Medical marijuana returned to patients

February 14, 2013

pot 22San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s officials recently were ordered by Judge John Trice to return a supply of marijuana and related products to Ethnobotonica Patients Collective after felony charges against collective driver Chance Simmons were dropped by the district attorney.

Simmons was taken into custody following a Jan. 5 arrest made by a deputy at the direction of a veteran narcotics officer.

Trice’s order said in part, “Good cause exists to return the property as the case has been dismissed and the property has no evidentiary value.”

County taxpayers shelled out $20,000 in 2010 after sheriff’s drug raiders unlawfully destroyed a patient’s supply. And more recently, a much-publicized sheriff’s medical pot raid resulted in the eventual release of the “Doobie Dozen” and the filing of still-pending lawsuits by those charged.

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Never “see it” because the sheriffs smoked it all?

As if they’ll ever see it.