Letter to the editor: Voters beware

May 21, 2013
Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith


Bud and I are friends. We’ve exchanged ideas, pleasantries, San Luis Obispo City opinions (for years) while our dogs explore Laguna Lake Dog Park. Sometimes, our dog park times don’t cross for weeks, months.

Saturday May 18, the stars were in line. Bud eagerly approached to share his promise to vote for the SLO City Council candidate I support . . . the one that knocked on his door. At least that’s what he thought!

SLO non-partisan candidacy has reached a new low. The Democratically-endorsed city council candidate told him I support her. It is, of course, an outright lie. Integrity abandoned for one vote? Bud will not be voting for Carlyn Christianson.

I am a lifelong registered Democrat with an independent spirit and a love of balance/fairness on our non-partisan city council. The democratic principles I support are honest and attract quality candidates.

I am voting for Paul Brown.

Kathy Smith is a San Luis Obispo council member and the vice mayor.


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If I’m not mistaken, Kathy Smith supported Christianson’s appointment to the SLO City Planning Commission. Maybe “Bud” was told this and got confused and made erroneous assumptions.

Wouldn’t it have been prudent, polite and responsible for Kathy Smith to talk to Christianson and get her side of the story before going bananas and making wild-eyed public accusations in the mass media, all based on one single alleged incident?

I’m really disappointed to see Kathy Smith behave this way. Voters deserve better.

Wow, at this rate, the next thing we’ll see is Matt Kokkonen endorsing Brown!

One thing good I can say about Brown is that he publicly went on record trying to distance himself from Kevin Rice, issuing a written statement on The Tribune website that he was aware of some of the controversial aspects of Rice and didn’t ask Rice to endorse him.

So, you seem to be suggesting Brown is being hypocritical or being a typical “politician”, saying whatever will get him an extra vote here and there, despite any contradictions. That’s too bad. I’d like to think Paul Brown is better than that, because I think he truly does wish to serve the community in some manner.

“Controversial aspects of Rice” I trust is limited to his political views. The way I see it ya got three dudes who were individually going to lose to Christainsen and did the right thing. I don’t know if they drew straws, arm wrestled, or if things were worked out by higher ups, but you have to speak with one voice in this “non-partisan” – sorry, kills me every time – race.

no love, must be true

Why don’t voters google Paul Brown to see what he is really about. All that endorse him, I feel, have really short memories. -hand guns in unlocked cars, restraining order against his wife, mysterious fire at his home.

Shame on Carlyn. She is acutely aware Kathy Smith endorses Brown. Kathy’s endorsement was published in the Trib:


Further, Kathy’s endorsement for Brown has been mentioned at every candidate forum and during Brown’s hour on Congalton.

Carlyn’s misleading of this voter was a horrible move. If she so easily lies to a voter’s face, she would do even worse behind closed session doors. If you can’t vote from Brown, vote for Don Hedrick or Spatafore. Lying is a full disqualification.

And we haven’t even yet touched on the underhanded D.C.C. mailer that arrived yesterday which violates a whole slew of campaign financial disclosure laws. The political club and its endorsed candidate are both operating crooked.

Kevin, what are you basing your wild-eyed accusations on? The statement regarding hearsay from Christianson’s opponent? Or are you this mysterious, “no-mind-of-his-own” “Bud”? A guy that could very easilyhave a hearing or comprehension disability?

This is typical of the type of thing you do: taking the slightest tid bit of hearsay and doing your best to exaggerate and mislead people, turning molehill’s into Mt. Everests every chance you get. You did it in the last Supervisor’s race and it back fired and derailed the political ambitions of Ed Waage. Now you are doing it with Brown’s campaign.

Not only that, you’re now telling people who don’t like Brown to vote for Spatafore, even though you know darn well that he has backed down from running, similar to what you have done.

There is a political slogan that has become popular in SLO County. It goes like this: “Anybody but Rice!” If you keep up your shenanigans there is going to be a new slogan: “Anyone but the person Rice endorses.”

First-hand accounts are not hearsay. Kathy has every right to defend her good name from unscrupulous misuse. Spatafore would serve, if elected, and is a far better choice.

Whose “first hand account”? The mysterious and fickle “no-mind-of-his-own” dog walker named “Bud” who can’t seem to get anything straight and depends upon others to tell him what to do? Is he in hiding?

And now your speaking for Spatafore? Give it up Kevin. All your lame attempts at mainpulating the electorate are simply making Paul Brown look bad, just the way you made Ed Waage look bad. But at least Brown is wise enough to at least try to appear that he is keeping you at arms length.

Have you ever publicly endorsed ANYONE who ended up winning an election?

Kevin, you don’t have to play all these games. If you truly want to play politics and do good in the community, just get real, be honest and straight-forward and put other’s interests above your own and you might get somewhere without creating the huge stinks that follow you. Seriously. Get real, repent, reform, and maybe someday I would even vote for you for something.

Again, more hate and anger. Sigh. If you want to be recognized, inform yourself on the facts. Maybe try running for office if you can offer something to us all. You’re wrong about Spatafore. Wrong about Waage. Wrong about Bud. Yes four times on your question. Stop the cowardly snipes and games. Can’t help you further. Have a great day.

I’m not angry and I don’t hate you Kevin. And I”m not really asking you to “recognize” me (you are welcome to ignore me, in fact) nor am I asking for your “help” other than:

Would you do us all a favor and be SPECIFIC about what you claim I am “wrong about”? If I am indeed incorrect, I will be happy to adjust my viewpoint and acknowledge your correction as valid. Thanks!

I don’t know who “us” is. I am happy to respond to anyone willing to put their name beside their words. Thanks to you too!

I rest my case. I am happy to let the readers be judge and jury on this one.

The kind of extremist people who support Brown have me questioning what kind of agenda he would pursue in order to appease that kind of constituency.

The worst even the most rabid, fear-mongering and divisive Brown supporters can say about Christianson is that they expect her to vote in a way similar to the majority of the council. They ignore her record of accomplishments and experience and her well-documented track record of speaking her mind in a very forthright and honest way.

Brown’s supporters, including Kathy Smith, are turning out to be Brown’s biggest liability and greatest reason for the public to be concerned about what his tenure on the council might turn into.

If you like Adam Hill, you’re going to love Carlyn Christianson.

I’m starting to think that.

That could be, but it is also likely that if you do not like Adam HIll you will love Carlyn Christianson. She came off very well during her appearance on the Dave Congalton show.

What concerns me is the kind of rabid, divisive and inflammatory extremist coalition that is backing Brown, including Kevin Rice and Roger Freeberg. And now we have Kathy Smith joining them in going off the deep end. And yet they really don’t have much of substance to say against Christianson. And now we have this mysterious “no-mind-of-his-own” “Bud” guy that has Smith in such a tizzy

So when the Downtown Association and Chamber endorse Brown, that’s fine I guess. Geez.

I am voting for the best qualified candidate…Carlyn. Paul Brown does not deserve to be back on the council. His famous angry outbursts, highly partisan positions, carelessness with guns and TRO for choking his ex-wife are just a few reasons he should never be in a position of power in this city again.

Carlyn has a long record of real community service. And yes, she supports the quality of life goals that have made SLO a GREAT city. That’s a problem????

Well, with GalaxyTraveler & Ted Slanders’ support being thrown in to the same candidate, I think it’s pretty clear who is the better candidate.

Meaningless non-sequiter

The part that’s really cool about Brown is how contemptuous he is of people he disagrees with. I loved it when some member of the public would be speaking to the council and he’d turn his chair around and face the wall.