Pismo Beach attorney sentenced to probation

May 22, 2012

William Peter Terhune

The Pismo Beach attorney who plead no contest to charges he embezzled more than a quarter-million dollars from a deceased client’s estate was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to pay restitution on Monday.

Judge Barry LaBarbera credited William Peter Terhune, 57, with 213 days for time served in the San Luis Obispo County Jail.

Terhune transferred nearly $275,000 from the estate of former Los Osos resident Junko S. Hensling to his private business account. The estate’s beneficiary resides in Japan and had yet to receive any payments when Terhune was arrested last summer.

In July 2011, the State Bar seized Terhune’s law practice and has since disbarred him.

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Let’s hope this is the beginning of a streak of justice. we are still waiting for our justice and patiently I might add. Any word on Attorney Grigger Jones’ partner’s Kelly Gearhart or Jay Miller?


with most high class crooks, don’t hold your breath in hopes for justice

The Hebrew-Christian God’s Law is clear: the criminal is held accountable and is responsible to pay for his crime. THIS MEANS NO PRISON TIME, but if he has nothing, he is to be sold to the family that lost their money through him! Then, he is to work and earn, in money or kind, that which is required for the reparation of what he stole, damaged or destroyed! (Exodus 22: 3-6)

Furthermore; the punishment is to fit the crime. The more serious the crime, the more severe the punishment (Deuteronomy 19:15-21).

Our nation has to get back to godly principles to survive! This will get rid of attorneys, prisons, judges, county jails, plea bargaining, and the rest of the Satanic entities that Satan loves to place upon us!

Our Hebrew-Christian God made it simple for us in the beginning, and we went all “secular” on Him! It has to stop NOW!