Newspaper publishes phony anti-Lois Capps letter

October 23, 2012

Lois Capps

The Santa Maria Times, on Saturday, posted a phony letter to the editor slamming Congresswoman Lois Capps’ performance and claiming a Democratic Club had refused to endorse the democratic candidate for the 23rd District.

“As a Democratic Club we should be endorsing all Democratic candidates, but her performance as our representative in Congress has been so extremely bad for so long, we can no longer support her,” the letter to the editor says. “However, we do not endorse her opponent because we are Democrats.”

The letter states it was written by John Castillo of Santa Maria, president of the North Santa Barbara County Democratic Club.

However, there is no registered North Santa Barbara County Democratic Club and the only John Castillo in Santa Maria is a Republican who told the Times he did not write the anti-Capps letter, the Times said.

Following publication of the letter, the editors at the Times discovered no one had contacted the letter writer and today posted a story explaining their mistake.

“The error is particularly bad because this “Democratic Club president” was highly critical of a Democratic candidate, Lois Capps,” the Times’ editorial staff said. “Certainly, that should have raised enough red flags that any number of people here should have said, “Wait a minute. Has someone checked this?” Several people assumed that someone else had, and we all know the old saying about what happens when we assume. Not a good thing.”


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Both these candidates have proven themselves disgraceful. If you need to lower your personal dignity to the point these two have, then you don’t have the characteristics of a leader, you are a loser.

The real news is some Zionist group is pumping out TV ads stating Capps spoke out against Israel’s butchering 1500 Palestinians during their latest criminal attack. They didn’t endorse UnAble, just a scolding for, I don’t know, stating the obvious.THAT”S not brought up anywhere in the media.

A peek into the future.

Wake up, a little research will put in all in perspective. It’s the Zionist, Stupid.

This election is one of great frustration for me. We are in a lose/lose situation. Going to be voting for the lesser of two evils, but I am ready for an honest candidate who truly cares about the area they represent- and not their wallet.

It’s ALMOST enough to want to move out of California… but what better place is there for a stubborn conservative like me?

When you vote, ask yourself – How many times did Abel Maldonado do something for Your community when he was in the State office? How many time did he visit Your community to see what was going on?

Lois Capps has visited this area many, many times and knows what is happening in each area of her district. Abel loves to make appearances with businesses, but where was he when Los Osos was struggling with the sewer and he was our so called rep? Hobnobbing with Arnie.

He says he is a ‘job maker’, but what jobs did he create outside of his own family business? And where was he in his ‘family’ business when the workers had to sue that same business to get their wages?

Nipomo is close to his home town and I’ll bet that if you asked him about the water problem there, he would say “What water problem?”

Did Maldonado (or his rep) write this letter? Wouldn’t put it past him..,……………..

My recent comment in response to this article was apparently yanked from the site by the moderator. I don’t know why. My comment was pointed but not rude. I’ve emailed the moderator to ask for an explanation. I hope I receive a response. I think it unfair to yank a reader’s comment without giving that reader a reason. Sad.

Welcome to the club.

Theo, If it’s true that such a club exists, that fact is a sad one. Anyone who is appointed a moderator of comments on a website should know the difference between an inflammatory comment and a pointed but clearly explained comment. My comment was not inflammatory. Of course, I recognize the fact that CalCoastNews owns the right to yank any comment it wants to yank. Still, pulling a comment without giving the commenter a reason for doing so does nothing to help readers understand the so-called guidelines, and does everything to convince this reader that this publication uses its power to swing its own slant on issues. Articulate commenters can sometimes present more of a challenge to moderators than can those who state their opinions in a more blunt manner. And I have still received no answer from the moderator who yanked my comment. That is poor behavior. Read this one fast before it too is yanked.

I can’t imagine what you wrote that would get you cut while they let that “Ted Slanders ” babble on ad nauseam

Is that you, Moderator? Are you the person who voted “Dislike” to the above comment? My original comment — the one that was yanked — was an explanation of the reason I will never vote for her. Black-Copter-Pilot tells us that in his opinion Ms. Capps has given plenty of reasons not to vote for her. I respect his right to say so. You left Pilot’s comment intact, as is proper. Another commenter suggests by way of a question that a possibility exists that Lois herself had a hand in the letter this article mentions. Again, I respect that commenter’s right to make that insinuation, whether or not I agree with it. You left his comment intact, as is proper. So again I ask you to explain why my comment was yanked. Please.

haha! oops!

I owe you, Karen, an apology. I hope you will accept this public acknowledgement that *I* made a mistake, not CalCoastNews. I am embarrassed, but such is the price of my error. As well, I apologize to all readers who suffered by way of my blunder.

Sadly Anthony by being truly contrite you have lost any chance to become a candidate for any elected office as a true politician can only point fingers and blame everyone but themselves.

Went back to the previous article, and looked for Your comment….. it was there , and very well stated. Considered it well worth a read…. Sorry You missed it, I’m not voting for Capps… but…. Abel is My only other choice. The lesser of two evils ?

Maybe Pedro Garcia wrote it? Several months ago there was an issue with this in Cambria. Someone using the superintendents fax # (hmmmm wonder who??) faxed a letter to the Cambrian in praise of the superintendent. It was signed Pedro Garcia…no Pedro could be found and the superintendent denied it. It got published in the Cambrian. There was an “investigation” but Pedro is still elusive. Maybe he is a Maldonado fan??

I don’t need a phony reason to not vote for Capps, she has provided us with plenty of legitimate reasons over the years

Any chance Ms. Capps had a hand on this trying to stir things up and attempt to shine a bad light on her opponent? Is her race a lot closer than she had hoped it would be?

Dude, that’s quite a “grasping at straws” you’re trying to pull off. You sound like another conservative projecting. If the person who sent this in is ever discovered, I’ll wager that they definitely DO NOT have a “D” after their name.

Well, since anyone can actually do this, for whatever reason, I think everyone should calm down and not point the finger. It could someone playing a joke and pitting everyone against everyone. Slow down, this is sad politics, but then this whole campaign reason has been.