Rainbow over Bishop Peak

October 22, 2012

A rare rainbow, one without rain clouds or rain, was visible Monday morning over Bishop Peak in San Luis Obispo.

Photo by Kevin Rice



  1. Ted Slanders says:

    Ahhh, I can almost see Jesus walking down that rainbow with His 2nd coming. Praise!

    Yes, I know, we’ve been waiting for over 2000 years for this event, but what’s another thousand to us believers of this promised event? He must really be busy up there in heaven. :(

  2. womanwhohasbeenthere says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for doing this.

    Is this the same Kevin Rice running for SLO city council? Whatever, this photographer obviously ppreciates the beauty here, and many thanks to CCN for putting this up. Love it!

  3. r0y says:

    Nice shot, Kevin!

    I love Autumn lighting – especially around here in our beautiful area. Thank you for sharing!

    • r0y says:

      …forgot to add, if people want to see the “unsquished” version, just RIGHT-CLICK and SAVE IMAGE AS and you’ll get the “unsquished” version, which is slightly wider than CCN’s constrained one here on this page.

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