Seven dogs die in pet resort fire

November 20, 2012

Seven dogs died in an early morning fire Monday at Thousand Hills Pet Resort outside of San Luis Obispo. [KSBY]

The fire burned three kennels at the Buckley Road ranch around 6 a.m. killing the dogs inside.

Thousand Hills Pet Resort functions both as a daycare and as an overnight care facility for dogs. The fire burned in the overnight facility, killing the seven dogs which belonged to owners who are out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Despite the deaths, Thousand Hills Pet Resort remained open Monday. Grievance counselors arrived at the ranch to attend to tearful employees.

Owner Jack Gould said electrical wiring in the kennels probably caused the fire, but Cal Fire is still investigating the incident.

Eight people live on the pet resort ranch, and one of the residents managed to put out the fire with a garden hose, protecting adjacent kennels.

The pet resort released a statement expressing its sorrow about the deadly fire.

“Our staff is deeply sorrowful for the loss of these precious animals and our hearts and prayers go out to their families.”


Unfortunately this facility was not in the city where fire sprinklers are required. I think the huge permit fees would seem minuscule after a tragedy like this.


There’s a few things the owner of the Thousand Hills Pet Resort probably doesn’t want the owners of the dogs boarded there to know.

Also on the property is the Alpha Academy Mentoring Program for “at-risk” young men, ages 18-22. By “at risk,” they mean:

***Men who have been arrested and were currently on probation.

***Men who are at risk for being involved in the justice system.

***Men who are at risk for being incarcerated

The “at risk” men worked for free at the Thousand Hills Pet Resort, doing very “hands-on” work with the animals (which includes grooming), as well as working on construction, planning and operation of the pet resort.

The “at risk” men in the Alpha Academy lived on-site. I would bet these “at risk” men are the staff that were supposed to be in attendance of the boarded dogs at night.

I think it is all well and good to help “at risk” anybody, but I think the owners of the animals boarded there should have been clearly informed of the backgrounds of the people tending to their animals.

I also wonder if the fact that the staff depended upon to attend the boarded animals overnight were “at risk” men made the likelihood of an incident, like the dogs burning to death, more likely. I guess it would depend on what they had been arrested for. For instance, does “at risk for being incarcerated” mean a past history of drug use?

Still, it just doesn’t seem right that the owners of the animals weren’t informed.


C’mon guys, lets not bash old Ted too much, especially ad hominems! Afterall, he does provide a not uncommon perspective on a world view which a goodly percentage of Americans buy into, unfortunately. Even though I personally am a secular humanist (read that: atheist), Ted and his coterie of early iron age

myth believing buddies can proclaim their fables all they want. It doesn’t bother me much. Just keep them and their legislative shills (Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and many more) out of my kid’s biology class, out of school textbook committees, out of my bedroom and definitely out of my wife’s vagina. It would also be nice if the fundamentalist/evangelicals like ol’ Ted would stay the hell out of African nations where they are inciting anti gay murderous violence.


First, my sincere condolences to the families of the dogs. Second, is there anyway to bar from this site the idiot that calls himself “Ted Slanders”?

Ted Slanders


How sad. :(




Rest assured Ted, that out of the 100 million gods and goddesses humans have created over the last 200 thousand years, yours is the one true god.


Ted, I think a lot of people are very upset about this tragedy. I can’t think about it without choking up.

Maybe quotes about the compassion of Christ would be better for this topic folder? When folks are hurting, they don’t need to be judged. They need compassion. Just a suggestion.

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.

—Dalai Lama XIV

Ted Slanders


I was compasionate earlier in my initial post below relative to the topic at hand. I am addressing shelworth and his disdain for my presence at CCN. They are two mutually exlusive concepts.

In refuting ol’ shelworth, the brief movie clip that I included in his behalf was so appropos, don’t you think? Sure you do.


I interpret Ted’s post as being an example of very, very dry humor….so dry that sometimes others don’t get it.

When he posts about a sensitive subject, because of the charged emotions, usually his posts are taken literally, and then he and his posts become a convenient target for the general upset of the board participants over the news events about which they are posting.

I don’t read usually Ted’s posts if the topic is one that is sensitive to me.

I don’t see how Ted’s posts could be taken literally and/or seriously. His Bible-based judgments are so screwy, they simply must be his attempts at very dry humor (in my opinion).

Anyway, he has as much right to post his opinions as any of the rest of us. It is very easy to simply skip his posts.


When one person has a delusion, it’s called a psychiatric symptom. When lots of people have the same delusion it’s called a religion. Take your damn meds Ted!!

Ted Slanders


I am in a clear mind and spirit without any medications produced by Satanic Science!

I thank you for your concern, but my modus operandi follows the Christian aspect of actually following ALL of the Hebrew/Christian bible. The others are pseudo-christians, or Burger King Christians, where they want their bible, “their way”.

Ted Slanders

“Man’s fate is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath, man has no advantage over the animal. Everything is meaningless. All go to the same place; all come from dust and to dust all return. (Ecclesiastes 3:19-20 )

The passage above infers that our Hebrew/Christian God will judge animals as well as humans before letting them through the Pearly Gates. Praise!

In the verse in question, I would assume an example of judgment would be that if little “Rover” continued to crap all over the white carpeting, or lifted his leg upon the corner of the velvet couch, he would come before the judgment of our God within in the same vein as we would for our sins.

In any event, this was a tragic and horrific accident, and as some of us know, our pets our like family members, and when lost, they are equally mourned.

True Christians, these dogs, through no fault of their own, are most certainly in our glorious heaven awaiting their owners arrival.

Ted Slanders

^^^ Look at the shameful non-religious individuals that have “disliked” my factual biblical rendition of where our animals will go upon their demise! It’s atheists like the above that can only press the “dislike” button and run away because they can’t handle true biblical doctrine!

They’ll pay upon Judgment Day, praise!


“If dogs don’t go to heaven, then when I die I want to go where dogs go.”

–Alan Heistand


So very sad. No smoke detectors? No fire alarms hooked up via phone lines to a security company? I can’t even imagine how hurt and angry I would be if it were my dog that died so horribly.


Revenge . The pet owners will retain the image of their pet companions burned to death for no good reason forever .cutting costs lead to this.


Do you know for a fact that cutting costs led to the deaths of these dogs? If you do, please call the fire investigators and let them know.


It was a terrible lapse in judgment to lock up dogs in wooden shacks which did not have smoke/fire alarms. Smoke/fire alarms (that can even detect carbon monoxide) are less than $20 each.

It was also a terrible lapse in judgment to lock up dogs and leave them unattended overnight. The facility’s owners promise that the dogs will not be left unattended overnight. Certainly, the dogs were unattended on the night they were burned alive. According to the Fire Captain on scene, the fire burned unattended for at least an hour.

Who knows how many other fatal lapses of judgment exist on the property?

The facility should be closed down until an investigation is completed.


Oh No, Dogs are like family members and these dogs were obviously loved as their family placed them in a very cool doggie hotel. I can’t imagine the sorrow of losing a pet this way and while I’m sure the care givers are also heartbroken, I would be up in arms about how this could have happened and questioning if the wiring was up to code. Sorry, but my pain would certainly manifest as extreme anger. I wouldn’t be able to help it.


No need to be sorry about anticipating feelings most of us share.

What a damn shame, what a waste. Poor defenseless critters trapped in a fire, makes me crazy.


Yup, and the worst part is that these dogs had no idea why they were placed there to begin with, and then to die like that. I would be thinking that my dog thought, oh never mind……………

Ted Slanders


Have biblical peace in knowing that these poor dogs are in heaven, even though their way of getting there was pure hell. We all gain solace in knowing this biblical fact that I have shown above by enlightening the flock once again. You’re welcome.

For a reminder dear, and as a biblical second class woman, you’re going directly against biblical doctrine by speaking in this forum in the first place. ( Timothy 2:11-12 )

It’s sad indeed that you continue to slap Jesus in the face by not following the above passage.


We get it, Ted. You’re not a believer and that’s FINE. But your steady stream of posts are offensive. Your words are witty, clever or even sarcastic; they’re downright mean. Why don’t you ever mock Allah? Are you afraid to make fun of other religions or do you just insist on bashing Christians?


oops. * Your words are NOT witty, clever or even sarcastic…

Ted Slanders


“Your words are witty, clever ….. ”

Freudian Slip? :)


what paso said, + 10…

Ted Slanders


Do you actually ever have a thought of your own instead of always following others?


Great comment from a religious zealot! None are so blind as those who choose not to see.


This news put tears in my eyes as I cant even imagine the pain and suffering felt by the dogs, the owners and the care takers. Rest peacefully little ones :(