Letter to the editor: Voters beware

May 21, 2013
Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith


Bud and I are friends. We’ve exchanged ideas, pleasantries, San Luis Obispo City opinions (for years) while our dogs explore Laguna Lake Dog Park. Sometimes, our dog park times don’t cross for weeks, months.

Saturday May 18, the stars were in line. Bud eagerly approached to share his promise to vote for the SLO City Council candidate I support . . . the one that knocked on his door. At least that’s what he thought!

SLO non-partisan candidacy has reached a new low. The Democratically-endorsed city council candidate told him I support her. It is, of course, an outright lie. Integrity abandoned for one vote? Bud will not be voting for Carlyn Christianson.

I am a lifelong registered Democrat with an independent spirit and a love of balance/fairness on our non-partisan city council. The democratic principles I support are honest and attract quality candidates.

I am voting for Paul Brown.

Kathy Smith is a San Luis Obispo council member and the vice mayor.



Not happy about Christiansen, was never happy about Brown – I’ll not repeat the sordid list here. My beef was him being a downtown/Dave Romero stooge with no interest in quality of life for residents, only bar owners and developers. On Congalton tonight Christiansen kind of implied endorsement by Smith through proclaiming herself a “Kathy Smith fan from way back” in addition to quite generally and condescendingly criticizing Brown’s intellectual abilities during his council service particularly land-use planning. I listened to Brown on Congalton a week or so ago expecting to reinforce by negative impression. Politics aside, he was articulate and knowledgeable and came off as very considered and moderate. As a Kathy Smith fan myself, I gotta give him another shot given the above. It’s debate time! Dave? Time to sell some serious advertising on KVEC.

Ted Slanders


Kathy Smith quote: “SLO non-partisan candidacy has reached a new low.”

Yes, Kathy, it most certainly has reached a new low because of your blatant disregard in a followup conversation to candidate Carlyn Christianson to obtain ALL of the facts pertaining to this situation. In your position with the city, you would rather run with hearsay than to obtain both sides of the story?

Your alleged “integrity” was abandoned for the act of hearsay, where you only heard one side of the story? This is the mindset that you use in the day- to -day business as a city council member and vice mayor? Really?

Subjectively, your insidious rush to judgment has given Carlyn Christianson cannon fodder to use by your outright disregard to simple fairness.

Congratulations Kathy!!!


You have a decent point, too bad it was swallowed in an overly-dramatic bitterness. One would expect Kathy Smith to politely ask the accused what they have to say about this. Perhaps ask with “Bud” present…?

And if Kathy Smith is a Central Coast Democrat, surely this kind of dishonesty cannot come as a shock.

Ted Slanders

By Ted Slanders

Joe Blow and I are friends. We’ve exchanged ideas, pleasantries, San Luis Obispo City opinions (for years) while being patrons of MoTav. Sometimes, our presence don’t cross for weeks, months.

Saturday May 18, the “planets” were in line. (planets are astronomically easier to be in line than stars) Joe Blow eagerly approached to share his promise to vote for the SLO City Council candidate I support . . . the one that knocked on his door. At least that’s what he thought!

SLO non-partisan candidacy has reached a new low. The Republican-endorsed city council candidate told him I support him. It is, of course, an outright lie. Integrity abandoned for one vote? Joe Blow will not be voting for Paul Brown.

I am a lifelong registered Democrat with an independent spirit and a love of balance/fairness on our non-partisan city council. The democratic principles I support are honest and attract quality candidates.

I am voting for Carlyn Christianson.


Ted’s endorsing of Christianson will probably give Brown more votes than he realizes.

Ted Slanders


Get on board, okay? I used my example above in the same vein as Kathy’s story to show that I too can build a hearsay narrative to why everyone should support Carlyn Christianson. Get it?

I am independent, and really can’t accept any of the the individuals that are running for this problematic mail in vote.


What’s “problematic”? Are you stealing ballots out of mail boxes? I’m not.

Ted Slanders





WHILE YOU ARE INDEED BAT-POOP CRAZY YOU MAY RANDOMLY MAY HAVE A POINT (other than the one atop your head). My ballot stub has a number, 01 02706 for the record, but there is no corresponding identification of any kind on the ballot. This is necessary so no one’s voting preference can be determined. However, the CIty has a record that they provided you with a ballot (aforementioned 01 02706, they’re looking up the info on me as we speak), but you have none that it was counted or that additional might have been printed.

Please include biblical references in your response.


Whoa there, Ms Smith! Aren’t you going a little overboard in calling someone a liar, especially considering you truly don’t know for certain what the FACTS are in this incident you are relaying? First of all, your friend “Bud”, may have misinterpreted or misunderstood what was conveyed to him. Second of all, even if what “Bud” said is true, perhaps Christianson made an honest , but regrettably naive mistake in assuming you would vote for her.

From what your write, it doesn’t seem as though you talked to Ms Christianson about this incident before rushing to judgment or simply grabbing any excuse for you to come out with guns ablazing and making your inflammatory accusations. Is this the kind of behavior you show or condone as a political leader?

I am truly open-minded about Paul Brown, but in the past week or so I’ve been astounded by the vitriol and absurd attacks on her from people claiming to endorse him. Mr. Brown might be a worthy candidate, but I am most concerned about the motivations of those who are so eager to boost him as “their candidate.”


Wiserguy- Would you not logiclly assume that a candidate would intelligently confirm support from exisitng council members if such existed. And if not the case would publish denials for such mistatements on a site as this? I assume these comments are read by candidates…..where is the post that a particular claim never happened? Assuming that candidte has equal access to this site, then why does that candidate avoid any response to these circumstances, nor present any support from a reasonble, honest perspective? It does not.

Paul Brown is a good and honest human being, who understands the financial issues facing our city, and not pre-disposed to join Mayor Marx (Go Copelands/Kill the Dallidio Project) and John Asbaugh (plant parking lots) regarding every proposed project.. Anyone here wondering bout the ‘China Development?)

There are no easy solutions to our town. If you grew up here or have vested interest in how things should evolove……then speak up!!!

If you’re just trying to do the right thing, in your own mind, …..no ownership interest, , no real history with SLO evolution ebbs and tides…..then you should be quick to be quiet….and in that instance recognize Paul Brown as the best candidte. He’s not a pave the planet guy…….not that hard to figure out.

Honesty Planet


I’ll answer your two questions: No and No.

I stand by what I wrote. Smith went off the deep end and I seriously question her judgment and diplomacy skills.

Brown seems to be an ok guy, but the kind of extremist people who support him have me questioning what kind of agenda he would pursue in order to appease that kind of constituency.

And the worst even the most rabid, fear-mongering and divisive Brown supporters can say about Christianson is that they expect her to vote in a way similar to the majority of the council. They ignore her record of accomplishments and experience and her well-documented track record of speaking her mind in a very forthright and honest way.

Brown’s supporters, including Kathy Smith, are turning out to be Brown’s biggest liability and greatest reason for the public to be concerned about what his tenure on the council might turn into.


Kathy Smith has removed any doubts I may have had about her having the best interests of the citizens of San Luis Obispo in the past. This editorial shows her to be someone who puts her constituents above partisan politics. Maybe there is still a chance for change.

Ted Slanders


Yes, Kathy’s stipulation that she supports quality candidates flies in the face of Paul’s spurious past. But, what the hell, why should his blatant disregard of morals and ethics to others have anything to do with his wanting to be a council member, again?


Paul Brown is remarkable… he attracts and holds support from all over the political spectrum.

I am also voting for Paul Brown… probably the one thing Kathy and I will ever agree.

Ted Slanders


Yeah, birds of a feather always seem to flock together.

It’s great to know that you agree upon hearsay in this case. Why did we expect anything less from you?

Yes, Paul is remarkable, especially with his misdeeds in the past. To you, his type of MO should have nothing to do with him holding office. We don’t need morals and ethics for our elected officials, but just the ol’ slight of hand magic.


Brother Ted, let’s be honest here. Whether it is Brown and his moral issues, or the democrats with the likes of Hill, Ashbaugh or Marx’s and their cronyism, they all are not to be trusted and they are politicians for crying out loud, of course they lack morals, righteousness and honesty and who better than you to know this. Vote on their record alone. SLO does not need a third devote democrat on the Council in my opinion, but then again, it is SLO with Miss Katie, that outstanding City Attorney and of course the warm and fuzzy Council…

Ted Slanders


I think the hasty rush to judgment by Kathy Smith, especially in light of the positions that she holds within our city, is the main point of this thread, and secondly, Paul Browns repulsive past.

Yes, we’re all entitled to our opinions. This is just another exercise in giving those opinions on a matter that concerns an upcoming election, and the seemingly derailing of Carlyn Christianson because of hearsay and non fact checking.

Wiserguy put it all in perspective with his post.


Viewpoint well taken, Brother Ted!


If you’re going to “Vote on their record alone,” what is there to vote for with Brown? Wife-beating?


This whole voting by mail scam the city has pushed down our throats is not a accurate or democratic process. Elections need to be on an election day when you have people looking at the various issues and becoming educated on whats on the ballot. This process is wide open for fraud and abuse.

Ted Slanders

Kathy Smith quote; “Integrity abandoned for one vote”

Conversely, does Kathy Smith abandon her “integrity” in giving Paul Brown her vote while spewing forth a “hearsay” story to support her decision?

It’s very revealing that Kathy Smith’s “integrity” supports Paul Brown, who was a wife beater, and was very abusive to his wife as the court records show. Furthermore, he had his guns stolen from his unlocked car in his neighborhood while being a trainee for the Morro Bay Police Department, and the subsequent dangerous ramifications thereof. The fact that he had to resign from this department to save what little face he had left before an internal investigation revealed another scar upon his character.

At this time Kathy Smith’s “heresay” upon this topic in a one way street. Is this the type of campaign against Carlyn Christianson that Paul Brown is going to support, and Kathy Smith is willing to accept?

What’s next? Paul Brown deny’s all of his past misdeeds as if they never happened, therefore, Kathy Smith then can take her blinders off to his spurious past and we all live in nirvana?

What happened to Christian morals and ethics that both Paul Brown and Kathy Smith allegedly support? “Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” (1 Corinthians 15:33)

Sarah Bellum

According to an item posted by New Times on May 28th, 2009, a judge lifted the restraining order against Paul Brown more than a year before it would have expired. This fact suggests that there was more than one side to the story of his marital troubles. Everything else is hearsay.

Ted Slanders


The key word is “suggests.” The fact remains, there was an INITIAL restraining order placed upon Paul Brown in the first place. They are not given without empirical facts.

Sarah Bellum

Then stick to the facts, preferably as they apply to the topic at hand. Kathy Smith says that her friend “Bud” says that he was approached by Carlyn Christianson, who (according to Bud) said that Kathy Smith supports her candidacy. Petty gossip about Paul Brown’s personal foibles won’t change the central allegation.

Ted Slanders


I suggest that you start using the part of your cerebellum relative to it’s cognitive processing for a change!


1. Paul Brown is the nexus of this story. GET IT?

1. Kathy says that she is voting for Paul Brown based upon hearsay. GET IT?

2. Kathy’s story deduces to Paul Brown as running for city council, therefore, this certainly opens up a discussion about Paul Brown’s past. GET IT?

2, Paul Browns past is disgusting, and therefore is fodder that is to be a part of his modus operandi as an elected official. GET IT?

For your continued use of your cerebellum, Paul Browns past is NOT petty gossip and is a part of him as much as his candidacy, again.


A multi-year restraining order lifted before it ran out? Big deal. What caused a judge to issue a multi-year order in the first place if there wasn’t convincing evidence?

Sarah Bellum

Existence of a restraining order isn’t proof that its’ subject committed any crime. That’s for a jury to decide. A friend once obtained a restraining order against an abusive boyfriend. She wasn’t required to prove that he was behind the series of nasty pranks that had been played on her. It just isn’t true that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Sarah Bellum

In this case, the existence of the restraining order against Paul Brown isn’t proof that he had done anything wrong.


Kathy Smith is very stupid with these allegations and this vitriol. How is she going to work with Christianson once she’s elected? Wonder if that’s even crossed her fat mind?


Google Paul Brown and notice the hand guns in unlocked car and restraining order. SLO has a SHORT memory


You’re quite wrong…. many of us just like Paul Brown and we don’t CARE about these mistakes.


I think we care about the mistakes, but we’re willing to look past them and support him as the best candidate.

Ted Slanders


You can additionally look past Pauls child like tirades against the public comments when he didn’t agree with them? Really? Don’t you remember his temper flaring at those council meetings?

Yep, that’s the one we want on our City council for sure.


Ya ever listen to “public comments”? The stock response to the 3 minute nut job is “I appreciate your time and interest in this matter and will look into your concerns”. So Brown choose to diverge from this at times. So would I.


Clearly the candidate with “integrity.”


Apparently this forgiving attitude didn’t extend to the former Paso Robles police chief.


Paul Brown has always owned up to his mistakes; Lisa Solomon was probably the most incompetent police chief this county has seen in recent times, and she lied her way through most of her escapades.


No he hasn’t. He’s still pretending he didn’t brutalize his wife. That’s not owning up to anything.


I was not there, so I do not know.