Write in Gary Nemeth for Mayor of Paso Robles

October 23, 2012

Gary Nemeth


Write in Gary Nemeth for Mayor of Paso Robles. Since the forum by CPRN2012 we have received many calls from citizens stating they have not read or heard anything about me being a write in candidate.

I qualified on October 10 and every local news organization was sent the information to inform the public. CalCoastNews did so and we are still waiting for the rest to catch up.

If you reside in Paso Robles and have already sent in your ballot and now that you have new information to consider that will assist your decision to change and write in Gary Nemeth for mayor, contact Julie Rodewald, SLO County Clerk-Recorder, 805-781-5080.

It is not too late to make changes as I discussed at the forum. We need the guarantee on the sales tax to go to roads and hiring of employees, not to the general fund with no guarantee on how it will be spent.

I trust and believe in the citizens of Paso Robles that they will make the right decisions about the future and they know that this is the right time for change. Call friends, email, face book, spread the word: Gary Nemeth for mayor.

Gary Nemeth is a retired police officer and former Paso Robles city councilman.


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Did the Rotary Forum held on 10-18-12 invite all candidates to participate?

Gary, as I have mentioned before – too little, too late. I listened to you at at the CPRN2012 forum and you came across as a very angry person. I totally agree that Paso Robles needs a change in city manager and attorney. If this city is ever going to get back to a city that serves its citizens first – then this is mandatory.

The start of this healing process must be by electing new city council members in November. Write in Jerry Jones and vote for Jim Reed – get Strong and Gilman out.

Gary did not come across as an angry man. He came across as a knowledgeable, articulate candidate who is genuinely interested in Paso Robles and its residents. Vote Gary Nemeth.

If you walked away and thought I was angry you left with the wrong impression. What you and the audiance heard was the truth being told in a straigt forward manner. I was very clear that we needed the incumbants removed and i would work to build a consus to replace Manger App and not renew Attorney Yangs contract. I said I would look at our finances in an emergency and stop the stipend for council to include benefits. Those do not make me angry, just prudent.

Pasocitizen, I listened to Gary at the CPRN2012 Forum. I have a background in politics, and I was impressed.

***He has the most to offer Paso Robles.

***He is not an incumbent.

***He was on the City Council of Paso Robles in the past, but not for many years; therefore, he is not entrenched in maintaining the screwed-up status quo.

***He has a good grasp on the problems of the city, acknowledges that it has been poor city council leadership that has resulted in many of the problems, and has good ideas on how to fix them.

***Very important: Because of his history on the council, it will not take him as long to get up to speed on the current policies and programs of Paso Robles.

The problem with voting in a non-incumbent–even when it is better than leaving the seated council members in office–is that you have someone who is usually woefully unprepared to deal with the problems a city with as many problems as Paso Robles has. It will take a “newbie” council member a long time to get up to speed on just the REAL current status of a city. In addition, just the procedures involved in a being a city council member take awhile to learn.

The amount of information with which they have to become fluent is enormous. The sitting council members, in many cases, were council members when huge plans and programs were developed and accepted by the city council, so they are familiar with it.

Just becoming familiar with the 2010 Urban Water Management Plan Update and the Groundwater Management Program will take a long time. To become fluent so that one knows how these programs fit in with other aspects of governing the city, and how these programs can be used to benefit the city, will take months.

However, the “newbie” council member will be expected to be up to speed when he/she is sworn in. That includes voting on issues before the city council.

So, what usually happens, is the “newbie” either votes with their cronies on the council, or they try to learn as much as possible and vote what they think is right. However, if they vote against the “old” sitting council members, they may not be able to support their own decision in discussions during the meeting.

Again, I think Gary Nemeth offers the best of both worlds: someone who has experience on this particular city council, but one who has not been on the council for long enough that they have become cronyfied and, hopefully, can do what is right for Paso Robles.


Your endorsement alone has me voting for the “other”

Gary served on the council from 2000-2008,that’s recent and there are many that connotate him to the screw-ups.

No thanks

I have a question for Gary if by chance he see’s these boards. Gary, you started with some opinion pieces here at CCN early in the year around last Spring if I remember correctly. You mentioned then your displeasure with the current status here in Paso and that you where considering running. Why did you wait and not get on the ballot in the first place?

I am a Paso voter and would like to know that question as well as Black Copter Pilot’s also, as to why not at Forum. With all due respect to you wanting to stand up and serve, your actions leave me to wonder how much your heart is in it. Thank you in advance for any reply.

I have been asked about the forum and my answer is that I never was asked to attend. The same is true of the Main Street forum, those who are in charge of the forum ask who they want to participate, I respect their decisions. Had I been asked I wuld of attended.

The question on running, I had received information that there were qualified candidates that were going to run for mayor. Even though I thought I am the best qualified to be Mayor, I have learned that a three or four person race makes it VERY difficult to defeat the incumbent. I want what is best for Paso, dividing the vote, and as we have seen in the past, in my opinion, is not in the best interest of Paso. My decision was to wait it out, put my support behind the best qualified candidate that would beat the incumbant. No one was more disappointed than me when no one stepped up to run.

I took out papers to be a WRITE IN GARY NEMETH FOR MAYOR.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I, as I assume others, want to get a clear picture of canditates. Your responce helps to that end.


You were missed at the Cueasta forum last Thursday. What happened? Jones says he wasn’t invited due to being considered a non-serious candidate. Were you invited?

Most of us didn’t even know about the Cuesta forum. Where was it advertised? I’m just curious.

Can’t recall for sure, might have been radio or contact I had with Jim Reed…he didin’t show either