22,400 marijuana plants seized near Nacimiento Lake

August 24, 2012

Federal and San Luis Obispo County law enforcement officers raided three marijuana grows with a total of 22,400 plants west of Nacimiento Lake in the Lime Mountain area on Thursday.

No arrests have been made and the pot has been destroyed.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit along with agents from the Department of Justice and the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting completed a three-week investigation of the marijuana cultivation operation.

At the grow sites, investigators also found several large campsites, 10 five-gallon propane tanks, many containers of pesticides and fertilizer, 9mm ammunition and two empty gun holsters.


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Our tax money couldn’t be better spent than fighting a risky drug that brings nearly certain death to all of it’s users. Well maybe not death, but certainly a long nap.

The Economics of the Drug War | Mark Thornton


Welcome to the POLICE STATE:

The US has the highest prison population in the world, in both absolute numbers and percentages. [This is due to the aggressive role played by the federal government in what used to be (and should be) local law enforcement – and also because of the so-called “war on drugs,” which imprisons hundreds of thousands of people for merely smoking pot.] YouTube 2012 Aug 21


I hate pot – it dulls your mind. Alcohol is the drug of choice. You can still function the next day. You aren’t constantly living in a fog.

I hate CAMP too. It’s a weekend warrior boyscout camp for rambo’s – who love to go after the bad guy. Shut the borders down and get rid of the Mexican nationals waltzing into our California. They crap all over the forest while growing bud.

Just because you hate pot ddoesn’t mean its bad. I can remember the old days when I drank. As I remember morning after was hell. Ever called into work with a hangover? Good reason to stop drinking. Booze makes me sick and brings out the anger in me. Not good. You must be drinking something other than booze mixed in. Like a good imagination.

If you are dull the next day from smoking pot you are probably smoking bad pot or just too much. Pot is dulling my pain and that’s it. Does help me to relax though. Booze makes me crazy enough to choose off a great big guy that’s tougher than a raging bull. Hurts. One of the many reasons I quit 29 years ago. Don’t do much fighting now just hide when I hear a loud voice. Safer. Pride is out the window now at this age. 68. I even get scared when my wife gives me that look that you women are famous for.

Ask a cop what he would prefer you do. Smoke pot or drink? Which causes the most pain in the streets, auto accidents and etc.?

God Bless

Reread this story for another perspective.

Federal and San Luis Obispo County law enforcement officers raided three moonshine distilleries with a total of 22,400 gallons of whiskey present west of Nacimiento Lake in the Lime Mountain area on Thursday.

No arrests have been made and the whiskey has been destroyed.

The San Luis Obispo County Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco and Firearms Unit, along with agents from the Department of Justice and the Campaign Against Illegal Whiskey Production, completed a three-week investigation of the distilleries operation.

At the distillery sites, investigators also found several large campsites, 10 five-gallon pressure cookers, many containers of sugar and bags of yeast, and two passed out distillery workers


Many people die from alcohol use, overdoses, health-related costs, being addictive, increased risk of injury, and it leads to aggressive and violent behavior. Can the same absolute claims be made about marijuana? NOT!

We have been encouraged to believe that marijuana is bad, while alcohol is tolerated and is worse for any society. There is too much money to be made in not legalizing pot. The legalization of alcohol compared to not legalizing marijuana should be turned around.

The irony is that if you’re caught with more than 1 ounce of pot it in your car, but yet you have a pint of unopened Jim Beam laying next to it, you can get a $500.00 fine and imprisonment for six months for having too much pot. The 1/2 pint of whiskey is just fine. Go figure.

Take a drive to San Jose or Santa Barbara… the beautiful rolling hills of California have been replaced with endless fields of wine grapes. I’m not sure who decided it’s a good thing to have a weekly wine festival somewhere in the county while not allowing a dispensary anywhere in the county. SLO county celebrates its “wine tasters” while actively creating obstacles for people who use cannabis for any reason. I’ve given up trying to figure this out.

So I wonder, how many people were killed or cases not solved while killing the medicine that is vitally needed for seniors? Figures…………why didn’t they ask us first? Thanks again, making the prices go up is what you are all about. Pot is better grown in the back yard or in a closet I guess.

Later when you need the pot, especially if you have cancer or radiation treatment that makes you sick and you can’t eat call the people that control the ‘Campaign Against Marijuana Planting’. Maybe they have a little left over from their last raid.

God Bless

Spirit Filled, you are absolutely SPOT ON about this.

No doubt, these crops belonged to some UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL not approved by the CIA and banksters.

The show must go on.

I’m for medical marijuana but when drug cartels set up shop on the Central Coast, something has to be done. There were guns found at the site. Why? Because these gang thugs will guard their growing operation and take out any intruders with a bullet. It’s all about the $$$ for them; they could care less about medicine “that is vitally needed for seniors.”

Legalize it, regulate it, tax it, whatever… but don’t grow it by Lake Naci on land that isn’t even yours.

The reason that there were guns at the grow site is simple: because of our backward laws that make growing marijuana against the law. If it was legal to grow, there wouldn’t be any need for any grower to “protect” their crop. Changing the federal classification is what is truly needed before any progress can be made in changing the attitude of most US citizens; once the classification is changed from a “Schedule 1” controlled substance to a lesser status, scientists and researchers can really show the world exactly how beneficial marijuana can be to a great number of people. Once it can be grown legally, grow sites like this will no longer be such an event; sure, there will still be those who will want to circumvent the law, but those who truly have a vested interest in all of the benefits mj can offer can grow out in the open, the nasty problems of too much pesticides and herbicides used by illegal growers can be dramatically reduced. Then there is the very lucrative field of growing hemp for its oil that can be made into plastic products as well as converted into a biofuel, along with the fibers being able to be used for clothing and paper production. Way too much good stuff available to be extracted from a simple reclassification to not pursue the ideal of legalizing marijuana, and I haven’t even mentioned having “product” available for those who just want to get “high”.

aman Bob

Who ARE the drug cartels? That these folks are “thugs” is very likely, but what makes you think that the CIA and the banksters are any better, or any less of a threat? I don’t get it.

There’s plenty of info out there. All you have to do is let it in.

Legalize drugs now.

who are the drug cartels?

all honorable men” 1950

The Mexican Drug Cartels



Jun 29, 2012 – New, horrific footage shows members of a Mexican drug cartel … 55,000 people have died due to drug-related violence in Mexico since 2006.

there were “guns found at the sight”

There were no guns found at the site, only ammo and empty holsters. I dare you to live in the mountains for 3 weeks without any firearms to protect you from animals. And how do we know these are Mexican drug cartel? It’s easier to hate the “mythical” bad man when in reality he could be your neighbor.

Don’t legalize it… this means more taxes and regulations. Just de-criminalize. The government has enough food on it’s plate- too much if you ask me.

“Why didn’t they ask us first?” Probably because “we” were all doped up. What is your problem? Grow your own or visit one of the marijuana doctors.

These illegal pot grows by criminals from another country have to be eliminated. They dump left over fertilizers and pesticides into creeks and rivers. They start forest fires , and are ready to shoot hikers. These are people with an average fifth grade education; they haven’t had any environmental training.

I can think of no reason that we need more illiterate gang related criminals here in this county.

“I can think of no reason that we need more illiterate gang related criminals here in this county.” So, let’s legalize marijuana, problem solved, right?

Sorry Citizen but MJ doctors don’t provide the product, they just merely make you legal to buy.

the medicine.

I’m very concerned about your comments. I would grow pot but I only have one leg. It is hell getting down those rows without a leg above the knee. I have to pull it behind me.

My wheelchair is broken. Flat tire. Oh well I still have my medicine. Might try it Citizen. Has a very nice calming effect. Good for my bad heart.

And by the way I never get doped up, as you call it. Or maybe you were refering to yourself when you said “we”.


How do you even know the Illegal alienns had something to do with this? Maybe the grows pay better to crop workers than our farmers pay them. Get a grip!

I say you are assuming again. You have three fingers back at you. You are accusing fine innocent people of pissing in your fields and streams. Could be your neighbors tending the grow or even grandparents. Or high school seniors. People just trying to get a step up in this economy. I’d do it if I had two legs to stand on.

I think if you liked pot personally or it helped you in some way medically your attitude would be different.

I pray you never have to use it to take pain away. Blessings to you


I’ve never heard of ‘Campaign Against Marijuana Planting’ but evidently this organization has been around since 1983.


I wonder what the cost of the investigation over a 3 week period by 3 government agencies is that resulted in NO ARRESTS.

Excellent question.

Seeing the “price tag’s” on this and other operations would be very helpful from a taxpayers point of view.

Especially the time and cost involved in actually counting the marajuana plants to determine an absolutel number of 22,400! How do we as taxpayers know it wasn’t 21,393 plants?

We’re to assume it was “guesstimating” , nonetheless, how absurd. A “large number of plants” would have been sufficiant and less demeaning.

When the helicopters come over spotting for pot, the growers run. That’s why they seldom catch these people. If we keep wiping them out, however, they’ll stop growing here and move on.

That is the same exact argument the police used in the prohibition of alcohol period. Didn’t work then, won’t work now. This seems to be a lesson that just won’t sink in. What’s that definition of crazy?

Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different outcome.

Every year legalization gets closer and closer, it’s just a matter of time.