Arnold was not Maldonado’s special guest

July 2, 2012

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Republican Congressional candidate Abel Maldonado was enticing supporters to attend a Friday fundraiser in Pismo Beach with the promise of a “special guest,” prompting his Democratic opponent, incumbent Rep. Lois Capps, to report the surprise guest was likely former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. [SanFranciscoChronicle]

On Friday afternoon, Capps’ campaign sent out an email asking, “Why is Maldonado keeping this person secret just like his tax returns? If we had to guess it must be his biggest fan.”

Maldonado’s campaign jabbed back at its mistaken opponent.

“Whether it’s with our constituents health care plans or in this case, a district event, it seems that Lois Capps has a habit of taking ‘big gambles’ and losing,” a Maldonado campaign spokesman told the Chronicle. “The special guest at tonight’s event is an fact an immigrant, but he’s not from Austria, he’s from Lebanon – it’s Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian.

“It might be a better use of her time if Congresswoman Capps spent less time worrying about who’s supporting Abel Maldonado and more time reading bills before passing them, rather than passing them so the American people can find out what’s in them.”

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Well, if you like Lois and she wins this will probably be her last term as she preps her daughter, Laura Burton Capps (most women use their married last and not as a “middle” name)… Anyway, she has been gaining lots of experience running campaigns (Clinton, Kerry, etc,(and in communications with a focus on what else, the enviroment. OMG, don’t these damn politicians know when to quit and just go away. Look at that 82 year old crooked, deceitful, lying Rangel, he’s in shock because his hispanic voters are questioning his win. Let’s hope they can throw that man back to one of his slumlord apartments.

Come Nov. I hope against all hope that when I go to fill in the bubbles on the absentee ballet that it is just like the tests in school and has a box marked none of the above!!! They both suck!!!!

You realize you do have a choice, right ! You can choose not to vote. You can choose not to vote for this office.

You still have time to move somewhere medeival to vote for a teabagger.

Good Luck !

Another subject not be dicussed at the dinner table.

I find this funny. Lois Capps uses a phrase that is then taken out of context.

Moldy-Nachos actually makes a huge, personal, big gamble by mis-representing deductions on his tax returns to the tune of $470,000. The IRS calls this ‘tax evasion fraud’ , and can be penalised by jail time up to three years, fines up to $100,00 , or both.

That’s a pretty ‘big gamble’ to me !

At least Lois Capps can read

True, but it’s too bad she can’t speak, debate, answer questions without a script, or even comprehend what her voting instructions from the Democrats mean to the future of this country.

Yet she does her job well and keeps kicking the butts of her Republican opponents. Maybe its because these days voters prefer honesty and integrity over acting and debating skills. After 12 years as the legendary “nicest” member of Congress, Lois Capps’ power and influence continues to rise as she does the Central Coast proud.

I guess you think that showing up and voting the Democratic ticket as instructed by Nancy Pelosi is a job well done.

Lois has no power or influence in Congress, even after 12 years. She is 72 years old, and

is still too timid to be effective even if she knew what was going on in the House.

Maldonado is all we’ve got. Republicans are still angry that he cooperated with Democrats, crossed the isle so to speak. Get over it and vote Maldonado.

Capps will go along with all the socialist Agenda 21 programs lined up by the Democrats to be passed if Obama wins the Presidential election. Stop whining, Republicans and Independents, and vote for someone who is still awake and willing to stand up for the best interests of the country. This is no time for the Miss Goody Two Shoes, Alzheimer candidate.

What do you have against Nancy Pelosi? Like Lois Capps, Pelosi knows how to win elections and keep sleazy, cheating Republicans out of office.

Lois Capps is courageous and wise. The shit she has to take from the right wing extremists is remarkable. But she handles it well. She’s been a great representative. She gets the job done time after time, despite all the cruel and sick attacks by her envious opponents.

Oh, what hogswallop !

Lois Capps was right there at the side of President Obama at the signing of the Lillie Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.. She was also integral in pulling some blue-dog Democrats to vote for the Affordable Care Act…what is known as Obamacare .

Sadly, some of those that did put their offices on the line lost to lying Teabag Republicans that don’t give a damn about the truth and never will.

Lois Capps has done a yeoman’s job…and she takes care of her constituents ( Not like that Republican doorknob, Kevin McCarthy ).

Abel Maldonado is a crook that will be in prison before he ever has a chance to get to Washington !

Baldwin County, Alabama: With the enthusiastic support of hundreds of citizens in attendance, the county commissioners voted to scrap the previously approved plan for land development. [They said it was a UN-inspired document designed to deny property rights. Alabama is the first state to outlaw funding of UN Agenda 21 policies.] Posted 2012 Sep 25

Agenda 21 Tyranny of Bike Lanes!

what is Pi in Alabama?

Alabama leads the way backwards to oblivion I would think twice before adopting social political trends from that state they rank in the bottom for everything.

The UN fosters democracy world wide carrying the real torch of freedom after defeating Germany’s global cartels .HARRY S. TRUMAN

True…but remember: she’s so “nice” and “kind” and “friendly”. Those are the adjectives most often used to describe grandmotherly Lois.”Smart” and “competent” do not apply.

Oh, BTW I’m NOT an Abel supporter, either. He’s a RINO & I’m voting Libertarian. Don’t care if it’s a throwaway vote; both Lois AND Abel need to get out of politics and let some fresh blood take over.