Myers’ Cocktail

December 18, 2012

Gary E Foresman MD


As each day goes by, we hear about the epidemics of illnesses not adequately treated by Western medi¬cine. Whether drug-resistant infections or chronic illnesses that drugs may mask the symptoms of but can never actually treat, people search for treatments that can support their body in healing itself.

One method of supporting our bodies has been around for decades, and recent research confirms its utility in helping your body fight off an array of conditions.

John Myers MD pioneered the use of intravenous micronutrient therapy (IVMT) in the late 1950s to treat a wide variety of conditions. After Myers’ death in 1984, Dr. Alan Gaby modified the formula and administered IVMT to nearly 1000 patients over an 11 year period, expanding our knowledge on the clinical application of this vital therapy. Currently over 1000 American physicians utilize their individu¬alized versions of IVMT in the treatment of varied conditions ranging from depression to allergies to migraines to the painful condition known as fibromyalgia.

Putting it succinctly, IVMT delivers levels of nutrients usable by the human body that cannot be obtained by oral administration. The unique blend of vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, and a variety of comple¬mentary B vitamins synergize to produce immune modulation, smooth muscle relaxation, and enhance mitochondrial energy production. This explains the utility of IVMT in so many conditions. I have found it particularly useful in patients with chronic gastrointestinal illnesses as these patients nearly always have significant micronutrient deficiencies and are often intolerant of supplements.

A recent placebo-controlled trial done at Yale University explored the use of IVMT in the treatment of fibromyalgia. Comparing eight weekly infusions of IVMT versus eight weekly infusions of an IV solution known as lactated Ringers, this 12-week study noted profound improvements in pain, depression, and quality of life that persisted for at least four weeks after the infusions ended. Interestingly, the “placebo” group had significant benefits as well, but they did not persist for the four weeks after termination of the IVs.

I have found a high rate of dehydration in fibromyalgia patients and therefore don’t find it surprising that even regular IV hydration (without the added micronutrients) might be of benefit in this condition. This study clarifies my clinical experience with IVMT that when patients are willing to follow an eight week “initiation” of therapy, they can get lasting benefits. Eventually they will need maintenance therapy at biweekly to monthly intervals.

As clinical trials become more available to guide therapy, it is nice to see at least one small trial support the anecdotal experience of thousands of physicians utilizing IVMT over the last 50 years.

My personal anecdotal experience only dates back five years, but we have developed modified IVMT for a variety of health conditions. Whether treating severe conditions (cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, hepatitis, etc.), optimizing athletic performance, or providing an immune-boost prior to surgery or travel, our experi¬ence has allowed us to individualize our IVMT prescriptions to fit our patients’ unique nutritional and biochemical needs.

Gary E. Foresman, MD is Board Certified and Fellowship Trained in Internal Medicine, Functional, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and a Fellow in Integrative Cancer Therapies. He is President of Middle Path Medicine in Arroyo Grande.

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Dead Doctors don’t lie!

Sorry to burst your seemly ignorant bubbles.. I have not only had these weekly treatments. I suggest you have an open mind as they worked..I have sat in the rooms and met many people from this area.and all of them were healthier for the first time in years.. If you are feeling sluggish.. this will work.. Dr Foesman does not push anything on anyone. He is there to support you and your understanding of wellness then guide you in better understanding of wellness..

Before giving you medications, you might need as MOST doctors do prescribe drugs, as they only have 15 minutes they spend with you.. Gary Foesman spends hours getting to know you, your habits, life style.My mother had a tough time as she was feeling better, but that that old mentality..that u needs drugs. A vitamins or hormones are dangerous.. She then went to a well known doctor in Pismo Beach and monthly was waiting for days for this doctor to call in her nightly light sleeping med she takes. This put my mother in a withdrawal as the body is use to this sleeping pill. I was so upset as this doctor did not do this once but 8 times.My mom being stubborn did not tell me.As soon as I found out I called her office and confronted this doctor.. Busy as she was not to be able to call medications in, she sure called my mother back ASP after I talked to her secretary.She apologized profusely as I was going to expose her as to me this is senior abuse..My mom returned to Dr Foresman and now she is delighted in his knowledge as many are.

This formula is an intravenous (IV) vitamin and mineral treatment containing magnesium, calcium, selenium, B vitamins, vitamin C and other nutrients that I have found to be effective in so many common conditions. Furthermore it bypasses absorption issues which many patients suffer from. IV nutrients achieve serum concentrations not obtainable with oral or even intramuscular administration. Due to saturation of intestinal absorption and an increase in clearance by the kidneys oral dosing reaches a limit of concentration in the blood.

Due to the fact so many have fungal and intestinal issues.. it’s difficult for the body to adsorb nutrients..This is why this Myers IV works so well when everything else failed.

I think a lot of people cannot afford.. Dr Foresman. But in the long run he saves you so much more.. My friend with diabetics, 7 bypass.. was not going to see to many more years when we met.His doctors had him on insulin and so many pills.I was shocked.I have a ton of friend stories, but to keep this short I will just use this friend. 70 and dropping his pills on the floor. I was driving this person around due to blacking out from insulin levels dropping.His doctors were killing him.I know as I watched. With lack of learning more.. as Dr Foresman was like them but he also saw no results and took two years to study holistic medicine.Now with my friend , one doctor decided it was more important to go to hospital then to see my friend. People like this are at the mercy of these doctors. I finally said.. Now are you ready to see a really great doctor? He was ready. ego bruised ready..and lucky to have me push. He started to see Gary..Off insulin shots, hormones were so low off the charts.He eat cereal for breakfast as that is what his old doctors recommend. My step father died a miserable from diabetics. I kept telling him the diet they recommend for diabetics is killing him and made him so weak.But he was not going to hear me. My friend started protein breakfast.. I made. eggs.. Many seeds I would grind up and add to his Steal oatmeal.Hormones replacement all bioidentical testosterone..Not a bunch of medications prescribed like prednisone. As we all have fungal infections and so many are caused by the very medications prescribed..My friend started to gain energy..

Then because I love San Diego “Optimal Health Institute” as that place saved my life and gave me even more information.Right foods, Dry Brushing , breathing properly. Exercises for Lymphatic system as Lymph fluid serves the important purpose of carrying nutrients to the cells that bathe in the fluid. The lymph fluid then delivers cellular waste to the bloodstream, which caries it to the kidneys, colon and lungs for elimination.This is over looked. Bad back pain and a sluggish system breaks down.

Dr Foesman also knew what i had learned. I shared with him. He also has a detox program to help .I can tell you if you are not willing to change.. then stick with what you have. Drugs have saved lives. But I would much rather get to the root of the problem and in this case if my friend has seen Gary at 60. He would not have had a 7 bypass.. He was treated with more ongoing issues like thyroid.Simply diagnoses as I know his heart doctors would not have found this. They would have gone straight to surgery and missed a simple thyroid issue..I also safely can say.. I would not be here if it were not for Gary Foresman’s ongoing always learning optimistic approach to making us well.It is not true that we age and then sit in a recliner watching TV all day. This requires an willingness on your part to get well and be guided into a healthier person.. My friend is over 80.My mother also.. Walking and the gym is a part of an 80 year old life style. I know a few friends would not be enjoying an active life style had they not been open minded.. To our better way of living. This is not new.. Your just sticking with the old. Thank you Gary..

“Interestingly, the “placebo” group had significant benefits as well . . .”

The placebo effect is a proven response to treatment, so I’m surprised that Dr. Foresman should find its positive contribution “interesting.”

Otherwise, it’s an interesting article and I appreciate the historical anecdotal context. Anything that conventional medicine wants to marginalize, for motives of profit or reputation, it labels “anecdotal.” The history of medicine is a history of repression. We are only now beginning to understand millennia of medical insight and tradition which has been suppressed by so-called rational science. When I hear the term “rational” I always have to pause and listen to see whether the speaker is referring to a disembodied mental process, or whether the speaker is actually a living, breathing conscious entity.

Better believe it winedude. No one regardless of education is immune from woo. Case in point: Linus

Pauling, double Nobel Laureate with more degrees than a thermometer, bought into the mega-dose of

Ascorbic Acid treatment for colds woo. The only treatment for woo is skepticism. Michael Shermer has

a great site for this, and his SKEPTIC Mag is great.

Right on kidholm. Very few people are even equipped to interpret these b—–s s”studies. Caveat

emptor is still good advice.

The study referenced had only 34 patients. Both the experimental group AND the control group felt better. It was only after the authors did some data-dredging that they were able to find differences in subsets. In other words, this study isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. I would caution anyone not to spend their hard earned dollars on such an unproven therapy.

I have seen even Dr Foresman skeptical.. years ago.. Until the results were the best.. If you do not try something with his honest information on I have actually seen it work.. Matter of fact.. Need to make an appointment… Many people can benefit from this.. I am open minded and know this doctor.. Is very trusting.. in info he writes about.

Personally I subscribe to the idea that it is not illness that breaks the body down initially, rather that illnesses attack an unhealthy body. For years, whenever I feel a cold coming on, I start taking a combination of Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin C, and Ecinachea (sp), and avoid anything that reduces fevers, and have had GREAT results. The FDA considers the effectiveness of Zinc to be unproven, but everyone I have recommended my approach to has had results similar to mine.

Interesting, although I don’t see anywhere that this work has been peer reviewed. I would never believe a doctor that would publish something like this without peer review. Until then, everything about this story is anecdotal and I’m leery re. the results.