Teen files claim of rape against officer

March 21, 2012

Alberto Covarrubias Jr

The teenager who allegedly had a sexual relationship with Santa Maria police Officer Alberto Covarrubias Jr. has filed a claim against the city that alleges department officials knew about the illicit relationship as far back as New Year’s Eve. [KCOY]

The claim, which describes the teen as “Jane Doe,” also says that even though the department knew about the relationship, officials allowed Covarrubias to drive the 17-year-old  Police Explorer Scout around in his patrol car until the time of his death.

On Jan. 29, Covarrubias resisted arrest and was shot and killed by best friend, officer Matt Kline. Police had discovered the 29-year-old suspect knew he was going to be arrested for sexual misconduct with a child and intimidation of a witness, police said.

“The fact that the criminal defendant is no longer with us, doesn’t change the culpability of the city”, said Woodland Hills-based attorney Terry Goldberg who filed the government claim on behalf of Jane Doe to KCOY.

In the filing, the attorney claims sexual harassment, sexual battery, false imprisonment, witness intimidation and rape during the month of January.

The teen is also seeking compensation for emotional damages including loss of reputation since Jane Doe was the only female Police Explorer Scout at the time which Goldberg says subjected her to ridicule, contempt and hatred forcing her to leave school, KCOY said.

“Anybody who has suffered the indignation of sexual molestation has severe and significant psychiatric trauma”, Goldberg told KCOY, “many times it’s diagnosed as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and requires months and sometimes years of psychotherapy.”


Too bad the girl or her parents “allowed” her to ride around with the officer. Why would she go with him and expect the city to disallow it?


I agree she must be tramatized, but is the City really culpable? Go after his estate instead.Time will tell. Greedy lawyers and gullible juries do amazing things.


I agree Cindy it’s a huge mess! I hope the facts DO come out. Karen and Dan? Please look into this?


Hummm, I guess I’ll have to wait for the facts to come out on this one. Its hard to say if the woman child is looking to cash in on her consensual relationship with an exciting older guy in a uniform or if he really is guilty of what she accuses him of. The fact that she was 17 rather than 18 (original charges) is a far cry from the wrong doing that she is currently alleging. Rape (????????) would that be, as in, statutory rape or forcible rape? These are some nasty allegations and he isn’t here to answer to them, what a mess.


It is about the money, come on. This is a one sided case, no witness anymore to defend or deflect the deep pocket City.


Yes, I know but the fact that he wound up dead as a direct result of his reaction after being called to answer for his improprieties with this young “hotty” would most likely traumatize the daylights out of a person her age, it would even traumatize me. I suspect that she can’t help but feel a bit guilty even though the death of her lover/mentor was entirely (100%) brought about by his own actions and not hers. The guilt alone would lead to depression which would lead to counseling which would lead to someone coming up with the idea to sue which would lead to stronger allegations and eventually the sky is the limit as the cork on limitations is pulled out in the quest for FREE MONEY.. Somewhere in here, I believe she has got to be damaged, BUT ……………………………


Consensual statutory rape then, forcible rape now



“The teen is also seeking compensation for emotional damages” I guess she was black mailing him. It once again does seem all about the money, one thing for sure he should of called in sick that day and never should have drawn his gun, he knew he couldn’t win, what i WANT TO KNOW IS HOW COME HE COULDN’T HIT ANYTHING WITH SEVEN SHOTS?


Santa Maria seems to be wasting a lot of there own cops these days!