Rice announces candidacy for SLO City Council

January 29, 2013
Kevin Rice

Kevin Rice


San Luis Obispo – Kevin Rice, proponent of open and democratic government, has announced he is seeking to fill the upcoming SLO City Council vacancy concurrent with Andrew Carter’s resignation. A twenty-year resident and former Cal Poly student, Rice has actively attended city council and county meetings advocating for citizen access to the local government process.

“Together, we can realize fiscal prudence, unfetter business and head-of-household job creation, repair infrastructure, and realize near-term, cost-effective, and Constitutional homeless solutions. Our City is blessed with beauty and richness,” Rice said. “We can protect that character and achieve more.”

Rice is a stalwart for process, and having been a years-long observer and participant in San Luis Obispo, he would step into the role with a solid knowledge of the issues and a desire to increase public participation. Rice, 44, is registered “no party preference” and has voted in every election since becoming eligible to vote. Known for independent thought and consideration for multiple points of view, Rice embraces the non-partisan quality of the council member post.


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Kevin Rice is much too bright to get into politics. He would never last.

The real “winners” here are Dan Carpenter and John Ashbaugh. They both voted for an election by mail because Carpenter thinks Rice can win that way and Ashbaugh thinks Aranguena can win that way. Carpenter will get his way on the council if Rice is elected, while Ashbaugh will get his way on the council if Aranguena is elected.

The game is over, people. It has been rigged. No matter who wins this expensive election approved by the city council, you lose. The will of the voters is just an illusion. Qualified candidates who could have been appointed and saved the city much money simply cannot compete with the Democratic money behind Jeff Aranguena and the conservative money behind Kevin Rice. They are both compromised.