Search starts for new CSU chief

September 11, 2012

Charles B. Reed

Eight trustees of the California State University system are interviewing candidates for chancellor over the next two days. (Sacramento Bee, CalState)

The new boss of the 23-campus system — one of which is Cal Poly — may be among those now being interviewed by the committee. Charles B. Reed announced in May that he would retire from the position after 14 years at the helm of America’s largest public four-year university system.

Officials said the selection could come in a month.

Reed, 70, receives an annual salary of $421,500 and a $30,000-a-year supplement from the university foundation.

Members of the selection committee have been hearing from union representatives, teachers, politicians and others about issues considered important:  job criteria, salary, term limits.

“There’s no question that this is a crucial role in the scheme of things in California,” trustee William Hauck, chairman of the selection committee, said in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Other trustees appointed to the committee are Roberta Achtenberg, faculty trustee Bernadette Cheyne, Debra Farar, Kenneth Fong, Steven Glazer, student trustee Jillian Ruddell, and board chairman A. Robert Linscheid.

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Does anyone wonder why Mr. Reed has a smile from ear-to ear? He is one happy dude – $450,000 a year for doing what? And you can bet your bottom dollar on 2 things: 1. Mr. Reed will get at least 80% of this salary for the rest of his lilfe (at least $360,000) and 2. His successor will get more – no one has been hired in the CSU system without recieving a substantial increase over his (or her) predecessor.

Even the President doesn’t get this much.

This says so much about what is wrong with our education system in this country that it would take me all night to put down. It is an absolute shame and disgrace that the public college system in CA (and problably every other state) has these kind of positions at these kind of salariers, while students have to take out

enormous student loans to pay higher and higher tuition, CSU cries and cries about not getting their greedy hands on more of the taxpayers’ dollars, and for what?

I totally agree that this position and many others could be done away with and no one can show any proof that there would be on iota of difference. Get higher education out of the business of making some very, very rich and get back into the business of really educating the students at a reasonable cost.

Vote NO on the state tax increase – send Sacramento and CSU a message that trimming unnecessay and

extravagnat costs must be done before we, the taxpayers, are going to give them more money.

And give up their monopoly privileges?

Not a chance!

They like things the way they are and only a virtual revolution could wrest those privileges from them!

They will not do what you recommend.

Get rid of them or get in some one different who will cut costs like no other.

And let us not forget that the taxpayers have been feeding and paying for private vehicles for the “important” people at The Chancellors office to the tune of $700,000.000 that has been uncovered so far.

This money would fund classes but instead we (the people) have no recourse to stop this behavior. The issue just seems to go away.

The Chancellor’s office — I have heard — costs as much as any individual campus. So WHY do we need them in the electronic age??

Here is a simple cost savings free of charge.

WE don’t need them but they need us to believe that they serve some monumentally important function. But if you eliminated the chancellor’s office along with the board of trustees all of the schools would probably do better by having less red tape

If you privatized them, that would be even better?

Why tinker at the margins when you can solve the problem once and for all?

Because poorer people need school.

No doubt, they do.

But it seems that a hell of a lot of them are getting shut out of the system as it currently is.

And look at these high-priced paper pushers like this guy. In fact, the CSU system is full of them. What do they do all day long? If you could see a few of the internal memos of how the CSU system is run, all the unnecessary departments, committees, “task forces,” and such rot, it would make you vomit.

The way that they are run is WAY too complicated!

That doesn’t say much about this “public university” system, does it?

Are they servicing “the poor” very well? Hardly!

The free market can do anything better than government can.

I say give community colleges the ability to give out bachelor’s degree. They are still reasonable.

And I am not sure if private colleges would make it affordable for kids. I cant think of any cheap private colleges.

Why not have some CSUs and UCs branch out and make a whole new system.

Or merge CSUs and UCs into one system and shut down money sucking colleges. It was considered to shut down CSU Channel Islands and East Bay before.