann Coulter’s bullying, taunting dialogue is frequently “infantile” and “insipid”, demonstrating “bankruptcy” of thought.

It’s just my opinion, but I consider Ann Coulter vile and genocidal and a firm enemy of all those who cherish peace and love and a truly united nation. She divides so she can conquer and keep pulling in those horrendously, scandalously large checks from suckers, political pawns, and those who wish to bully and degrade.

Ann Coulter, naturally, reaps what she sows. May God bless her and help her see the terrible errors of her despicable, disgusting, hate-mongering, violence promoting, anti-loving, discompassionate, selfish ways.


Actually, WiseGuy, the behavior you so admitted abhor is the behavior you so clearly exhibit.

You throw out epithets as though they are ‘proof’ of the charges you make.What is more divisive that someone who plans to interrupt or assault a speaker? No matter how you disguise yourself, it seems to me that you are someone on the edge.

Be brave wiseguy… who are you?


I’m your best friend, Roger. When you wake up you’ll thank me.

I’m brave enough as it is, Roger. I’m content on that point. No need for me to align myself with you or any loud mouth, rich, household name celebrities to feel good about myself or try to impress people, let alone politically minded but naive students.

And then there’s that famous line about the meek inheriting the Earth. So, either way you look at it, I’m good. Thanks.


By the way Roger, who, exactly , according to your accusation, “plans to interrupt or assault a speaker”?

It’s my theory that YOU, likely without even being aware of it, have been recruited by the Coulter team to assist in a strategic attack against Coulter, instigated by Coulter herself as a publicity stunt.

The fact that i have issued this pre-emptive analysis may sway the team from launching the scheme at Cal Poly, but you never know…

You, Roger, may also have inadvertantly messed up the teams plan by publicly threatening people with “redneck” justice and 1968-style police brutality. Then again, that may be part of the plan as well.

In any case, Cal Poly is sure to end up with a black eye one way or another, a victim of desperate, extremist conservatism and the naive youth of the young Republicans at Cal Poly that have allowed themselves to be suckered by those older and more conniving.


Innoculation through the (transparently false) charge of pre-emptive ‘false-flag’ attacks. But then, how does one disprove a negative? Such a conundrum.

I’d like to see any of these brave intellectual giants go toe-to-toe with Anne Coulter. Not having the protection of their handles, the applicable term is ‘evisceration.’ But, no danger of this; our intrepid crew of Leftist heavyweights will likely protest by not showing or, more likely, identifying themselves.


i dared the vibrator queen to a debate , and the COWARD ran away !


I’ll debate Ann Coulter any day, any time, any where, as long as i provided the same speaker fee as she gets and transportation and accomodations are provided. I’m 100% serious.

If she wants to debate on-line, let’s get it on right now or whenever. I’m right here. You know where you can find me.

So,William, what do you say to that? I think it is the Ann Coulter team that is “afraid.’ I’ll debate in a heartbeat as long as the playing field is level. You make that happen, and I’m there. And I will provide YOU a front row seat.

I’m dead serious.

But to save everyone a lot of hassle, let’s get Ann Coulter on the most level playing field I know: RIGHT HERE!


A fairly safe ‘acceptance.’ You are a nobody for whom most won’t walk across the street to hear speak. She is ‘the draw.’ Of course you are serious; you’re not in her league you know it.

I, here and now, publicly challenge Eric Clapton to a dual of ‘chopping heads’ at PAC. I will, of course, expect the commensurate accommodations and fees afforded Mr. Clapton…


I called your bluff, William. If you think I’m bluffing, call me on it. Get me a contract with Ann’s signature and if all looks fair and equitable, I’ll sign it.

Ann Coulter isn’t in any “League” William. She’s human like you or I, and I happen to be far more wise than her. i don’t NEED to prove that to anyone, least of all you. But if you are so desirous, and truly hope to prove me wrong, the ball is in your court, William.

By the way, William, this is not “Rock N. Roll”. This is political and social discourse and philosophy to be presented in an academic setting. Save your rock n roll analogies for when they are appropriate. In this case, you are talking “apples and oranges.”

My challenge still stands. And it goes for Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hanity and Karl Rove, as well.

As for you, William, I’ve already demonstrated, free of charge, who can best who between you and me. What more needs to be said?


Boy, you post here and, yet, you are so ‘all that.’ Get your own contracts; if you can even get your calls returned. I’ll attend…


By the way William, Eric Clapton does not use his talent and drive to spread animosity, misery and disunity among humankind. Quite the contrary.

There is plenty of good reason to challenge Ann Coulter and disdrobe her lies and selfishness and delusion. I certainly wouldn’t say that about Eric Clapton. I see absolutely no point in you challenging Eric Clapton about anything.

Ann Coulter is a whole ‘nother story.


Also, William, as far as Ann Coulter being in a different “league” than me, well, if i had tens of thousands of fools and suckers and dysfunctional political freaks sending me money and lusting after my bones, then would I be in the same league?

The only problem is that I DON’T WANT TO BE IN THE SAME “LEAGUE” AS COULTER. And I certainly wouldn’t sell out my soul to do so.

If you get us a stage together, I’ll go. But I am also content to debate Coulter, Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Karl Rove and Dick Cheney right here, where words can be pondered and their wisdom fully considered.

I consider this a level playing field and it won’t cost Coulter or her team a cent to step on to it. Well, actually, it might cost her some credibility when her political rants are carefully and fully dissected and bared to the public.


Yeah, it figures that a simple metaphor would escape you and result in yet more red-herring for dinner with a heaping side of self-referencing…


Well, William, there is one of your problems. I’m talking “allegory” and you’re talking “metaphor.” Either way, you comparing Ann Coulter to Eric Clapton is a HUGE stretch to say the least. I maintain that your “comparison” is absurd, perhaps simple, yes, but a ridiculous stretch that does more to confuse the situation than explain it. I point that out because that is typical of so much of the rhetoric spewed mindlessly by “conservatives.”


Comments equating people to infections off topic attacks deleted. ????


@wiseguy, on Hardball today Bill Maher stole your virus label but he called it the republican virus as opposed to the Coulter virus. Sorry mod, just repeating what I heard today, not calling anyone anything.


Thanks Typo. I’ll send Bill an invoice and expect residuals too!


I challenge you to ccp one vulgar post by any of us. My gosh, man up, can’t you even take a bit of joking around. You are like the spoiled kid at the party stomping his feet because he didn’t get his way. You have no good retorts, you aren’t able to debate your side of an issue in an honest and mature fashion and your sensitive feelings get hurt with a bit of tough talk. If you were running against the four clowns on the GOP ticket you would have ran off the stage in tears with your thin skin. Just admit it, you can’t win a debate.


I will spend only this much time, and you are not worthy of that: the filthy ‘google santorum’/Coulter sex-fantasy post pretty-much tells the story.

btw, Fascism and Naziism are at the far Left on the political spectrum. The far Right is Anarchy…


That was a link, it wasn’t posted here. You’re not worthy of us,,,you are so nasty, there’s no need for that but I guess if that’s all you’ve got then I get it. That’s what people like you do when you don’t have any real substance to add to a discussion.

Fascism is wanting to force the govt. to stick probes up a woman’s vagina for no medical reason or necessity at all. Fascism is having committees without any women to decide what medical care women are entitled to receive. Fascists take us to wars under a pretense comprised of propaganda/lies. Anarchy is when thousands of people take over property around the country to force the right wing fascists to listen to them and to say that we’re not going to take your cr@p anymore. I’m not going sink to your level by calling you people Nazis, that’s just a low for people that have no valid argument. Your ‘Nazi’ card and AA Coulter are vulgar, much more that the link that offended your self richeous @$$.


Got your panties in a bunch see. Def. some nasty-a$$ people around here. You win; I have officially descended to your level…


Not to worry, you ‘def’ didn’t get my panties in a bunch. I really couldn’t care less. There isn’t a poster here that could really make me mad, I’m just stating my opinion but not angry.


Typoqueen, I’ve really tried to avoid your rants as I feel more sorry for you than disgust.

It is always sad to see people justify their bad behavior because they got drunk, stoned or because they are liberal.

Work harder, I do want to hear something … intelligent.


Three possibilities here : “btw, Fascism and Naziism are at the far Left on the political spectrum. The far Right is Anarchy…”

#1:You really believe such made-up horse hockey, and repeat such patent lies from the usual Reich-wing BS merchants ( Limbaugh, Beck, Faux Noise, et al ).

#2: You don’t believe it, but spread this disinformation anyway because you like to stir up trouble.

#3: You’re a parody , an act, a charade …that highlights the stereotypical insane views of the far right.

A resort to “Godwin’s Law” is more often #3 . I had one friend that was so good at it that he infiltrated dozens of RW websites , would post endless mind junk along the lines of flat earthism and green cheese moons, but phrased it in incredibly plausible ways; and then waited to see what brain dead wingers would run with it.

But since Obama was elected president, the latent racists have had their synapses snap and they can’t think rationally anymore. They say and repeat the most outrageous nonsense it is much harder to tell the real crazies from the put-ons.


aaah, I was wondering when someone would drop the race card. How does this have anything to do with race?

In any event, I think that you should try to put together one good post that might convince folks that you really have something to say… rather than repeat the same old stuff….

I really do want to read some good rebuttals… but I haven’t yet.


” How does this have anything to do with race?”.

Well, it doesn’t. It has to do with how people think and how they respond to gadflies.

Coulter practically dissappeared when she went after 911 wives, calling them witches and worse. Then, Obama becomes president and the Teabaggers began their freak show. That re-animated this skeletal zombie.

I KNOW what Coulters real motivations are. It is to gin up controversy and sell her ‘books’ and reap these speaking fees. It is NOT to persuade anyone of anything , or to convince people to change their opinions.

She’s like some mental vampire that feeds off of the raw prejudices and fears of others .

Just why this misogynistic telebimbo appeals to the psycho-sexual fantasies of aging white dudes is not hard to figure out.


BTW : When you were wondering when someone would “drop the race card”, did you go back and read your opening salvo ?

Quote, Roger Freberg:, Second paragraph :

” A “flyer war” has erupted with officially approved Ann Coulter flyers being ripped down and replaced with very angry and profane alternatives that look like racist literature to me”.

Do you even read your own baloney ? I wonder.


So let me see If i get this, you’re saying that The National Socialist German Worker’s Party is a conservative concept? Wow, they certainly picked an odd name, now didn’t they?


the nazis were notorious murderers and thieves who used a deception that is still working.


I got one for ya !

Conservative American Rational Logical Scientists party ,

or C.A.R.L.S. for short.


William, your statement about fascism is misleading. Your understanding of “the political spectrum” is misguided, and terribly simplistic to the point of uselessness, expect for deceptive propaganda purposes, of which you seem to be as much a victim as anyone. For instance, you are presupposing the “spectrum” to be one-dimentional, narrow and linear with points of predetermined termination. This is wrong-headed and misguided, naive and simplistic. For determining truth and working for positive change, it is useless and when used as you do, it is dangerous.


William, they don’t have a choice, and this the peril of not possessing a cogent response. Words like denier and hater are common in leftist blather, and for a good reason. Void of an answer, it’s their only option. Well, almost their only option, they still have rioting, destroying property, bombing, crapping on police cars, and spitting on returning soldiers.


Now wait a minute, I’ll own the rioting, the destroying property but bombing? I know a few abortions clinics have been bombed, we know those were righties. Crapping on police cars? I haven’t seen that one. Spitting on returning soldiers,,you’re just whacked. I remember the soldier fighting in Afghanistan that was booed when asking a question from Afghanistan via internet at a GOP presidential debate. We don’t spit on soldiers and we certainly don’t boo them.

Cogent response, denier, hater, all leftist blather. Your pal William likes to use Nazi for his name calling but oh my I hope we don’t hurt your feelings by calling you a ‘hater’,,don’t cry, yes I called you a hater, how despicable.


I hardly find it despicable, void of a cognitive response, you don’t have a choice. I don’t hate you at all, and I’d point to my support of mental health to prove that point.


The “spitting on returning soldiers” of the Vietnam era is a myth. During that long war, there was not ONE single valid news report EVER of a returning U.S. solider being spit upon. Show me one and I’ll send you $20.


the soldiers who really were spit on and worse were the Vietnam Veterans Against The War at a vet gathering in Miami Fl. 1969-70 IIRC.

losers usually blame someone for stabbing them in the back Die Götterdämmerung


Zap, that’s interesting–Conservatives doing the spitting on soldiers— perhaps true, but even that does not qualify for the $20, because the anecdote does not come from a news report at the time, but from memoir written years later.

As far as I know, scholars have been not able to find ANY verifiable reports from that era of returning Vietnam soldiers being spit upon by war protestors, despite all the conservatives years later claiming it not only happened, but happened frequently. Now, with your help, we are learning that if it really did happen it was conservatives and/or Republicans doing the spitting, which may account for all the effort to create a misleading myth that claims it was liberals doing the spitting.


I grew up during the Vietnam war and had a close family member that served in Vietnam. The returning soldiers were never spit on, that wasn’t how the anti war movement operated. Jane Fond was one fo the most radical of them all, as much she did some dumb things she never spit on anyone. I’m sure that everyone remembers the videos of demonstrators putting flowers in the national guards riffles, they didn’t spit at soldiers. The right just has a tendency to change history when it’s convenient for them.


“Yes, I am a Vietnam veteran who was spat upon — literally and figuratively. By hippies? I don’t know. In the airport? Yes. San Francisco International Airport on October 11, 1971 at 3:15 p.m., and yes, I was still in uniform. To be exact, it was the same uniform that I wore during the last Fire Support Mission I was involved in, just 36 hours before landing in San Francisco Airport. No, I didn’t have mud, dirt, or gunpowder on my uniform. A very kind Vietnamese woman at the Transit Company washed and ironed it for me so that I could come home to the country I love looking nice. This was one hell of a lot more than I received upon arrival.

If I were the only one to be spat upon, the score would be : not spat upon, 1,999,999, spat upon, 1. Of course, I know this score to be wrong. Literally because I saw others spat upon, and figuratively because to spit on one Vietnam veteran is to spit on them all.

The person who spat on me was wearing a shirt that said ‘Welcome Home Baby-Killer.’ …

About that image of a burly Green Beret walking through the airport and being spat upon by a war protester — let’s also remember that most war protestors or hippies or whatever name you want to attach to them were also becoming very aware of their rights as U.S. citizens, and they knew that if this burly Green Beret did nothing they (protesters) had won, and if the burly Green Beret retaliated, they (protesters) still won. How could they lose?”

Robert E. McClelland; Massillon, Ohio, pp. 41-43

Bob Greene, “Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam”, 1989



MaxFusion, whether you were really “spat upon” the rest of us can not be sure. Memories play strange tricks on people, especially those who may be suffering any degree of battle fatigue or PTSD. There is also an incentive, that can act subconsciously, inspiring people to “remember” being spat upon in order to gain sympathy or as a trangible, even if false, way of expressing the very real fact that people did express nnimosity toward Vietnam soldiers.

But the fact is there remains no public proof of returning Vietnam vets being spit upon. There are no known media reports, either on radio, TV, newspapers or magazines of that era that corroborate the “spat upon” story/myth.

However, if YOU do have some proof, please make it public. it would be considered a major historical revelation at this point.

If you were truly spat upon, I’m sorry. At least you didn’t have one of your babies killed, like so many others did because of that war. But one way or another, if you served in that war, you were a victim, certainly. I’m glad you made it back alive.


San Francisco,,,,, Letterman Army hospital. Isn’t that where they sent the psychiatric cases when the came back from the war. Well, I already know the answer, yes it was. So perhaps you were suffering from PTSD,,as a matter of fact perhaps you still are, so maybe that explains why you get so many things wrong. Sorry, I respect that you went there, I know it was horrible but in all due respect I have to call a BS alert. Perhaps it’s a case of if you say it enough that you actually believe it.

How about a picture or video? If tens many thousands of troops were spit on then there must be a ton of news footage.


I also call. BS.

NOW, in 1968 at a campaign rally for Democratic Candidate for president, Hubert Humphrey , it was the RIGHT WING punks…the John Bircher kids , that spat on people.

My Grandfather, a retired State Cop ( a real tough nut ) went to break up the fracas AND WAS STABBED by one of these reactionary creeps. He almost bled to death.

Thankfully, he survived. I learned from him just WHY intelligent , patriotic, AMERICANS have to constantly and UNWAVERINGLY oppose fascists and fascism !


Welcome aboard Max. You will find that 1) You’re outnumbered, although the Leftists’ arguments tend to be predictable, repetitive and false. And when you prove something like this they will invariably resort to self-referenced denial (“Well I don’t believe it…”) and/or further slander (mental capacity) upon the quotee.


@William, Maxie has been around here for a long time, you two should become good pals.


Well, well, true to form and right on schedule.

WG doesn’t even recognize this as a quote, thinks you’re talking about yourself and then assumes you were probably suffering PTSD or something.

Typo self-references ‘BS’ and notes Lettermen was being used for psych. You’ve got pretzels for brains making that twistMom. And Slander starts jabbering on with his morally equivalent red-herrings.

Leftists are aggressively obtuse and sound like gobbling turkeys when they rush to defend their cognitive dissonances.


“I am a retired Catholic chaplain who served the Air Force community for twenty years. I had two tours in Vietnam (Phan Rang and Bien Hoa). I left Bien Hoa on November 18, 1968, flew military contract aircraft to Philadelphia, and then on to New York for two weeks’ leave.

While I was leaving the JFK airport to catch a bus to the city, a lady (around 43 years old) told me that ‘I napalm babies’ and she spit on me. I didn’t take her for a ‘hippie’ though.

Needless to say she ruined my two weeks’ leave.”

Father Guy Morgan; Fort Collins, Colorado, p. 44

Bob Greene, “Homecoming: When The Soldiers Returned From Vietnam”, 1989


Max, what you are quoting from appears to be revisionist (false) history. Notice that book was published years after the Vietnam war ended.

So far there have been NO news reports from THAT ERA that document any “spitting upon” returning soldiers by war protestors.


It’s posted, now pay up, and by the way there are many more complete with names, dates, and locations. For a hundred bucks I’ll provide you with a link. That’s a $120 you owe me.


I don’t owe you anything Maxfusion. My bet requires you show us a news report published at the time of the war, documenting soliders being spat upon. People lying about it years later don’t count. It is exactly BECAUSE of the revisionist lies that I made the challenge. So far you have failed it.

Show me a newspaper clipping, magazine article or video showing returning Vietnam vets being spit on by American war protestors. Historians and scholars the world over have not been able to come up with anything that could be counted as proof of returning Vietnam Veterans being spit upon.


WG,yrprptl,slf-rfrncngdp-sh!tmchn;ymkWSlk dgnfdndmtr…


We are very interested in your thoughts and opinons about our articles

not so much interested in your opinion of other members, sorry.


If thousands of people spit on the soldiers there would be some filmed documentation of it. I grew up on military bases during the Vietnam war, a close family member was shot but thankfully came home alive. We used to hear about said spitting but no one actually ever saw it happen. I remember when we were stationed at March Air Force Base there was a rumor that the soldiers were being spit on at the entrance gate by the protesters. I lived right by that gate, it never happened. The protesters were really peaceful and respectful.


I was in school in the Bay Area at this time and being part of the ‘anti-war’ movement was what we did for fun; although done with a serious face to prove our dedication. Children of privilege protected from the draft by virtue of being ‘students’ being used by the Left for their purposes and sanctimoniously passing adolescent judgement upon all of Amerikkkan society. It was sooo easy to be sooo superior.

I never witnessed the spitting that Max apparently has proven; you did hear stories. What was absolutely true was the contempt and disdain these soldiers experienced. It was in the air, in the media, at the parties. Returning soldiers did NOT wear uniforms for very long and it was no surprise to see how far many of them fell for having been betrayed by their government and then being, at least, figuratively spat-upon.

You Leftests are so clueless but we should be grateful that the country did learn. Despite opinions on our wars, the soldiers are being given their due.


OK, so Max and William have apparently never seen returning Vietnam Vets being spat upon. And we have NO news reports from era that document soldiers being spat upon. Years later we get people concocting all kinds of dramatic, novelistic scenes depicting soldiers being spat upon, but NO evidence that it ever really happened. But Max and William wish to continue telling us it did happen, even though there is NO evidence of it, just a few questionable anecdotes written years later by bitter, accusatory men who may or may not be liars.


Uh, oh. Typo hasn’t seen the one about ‘crapping on police cars.’ Must not be true. Or she could google, “OWS, crapping on a police car….”


BFD, so someone snapped a picture of a homeless guy pooing. But in this day and age of you baggers not wanting any laws I would imagine that you wouldn’t have a problem with this though:youtube


No, you wouldn’t understand isolating the waste-stream and treating fellow citizens with the respect we teach a two-year old being potty-trained.

This would have to be spelled-out for you. I suppose your kids just cr@p anywhere they want in your house…


“Help maintain a healthy, respectful discussion by focusing comments on the

issues, topics, and facts at hand—not at other members of the site.”. ????


Hello boys and girls,

Take a deep breath and let go of your hate. It is sadly amusing to me that those who profess that we have lost a collegial society are the very ones who will try to shout others down, assault a speaker or ban a particular speech and certain speakers on campus.

BTW, even Cal Poly is not viewed by anyone as a beacon of tolerance, but a national symbol of leftist ideology and intellectual suppression run amok. You may not know this because when Cal Poly makes national news in an infamous way, the Tribune never covers it, or did you already know that? Here’s but one story:

However, history has taught other lessons and some of you need reminding:

“Where they burn books, they will in the end also burn people!” A quote from Heinrich Heine’s play, Almansor (1821), the meaning of the phrase is that anti-intellectualism and more importantly, censorship will eventually lead to state mass murder and genocide. (From Wikipedia)

So, who made Ann Coulter you might ask? Ann Coulter – IMHO — was forged by all those on the whacked out left who have pushed their agenda ruthlessly without caring whose lives they destroy. If she is a ‘devil’ or ‘avenging angel’, she is one of the left’s making.

Just another reminder, times are changing, work on your tolerance as the pendulum swings unpredictably.


Oh no you don’t ! You opened up this can of worms here on CCN….not without thought of the stink it would stir.

As I predicted, it would not be long before someone started crying ‘victim’.The contortions and faux indignation are just so emblematic of intellectual dishonesty so well practiced that one might say it has been perfected by this broomstick dominatrix. Apparently, it is also contagious.

The hate and venom you decry are exactly what any sane person would expect.

You want something genuine? Invite any number of solid conservative intellectuals; like David Frum, Mark Murphy, or Steve Schmidt; instead of this carnival geek in a skinny blkack dress.


well… you seem like a rather abusive individual… are all of your tubes tied, I hope?


Another symptom of the Coulter virus having infected Roger.


rogerfreberg , You are the quintesential BULLSHIT artist.

You are the local “Boy that cries WOLF ” , that NO ONE should ever believe under ANY circumstance !

Journalistic excellence ?

I say journalistic FRAUD !



Don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.


TQ We are on the same side, but don’t fall prey to the FRAUDS .

This is no joke, they would like to make tnis a comedy.

Our enemies are KILLER FASCISTS . MAKE NO MISTAKE and do not be fooled.

They will KILL you and myself with no regret, ever,



I was just kidding. I agree with you. trust me, I will never fall prey to fascism. I will aways fight it just as I’m teaching my children to fight it. It’s sad that they don’t even know that their leaders are fascists so in turn they are also fascists. Roger is the perfect example of this. As I’ve stated, I don’t read his posts or his commentaries, if you read one then you’ve read them all.


I’m checking the yellow pages for a mental health facility and will post their number later. In the interim take a deep breath and put a cold cloth on your forehead to help with the eye flutter.


Max, your sarcasm is rude, irrelevant, mean and suggests desperation. Bullying with childish retorts does not engender respect for your opinions.

You should review the guidelines for posting on this forum.


Wow, such an articulate individual ( gender not implied).

Some of your positions seem difficult if not impossible… try them yourself and let me know how it goes.


Roger, I know you by reputation as an honest, civic-minded businessman. The attacks by these children are unwarranted, and I am surprised to read Typo’s reference to her children. Does she really teach them this kind of discourse? Do these gnats who so casually brand you and conservatives as ‘fascists’ really think they are taken seriously? For starts, they don’t know their history–Nazis are Socialists–and I’ll leave it at that because I have wasted enough time responding to their drivel.

Thanks for allowing these cretins to expose themselves.


William, please clarity, because your posting above is confusing: Should we be calling Freberg and Coulter “fascists” or “Nazis”?

And perhaps I will offer you a history lesson: Mussolini was a fascist and Hitler a Nazi. They ended up as partners.

As far as Mr. Freberg having a reputation as “an honest, civic-minded businessman”, I don’t know if that is true or not. But the fact is, as he freely admits in the notes under his opinion piece, nowadays he is “retired” and seems to be going in a different direction with his life. I don’t consider most of Mr. Freberg’s opinions to be “civic minded.” Rather, they seem selfish and divisive, things we have an overabundance of in our community. I also don’t find his comments intellectually “honest”.

Also, you need’t call those who disagree with you “cretins”. That term is not accurate and using it in this context could easily be considered, in your own words “unwarranted” and “drivel”.


Now, what does this have to do with Ann Coulter again?


Easy Answer: EVERYTHING. There’s an infection going around, and you and William have caught it. Coulter is a prime carrier of the disease. The antidote is love. Unfortunately the hosts of the virus tend to reject the antidote.


William, if you can take your nose out of Rogers –bleep– for just a minute, I just wanted to tell you that I’m very proud of my kids. They care about this planet and they care about other people,,a concept hard for you and the rest of the fascists to understand. They are being raised to be civic minded and to get involved to change this bought and paid for govt. without getting rid of all govt. like the baggers/fascist want and to be independent thinkers. But those are concepts beyond your understanding. That you seem find my comment about teaching my kids to stand up against fascism so offensive speaks volumes about you. I guess if you have kids then this would mean that you would teach them to stand up to support fascism. Very sad indeed, lets just hope that you don’t have kids.

On a lighter note, when I read this part of your posts, “Roger, I know you by reputation as an honest,,,,”, I was able to get my first big laugh of the day so I thank you for that.



You may now put your nose firmly back in there.


Typoqueen you should be a little careful as I hear she is married to a conservative man who doesn’t tolerate much of this left leaning drivel … Does he know what you do on your lunch hour? Do you show him your glib and eloquent rantings? Not that I care.


Roger, look at yourself! Look at what you are devolving into! You are once again threatening people with violence-tinged innuendo. Wake up, please. You can be a better man than this.


No he can’t because he isn’t.


Roger, come on! Now, as a pre-emptive defense, you are blaming “the left” for Coulter’s disgusting behavior and the virus of animosity she spreads throughout the world? Roger, look at yourself! The Coulter disease has take a firm hold of you. Prayer and repentance may be your only hope for a cure, at this point. May God give you that grace!


Excellent source for many examples of AC’s nuttiness and so-far-right beliefs that there really is no adequate word that defines them.

Warning: some adult content. The ANNagrams are very funny.


I can’t help but laugh at some of these comments. People saying that she just gives the other side and people like her are just giving a different opinion. It doesn’t matter what side you are on, Left, Middle, or Right, it’s ok to call someone out for being a crazy person. It’s ok to not have to listen to EVERYONE’S opinions, because, Frankly some people are downright nutty—->ANNE! Yes it is important to get both sides of a story, but Anne is dangerous, she sounds psychotic.


Sociopathic tendencies may be a more precise diagnosis. I have little doubt that if Ann Coulter were given total power, she would instigate some form of genocide. Same with Ayn Rand. They both, in their own sick way, promote genocide.