Scolari’s to close California stores

April 13, 2012

Scolari’s Markets announced Thursday they plan to close all four Central Coast locations in the next 60 days.

On Thursday after lunch, managers informed employees at the San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Pismo Beach and Santa Barbara stores that the supermarket chain was shutting down its California supermarkets to focus on the 14 stores it has in Northern Nevada.

Estimates are that between 150 to 200 people will lose their jobs.

Joe Scolari sold three of the supermarket chain’s four locations to NKT Commercial, which is owned by Nick Tompkins. The Scolari family had been renting the Pismo Beach location.

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I worked for Joe Scolari back in the ’70s, he was a grocer, through and through. He knew how to treat his employees, he knew how to get the customers in the door and how they should be treated once they came in; his sons, not so much. Joey and Jerry Scolari somehow seemed to think that they were “better” than a grocer, they thought of themselves as “businessmen”, but could not seem to grasp the fundamentals of running a grocery store. In late ’79 or early 1980, Joe Scolari sold his stores to Lucky Stores Inc., and he made sure that his employees were not treated badly by the new company. After the expiration of the “no compete” clause of that sale, Joe came back to San Luis County and started up again. It was when his sons took over the day to day operation that the whole operation started its slow steady decline. It is very sad for the current employees as they just had a new contract settled between their union and Scolari’s Markets; hopefully either Von’s will pick up most of their stores in our area, or maybe even Lucky Stores that is now operating in Northern California will venture back down to our area again. Good luck to the employees.

Hopefully Trader Joe’s will move (yet again) into this spot – it’s a bit big for them, but if they can get it on the cheap, then that’s a decent spot for the niche market.

Completely disappointed with Fresh & Easy, off-topic…


Fear not. Somebody else will step up and take their place and do it better. Life goes on.

I’m surprised it took this long. My wife and I would go in every once in awhile to buy something that was on sale in their ad. We would look around at other stuff and some was almost twice the price as other places like Vons on regular priced items. Was well laid out and nice store but not worth the prices they charged.

This is a shame, but Scolari’s never seemed to keep up with a wide selection of food items. Good luck to all the displaced employees.