What are the people of Paso Robles going to do?

September 15, 2012

Gary Nemeth


The citizens of Paso Robles are the employers, the council are our employees, and it is all right to like them as individuals, but when they continue to prove they are not up to the job of leadership, it is time to replace them.

The majority of the employers have asked that the city manager be removed, instead we are told what a great job he has done, and he deserves a raise in pay and benefits. Did we forget the ex-chief incident with both the city manager and city attorney recommending an investigator they knew?

Investigation completed, report provided and council briefed. Ex-chief retires and is awarded $20,000 in pay that she earned, the council is told the city is not at fault in any way, and gifts her $230,000.00 from public funds. Why?

Now they want us to vote and pass an increase in taxes. No guarantee on how the money will be spent.

Are you tired of the three amigos as you see them on the 1st street on ramp, apparently not listening to anyone except the City Manager? Don’t let the pundits, who at best stretch the truth, hide their names, frighten you from improving Paso, you hold the power.

Gary Nemeth retired from the San Luis Obispo Police department following a 30-year law enforcement career. Nemeth sat on the Paso Robles City Council from 2000 through 2008.


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GaryN —— Your statement that “write in” candidates have a small chance of success because the main street media will only cover the ones they want to win”. Then, why bother about being a “write in ” candidate since it’s a moot endeavor on your behalf of having any significance.

viamagnolia1 —– Don’t yippee too soon Sally. Do you know this person Jerry Jones of Paso Robles?

Why didn’t he want to be a “write in” candidate for mayor against Mayor Picanco who is unopposed.

We have two (2) candidates running for City council, Mr.Reed and Mr.Martin. Is this late comer Mr. Jones a “shill” supporting the City of Paso Robles? Hence, this could take away votes from Mr. Reed and Mr. Martin and possibly benefitting Mr.Strong and Mr. Gilman on getting votes. What say you?

I know him very well. He is my neighbor, a forty four year resident of Paso Robles, and has common sense. I assure you he is not a “shill”. He has watched this city change and not for the better. The spending makes him crazy.

Both Jim Reed and Jerry Jones were at my house on Sunday for a “Meet and Greet”. In addition, we all spoke at the Kwaina club on Tuesday.

We can vote for two councilmen in November. I am voting Jim Reed and writing in Jerry Jones!

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

I will be writting in my name Gary A. Nemeth in the line that is under the incumbent for mayor of Paso. I was told that more would run for office and I wanted to give them that opportunity. I do believe Clint Eastwood had it correct when he said that “The people have the real power, not the politians”. Write in canditates have a small chance of success because the main street media will only cover the ones they want to win. They are privately owned and are not required to tell you both sides of the story. I sent my letters to the editors to each, but only CCN would print them. Google Gary A. Nemeth and read what I believe in.

I would do my best to remove App, both City Attorneys. I would review the personnel rules and regulations, vacation policies. You need to expand the economic base so not just have tourism, but no more increased taxes, higher fees, more regulatory codes or costly consultants. We will reduce burdens on local businesses and building / development fees for the housing market to recover. Paso Robles desperately needs an Economic Development manager to bring businesses to our community.

Economic Development works to provide jobs for the city’s tax and revenue base — relieving higher taxes and increased fees

Council held a Saturday meeting and spoke about the sales tax. At the meeting Picanco said he spoke to many citizens and he was told they did not trust the council, will not vote for a tax that goes to the general fund. Gillman spoke up and said he had heard the same things. The council voted “5-0” to move forward with a SPECIAL TAX that went to fix the Roads and Police/Fire. When it went to the public it was a sales ax that goes to the GENERAL FUND, with a ccommittee making recommendations on how to spend the money. App and council can spend it any way they want, the citizens had it right NOT to trust the council.

The $230,000 they GIFTED to the ex-chief, that they won’t talk about. The city was told they were NOT at fault in any way for any problem the ex-chief had. Yet they hide behind this wall of secrets and will not tell why they gave away $230,000 of our tax dollars.

Do not believe the bloggers or pundents who hide behind the fake names and make up stories and half truths. Google all the candidates and find out what they have written and where they stand. Ask them where were they last Saturday when the SLO County Republicans held their annual BBQ at atascadero Lake? Atascadero Council was there, Katcho, Jim Reed, Able, a lot of people, but not one Paso Councilman.

Gary A. Nemeth


Not only do we have Jim Reed running for City Council. We have Jerry Jones 44 year old resident of Paso Robles filing papers today to be the write in Canidate for City Council.


Two people have stepped up and said with their actions “Paso Robles needs Change”

Congrats to these residents. You both have my vote and THANK YOU.

The following may be a little off the subject raised by Mr. Nemeth, but it is directly applicable to the issue of how this city is managed:

At the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 18, it is being proposed that the City of Paso Robles adopt a resolution committing almost $2,000,000 of our cities finances to fix a 3 block section of 21st Street (from Riverside to Spring). This $2M in city funds will come from the General Fund, the Sewer Fund, the Water Fund, Gas Tax Refund from State, and Traffic Impact Fees. Please read Item #12 of the agenda for tomorrow night CC meeting.

While there is no doubt 21st street is in extremely bad condition, my concern is if this is where so much of this cities funds should be dedicated – given the severe financial condition this city is in (according to the council). This city needs a water treatment plant, yet $80K of this fund is to be used for 21st street; our sewar system is in terrible shape, yet $380K of this fund is to be used for 21st street; our General Fund is suffering (ie. this city needs the 1/2% added sales tax), yet $218K of the General Fund is to be used for 21st street; $490K from the ‘newfound’ Gas tax refund from State, and $400K from traffic impact fees.

Only about $995K of total expense is expected to come from Grant Money. The rest is from our money.

So I ask again, given the terrible condition of many miles of streets in this city and given our antiquated water and sewar systems, etc. is spending so much of our limited resourses to re-make 21st Street into a world class avenue the wisest and most financial prudent decision that will have the most impact on the majority of this cities citizens?

If you read this, do some background checking, and have questions about this issue, then please attend

the CC meeting and voice your concern. Does this city really have $2,000,000 to spend on one 3-block section of one street? Without having severe impact on other vital infrastructure concerns?