Online poker effort fails

October 29, 2012

Infighting between diverse factions of an online poker advocates group has resulted in dissolution of the two-year lobbying effort mounted by the California Online Poker Association. [Sacramento Bee]

The group has spent nearly $2 million in its heretofore failed quest to legalize online gaming.

“The decision was based upon insufficient progress within the Legislature toward the passage of the online poker bill,” Ryan Hightower, the group’s spokesman, said in a statement.

Disputes among the group’s members increased following disagreements over profit distribution.

The association consisted of two large tribes with casinos, Morongo and San Manuel, and several smaller tribes and card rooms. It was one of the state’s most prolific spenders on lobbying during the first half of 2012, dwarfing spending by companies like Chevron and groups like the California Teachers Association.

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Most likely, the reason they do not legalize it is because it would threaten somebody’s monopoly privileges.

More likely because it would bring unnecessary regulations that increase cost, just as it would if we “Legalize Pot.”

But they do that now that has chased countless businesses out of the state, and allowed them to create needless agencies and boards that they pad with family and friends earning bloated double dipping salaries. Why so picky with those unnecessary regulations?

Why doesn’t California just legalize gambling, that should solve all the money problems, right? just like “Legalize Pot” groups say…..