PG&E to save the Oakland gnomes

January 29, 2013

gnomesPacific Gas & Electric says it will not remove gnomes from its Oakland power poles until it secures new homes for the little creatures.

Hand painted gnomes on six-inch brown wooden boards have appeared all over the city of Oakland lately, including at the base of PG&E power poles.

PG&E spokesman Jason King says the utility plans to remove the gnomes from the poles because they are in “gnome man’s land,” but will not do so before locating new homes for the creatures.

“We are going to reach out to the city and the community to find a new home for gnomes prior to removing them,” King said. “We understand that the community has embraced them, and we will engage the community in order to find a new home for them.”


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I am looking forward to having the Oakland Gnomes having a much better season than the Oakland Raiders.

We are such weird and wonderful creatures…………

Has anyone been in downtown Oakland in the last few years ? The gnomes are probably the cleanest and neatest things down there. another of Gov. Browns great re-newal projects. The Oakland Raiders….. possibly the Raiders of the lost Ark….