Myers murder suspect was sodomized

August 8, 2012

Cody Miller

One of the men awaiting trial for the brutal murder of 15-year-old Dystiny Myers said another defendant raped him before the murder, sources told CalCoastNews.

Following the torture murder of Myers, Cody Miller, 20, of Fresno was digging a grave to place the body when his former cohorts turned on him and began beating him in the face with a shovel. Miller escaped and was taken to a local hospital where he received facial surgery, had his jaw wired shut and was treated for his burns.

Ty Hill, 28, had driven to Fresno to bring Miller back to learn more about breaking and entering while Miller wanted to get information on the drug trade, sources said.

Prior to the murder, while Hill’s girlfriend Rhonda Wisto was gone from her home in Nipomo, Hill allegedly sodomized Miller, something frowned upon even in the drug culture.

In Sept. 2010 firefighters found Myer’s badly burned body of in a shallow grave near Santa Margarita. She was discovered hogtied with her legs bound behind her, a glove stuffed in her mouth, sweat pants tied around her throat and her hands duck taped across her chest.

Prosecutors said they plan to seek the death penalty for Hill, if he is convicted. [Tribune]

Jason Greenwell, 20, of Nipomo confessed and has agreed to testify against Wisto, Hill, Miller and Wisto’s son Frank York, 19. Their trial is set for Jan. 28.



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Oh no, Cody Miller was raped by his cohorts! Cody was allegedly the one that stuffed a glove down Destiny Myers throat to suffocate her, dug her grave, and watched the entire proceedings unfold. So, what is this stories information suppose to do? Are we to feel sorry for Mr. Miller in some way? Is he going to bring charges against his rapist? Or what?

What is this story good for, other than for many of us to wish that subsequent to Miller being raped, that his rapist should have shoved the shovel he was using to beat him with, up his @ss along with his beating!

I know, I know, it’s still hard for me to accept that these killers and accomplices have admitted to their involvement in this abhorrid act, and yet we still will spend millions of taxpayers money in defense of them.

Where in the good ol’ bible days, the Hebrew-Christian God meted out His killing judgment, either through Himself, or ordered His chosen people to do it in His name, in a timely manner with no time consuming trials or expense.

We need to get back to the strict Judeo-Christian principles when it comes to the killing of criminals that are blatantly and outright guilty, especially if they admit to their crimes!

As just one of many examples of our God’s quick judgment, our God commanded that anyone that committed adultery should be put to death immediately (Leviticus 20:10). Therefore, if we followed our God’s example, the killers in this case should have been killed months ago! Doesn’t our bible set an example for us to follow? Sure it does!

May she rest in peace.

Thank God they caught the bastards before they killed others.


Spirit Filled,

You’re thanking the Christian God in that they were caught? This presupposes that God allowed the police to catch them, get it? Therefore, within the same vein, God could have prevented this murder in the first place altogether by stepping in and doing so! If this had happened, then you could have said, “thank God our God prevented this murder”. Understand?

The Christian should think and be very careful when positing the ” thanking of our God” scenario on many different occasions, because it can backfire on them. When doing so, this is where they get that deer in the headlight look. :(

Brother Ted .while your inerrant logic is biblically correct and on the ‘straight and narrow’; there is one possible contingency that would mitigate your reasonings.

Since our Judeo-Christian God is omniscient and omnipotent, he allowed the brutal torture murder of Dystiny Myers because of the foreknowledge of the terrible crimes she would have committed in the future …if permitted to continue. Sort of a “Minority Report” scenario.

Really, the only conclusion that makes sense.

The ways of our God are indeed sometimes mysterious, but we of faith should know not to be tempted to question His final judgments.

Hallelujah !

Brother Slowerfaster,

You may have a point there. Since our God is omniscient (1 John 3:20) your conclusion certainly deserves merit. But, that open’s up a can of worms in the fact that our God knew beforehand that Wade Michael Page was going to kill the Sikh Temple inhabitants and didn’t do anything about it.

Oh, I get it, the people that our God allowed to be killed by Wade Michael Page were going to do more drastic things in the future, therefore, they needed to be stopped now so our God allowed them to be killed! Ahh, I see where you’re going with this type of godly thinking!

Praise Jesus for such godly and rational thought!

Praise back atcha, Brother Ted !

See, those of less enlightened understanding will scratch their heads, hit ‘Dislike’, then run to their Bible or texting their fellow prayer circlers and amen cousins.

Our Biblically legitamized and authorised logic defies their preconceived and satan inspired belief systems…

Until they discover that our facts are irrefutable ! SHALAM !

Every supposed tragedy and disaster has been pre-ordained by GOD !

Why do bad things happen to good people ?

Because they are really not good …or not good enough !

God knows ! Why do these self appointed ‘Christians’ question His ultimate wisdom ?

You would think they would learn something sometime !

Again Ted….When you see the bummer sticker on the car in front of you that says, “What would Jesus do?”…say to yourself….HE’D WALK!!!!!!

You are mistaken.

Jesus would pick up an AK-47 and shoot all of the anti-Christian fascists around him, and send these sinners off to HELL !

Just like he grabbed the broom in the Temple and scaterred the money changers !


Another great example of five ‘outstanding’ citizens that got caught. Drugs, robbery, and finally murder. And now they are starting to ‘rat’ on each other to try to save their own skin, even stating that one did a ‘Sandusky” on him.

But the worse part of all is that a girl lost her life (admittedly not without some fault of her own), and now these 5 “outstanding” persons? will be given everything and every chance to get off. It has already taken about 2 years (at least another 6 months) – no trial. At what expense? Trial is expected to involve at least 2, maybe 3, juries (to ensure these defendents get all of the judicical benefits our system dictates). Again, at what expense? Trial, or trials, will take several weeks. Even if one or more is found guilty, appeals, appeals, and more appeals will take place. And all this time, the somewhat complacent, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of this state are paying huge sums of money for this. This is justice? None of these will get what they so calmly did to Miss Myers. And that is the real crime.

Well once he’s convicted, the sodomy is probably just starting for Miller.

That would be fine, except the state will have to pay for his Preparation H.

Lets get this straight. We know that Wisto was present during the beating of Dystiny and was present right up until Dystiny was carried off to be murdered. So this would mean that sometime earlier in the day, the murderer himself (Cody Miller) had been raped (sodomized) by Hill. So now Miller is trying to claim that Hill caused/forced him to inflict the cruel injuries upon Dynsitny when he was alone with her in the back of the truck.

Well if Miller was under some sort of duress, then why didn’t he get out of the truck and go to the police when they were at the gas station. There were two Officers that would have loved to have known what was going on. But, no, Miller beat Dystiny and held her down out of site.

Cody Miller, I think you liked it, I read the transcripts and I think you are “one of” the sickest sadists I’ve ever heard of. You will go away and be locked in a cage for the rest of your natural life just like a zoo animal except no one will come to see you except maybe your mother.

Oppps , sight not site ;)

The dude’s karma is in arrears.

Your dogma is in reverse.