Paul Brown responds to abuse allegations

May 28, 2013
Paul Brown

Paul Brown


It came to my attention today that my ex-wife, Jayne Isaacs, has sent out an email attacking my character in the final three weeks of this special election. While the ugliness of our divorce and the related proceedings from 2007 are long in the past for me, I am compelled to respond to statements made in her email.

-The allegations of abuse were investigated by the San Luis Obispo District Attorney’s Office and found to be without merit.

-Commissioner Perry, who presided over our divorce and placed the restraining order, rescinded (removed) the order eighteen months before it was scheduled to expire. Perry stated he didn’t feel I was a threat either now or when the order was originally placed, but felt he needed to, at the time, err on the side of caution.

-If the accusations were true, I would not be able to work as a police officer in the state of California. I have successfully passed four background investigation processes and have never been denied employment as a law enforcement officer based on anything in my personal history.

I regret the public has to have all this “dirty laundry” aired, once again, because of the election. I feel it is regrettable that accusations like this are used as a tool in divorce and politics because it takes away from those who truly need protection from physical abuse.

If any members of the media or public want to contact me regarding this issue, please call my cell phone (805) 550-1661.

Paul Brown is a San Luis Obispo City Council candidate.

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What is becoming very clear is that if Paul Brown is elected to the council, there will be much animosity and divisiveness and that may very well lead to bitter, wasteful gridlock.

In other words, government?

So am I correct to infer from your post that you would prefer a dictatorship or some form of oligarchy? Here is a clue to help make you a bit wiser: differing opinions, gridlock and view points are actually a necessary and desired part of representational governance.

+10, r0y


Do you mean that our government was doing it all wrong when we didn’t have gridlock as we do now, in part, because of the Tea Party Republicans? Really?

So, to you, the Congress and Senate didn’t have a clue when they worked things out for the betterment of the county when they had NO gridlock in the past? Wow! How things change.

Thank you r0y for another enlightened post relative to why it is good to have continuos gridlock in our government where nothing happens!

That’s really cute how you actually believe congress works things out for the “betterment of the county” (even if you meant country, it’s still cure).

Have a lolipop!

No, rOy, once again your are absolutely incorrect with what you “infer.” And I think you know that, but choose to purposely misinterpret my remarks. Get real, please!

Dave Congalton is a fool for buying into the “Democratic Party Conspiracy” theory. Either that or he’s playing along in order to suck in listeners and suck up to certain “powers that be.”

The fact is that Paul Brown has a messy domestic background situation, for better or worse, and that mess was bound to come up at election time.

I’m not saying I know who is more to blame, Paul or his ex-wife, but the idea that this is some great political conspiracy is over-reaching.

And naturally, Karen Velie parrots nearly everything Congalton says, knowing exactly what ego to massage.

Can’t people accept that some people simply don’t like Paul Brown and the views he holds and the constituency he is playing to? He’s served on the SLO City council before so plenty of people know what he brings to the table. Some like it, many do not. That’s no conspiracy. That is everyday reality.

Get real, please!

Your comments seem to have a bias toward the Democrats in this race. I belong to no party but have seen enough dirty politics from local Dems in the past few years to be at least open to the possibility that they are behind this as a campaign tactic. Does that make it a cerrtainty? No. But it does give credence to the possibility.

If you oppose him because of his views, his political alliances or his public behavior, attack him for that. Don’t get upset that people would suspect the local Dems are capable of deceptive, distorting and otherwise sleazy campaign tactics just because you oppose the same person they do.

Please explain how you imagine the Democratic Party is staging this. They hired Brown’s ex-wife years ago to accuse him of abuse? They are paying her to bring this up now? What is YOUR theory?

I don’t think you really want to discuss anything at this point. If you cannot even SUSPECT, based on a multitude of past actions, that the DCC are capable of this, then what else is there to talk about?

I think your blind ideological loyalty is cute, but in the end cute often starts to look desperate and pathetic.

You’re wrong, rOy. I’m willing to discuss it.

So, tell me, what difference does it make whether or not these accusations are being pushed forth in accordance with a Democratic Party conspiracy? Why would that persuade a Carlyn Christianson supporter to vote for Paul Brown?

By the way, I have no “blind ideological loyalty”, and your personal insults and bullying attitude doesn’t change that a bit. I certainly do not look or act “desperate and pathetic.” Get real, please!

I’ve been on a Democratic Central Committee. There is no way a DCC could be that organized that they would organize something years ago so that, years down the line, it could be used in a political race.

If you can host a morning DCC meeting without getting five different calls from members about what kind of pastries will be served, you are lucky. Everybody has an opinion and everybody shares it.

That’s how us Democrats roll. We want everybody’s opinions, and even if we don’t want their opinions, we get them anyway. That way we know all our options.

Oh, also. We are really pain-in-the kiesters about challenging our leaders.

Congalton is…Congalton. He’s too old to change and, even if he did change, it would probably just make him worse.

This whole scarey talk about “conspiracies” is nuts.

Conspiracies occur around us every day. People enter into conspiracies on a regular basis. It is just how humans work.

When two teenage girls meet and decide to secretly exclude another girl at an event, it is a conspiracy.

When two people are having an extramarital affair and take measures to ensure secrecy, it is a conspiracy.

Conspiracies happen all the time. ESPECIALLY IN POLITICS.

Ponygirl, aka Lori Johnston, should state that she wrote an endorsement o Carlyn Christianson’s Facebook page, according to Google: Lori Johnston Santa Margarita.

Also, having heard KVEC tonight, I really have my doubt’s about Ms. Brown’s violence behavior pattern according to an ex-boyfriend, but to be fair to all parties, talk is cheap, Ms. Brown’s opinion piece s cheap, and there are more questions than answers regarding this dirty mess.

Ok, here I am stating it. Not afraid to state it, and I would have given money to anybody else who was running in a tight race against someone who beat their wife. So, there is that, and I am not hiding behind it in the least. Do you really think I didn’t realize that was going to be published. Give me a break.

Also, let us clear up the ex boyfriend debate: as I clearly requested on Congalton, that piece of artifice was retracted, one week after it went to Paul”s attorney. It seems the ex had regrets, and that kind of calls into question the entire statement. We all know that ex’s often have an axe to grind when a reporter or an attorney comes sniffing around for juicy tidbits, especially when they were the party that got left behind.

If anybody has anything else to address with me, please ask away. I have no problems answering, and unlike Mr Brown, I am not making crap up to make myself look good. I could care less.

One more thing: I don’t wish him ill, nor do I wish him to not be able to seek employment. However, if he is running for office, this dirty past of his will haunt him. I would love Karen Veile to get ahold of Paul’s former fiance (they were to be married last year), so she could tell her story. She left him a couple of weeks before they were to be married, and chances are, there is a story there.

It is a pity you didn’t just start out your comments here with some specifics about this situation. While I question your objectivity, at least you have shown some plausible counter-views since your original comments. Try being open from the start in the future and you might not generate so much skepticism about your comments.

Ms. Johnston aka Pony Girl is completely misstating the facts. The Brown campaign hand-delivered the “retraction by Jayne Brown’s former boyfriend who had made seven (7) allegations against her. In the retraction, the boyfriend only took back two (2). The other five (5) still stand.

The facts remain, no matter how hard Lori tries to twist them. There was no arrest. There was no prosecution. The restraining order was dropped early in the process. I’m not saying that this was absolutely a DCC plot, but I find it curious that the email came out the Tuesday after a three-day holiday when people would be back to thinking about the election. It was clearly an organized effort.

My advice to Carlyn is to distance herself from the email, from the allegations, and focus on the issues. I look forward to reading Karen’s article on Wednesday morning.

You’re making accusations Dave, but you seem to have NOTHING to back it up.

Your “three day weekend” theory is a meaningless contrivance. That proves nothing. You’re blowing hot air. You’ve got to keep the the right wingers happy for your business concerns, just like your wife has to keep the Christianson’s supporters happy for the same reason. The typical balancing act. You don’t care who wins as long as your radio show keeps sailing along, weaving right, weaving left, whatever will keep your boat afloat.

Even your response above is the balancing act as you “not saying this was absolutely a DCC plot, BUT…..”

Well, is it or isn’t it?

If it is, then spell it out for us and tell us why we should care.

You talk about something not passing your “smell test.” Well, maybe you’re smelling your own finger.

You like to give out advice. Well, how about YOU keep your finger out of this one and let it play out on its own. Carlyn has distanced herself from this. YOU are the one who is trying to paint it otherwise.

Huh? What? Gee, “WiserGuy,” no wonder you won’t put your name to your opinions. I’d be embarrassed, too, if this is the best I could come up with as an argument.

Squeak! Squeak! goes the Anonymouse.

My comments would be exactly the same no matter what name I put next to them. It makes no difference. You chose to make that an issue because that is the best you have, which is not much. You knowing my “real” name would change maters how? Get real, please. And how do we know that you don’t use pseudonyms also? But no matter, this is the way of the modern day internet forum. If you can’t hack it, you better stay home. Either that or get real, please.

You can’ act all holier than thou because you already have your name out in the public and you get paid for it. You start paying me and maybe I will use my “real” name.

Too bitter. Very petty and small. -1

Are you referring ot WiserGjuy or Dave?

Ok, Dave Congalton. The words ‘arrest’, & ‘prosecution’ were never uttered by me. So, please, if I am twisting, then you are as well.

The Order of Protection was allowed to lapse, 6 months prior to it running its course, with Jayne’s approval, since she felt that enough time had passed & Paul was no longer a physical threat, nor was he trying to intimidate her.

As far as Mr Ingalls statement, ok, well he retracted the most egregious ones on the list. But an ex coming in with a list of complaints, then retracting some of them a week later, kind of makes the whole thing look pretty darn weak.

So, carry on with the conspiracy theory. It could never be that a couple of women just got tired of some jackass’ overblown ego & hubris now, could it? Nah.

How can something “lapse” 6 months prior to when it would… lapse?

Ponygirl: Ms Brown did not just let the restraining order lapse with her approval. According to a New Times article, May 29, 2009 (four years ago), written by Patrick Howe,…/judge-lifts-restraining-order-on-paul-bro, Jayne Brown states she fought this change.

Her comments are pretty clear in this article and it appears she was very unhappy about the lift of the order and the judge.

Also, your comment above about ex’s… “We all know that ex’s often have an axe to grind when a reporter or an attorney comes sniffing” is really true and works in many mysteries ways. Just saying!

Also Dave, I was very disappointed that you chose to take the low road and wallow in the mud and use your show to try to “get back” at Jayne Brown, repeating all the negative stuff about her you could dig up.

Why get into it on that level? Why don’t YOU stick to the issues and help RAISE the discussion instead of devolving it into a “tit for tat” schoolyard bullying brawl? You’re better than that, Dave. Your show is better than that. You can LIFT the discussion. Instead you pushed it right back into the mud and dirtied yourself while trying to dirty others through bullying..

Paul is a big boy. If you want to let him go on your show to defend himself, that is one thing. But what you did on your show today was disgusting. That role is very unbecoming and didn’t help the situation. I know you can do better. i know you will do better.

So Dave should have ONLY presented one side? By trying to air both sides, good and bad, he took the “low road?” What world do you even live in, man?

I’m saying that it would be better for all concerned, ESPECIALLY PAUL BROWN, if Dave Congalton didn’t use his show yesterday to wallow in all this domestic stuff, throwing around mud himself, etc. Anyone who thinks this is helping Paul Brown is being foolish. Spending so much effort trying to discredit Paul Brown’s ex-wife does not make anyone on either side look better in the long run.

Better to concentrate on what positive things Brown will bring to city politics.

To his credit, Paul Brown seems to be dealing with the questions and allegations reasonably well. If all his supporters would stop trying to “help” him by getting into the mud fights, he would be way better off.

Congalton should know this. Heck, maybe he DOES know it!

Who brought the mud to throw, initially?

Ooooooo. Scarey.

God forbid the Democratic Central Committee, formed to advance Democratic politics on a local basis, would plot anything.

You are trying to demonize for the the DCC something that all political groups do.

Humans conspire and plot. It is what we do, especially if we are in any kind of politics, including informal politics that happen in the workplace, at the corporate level, on message boards, etc.

Tough position, well handled.

Brown could not let the accusations stand. I applaud him for taking the high road and NOT adding to the dirty laundry pile.

He had to respond, and I believe he responded well.

Oh Jesus, now I’m back to not knowing which candidate I don’t want to vote for to vote for. I don’t know or have heard anything about Don Hedrick and he didn’t even bother to submit a candidates statement for the official voter information pamphlet, but hell, why not vote for him anyway?

Just walk around town and you’ll bump into him. Can’t miss him. You’ll know him when you see him.

Don is the only candidate the my kids have seen most every night at the Thursday Farmer’s market. He is truly a man-about-town and will speak with anyone, and NEVER, and I mean NEVER hides what he really thinks (good or bad, you will know where he stands).

Plus, he is the only one who was showing any kind of concern for the Agenda 21 crap that SLO has already signed onto. That’s pretty big for me, like the horrid Common Core State Standards garbage that our education “leaders” got snookered into swallowing. What a load.

Lots of fun spluttering defenses (and attacks) from this circular firing squad. When was the last time you put up a worthy, upstanding candidate for anything? Just our favorite RINO Katcho.

Upstanding candidates are always the first casualties of politics. Look what we’ve been getting for presidents (party primaries included) for the past 30 years… :(

It is even harder for Republicans OR conservatives (note, they’re not the same around here – or most anywhere), as the mass media is always democrat / liberal / progressive. Thankfully, there are outlets that people actually subscribe to and view that are not so committed to one party or side. This is why the left has become more vulgar, petty and deceptive in their attacks: they’re losing their marketing arm (viewership/readership of mass media is plunging).

For pity’s sake, climb down from the cross.

There is a Republican Party tool of a network, Fox News, which spews 24/7. There is NOTHING like that for liberals…which is good because there is nothing that will send a political party down the inbred trail like only listening to views that agree with the party line.

You say republicans and conservatives are not the same, yet you then turn around and lump democrat/liberal/progressive all together.

Here’s an idea. Why don’t you focus on issues and make independent decisions on whether an opinion or candidate is correct based on what or who they are?

Wait now Paul….”if the allegations of abuse were found to be true”. You weren’t arrested were you? (Did I miss that part?)

So if the boys in blue failed to arrest you and the D.A. fails to prosecute you for an arrest that didn’t take place do you think we’re so stupid as to think that your innocence alone helped you pass background tests? It doesn’t address “are you an abusive person” which frankly doesn’t mean a hill of beans to anyone of importance in politics but, you’ve chosen to open this can of worms, not us.

May we see the D.A.’s investigation that you reference? And for that matter, post the four background checks. FOUR? Seems like a lot for a normal sworn officer.

Let’s give the wife a chance to say something. There is always two sides to any story.

And most times the wives are right.I changed my wife’s name to “always right”. Privately just to me I really call her Mrs. Always Right.

I must be senile or never would have said that the way I did.Oh well, thank God I still have a winning personality and good looks. Kind of muscular for 69.

I’ve found that women are right more often than men. I think sometimes they just don’t say so out loud.

because they are nicer than we are. Or they maybe realize we have weak egos. We are just louder.. When you listen to a woman you begin to think uh oh, I always thought I was the smart one.

(By the way I’m sure you guys are nothing like this. I am just referring to myself).

Women are scary smart.

But all of this is my opinion. You may think it’s garbage. But hate it when someone is accused of something then not have the chance to say something back in defense.

Only a coward would do that to a woman.

Spirit Drained,

“I’ve found that women are right more often than men.”

For Christ’s sake, don’t ever let the woman take the upper hand in a marriage! Don’t you read your bible? Huh?

“Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.” (Ephesians 5:22-24)

Don’t be a milksop in the eyes of the Hebrew-Christian God, and start wearing the pants in your family! Biblically speaking, no matter how dumbfounded you are, you’ll always be smarter than the woman!

Sometimes I just can’t believe in what pseudo-christians say within this forum. It’s sad in how they totally disregard the scriptures.

Thanks for an appropriate response. LOL.

Whether or not a politician has an abusive nature is very relevant to making voting choices.

As a city council member, Brown will have power. We’ve already heard of him being abusive to a member of the public speaking during a council meeting’s “public comment” period. We’ve heard the claims of his ex-wife, as well.

If someone is the kind of person who will abuse power in one situation, it is likely they will abuse it in most other situations, if there is opportunity.

Well, Brown was forced to resign after he left two firearms (one a semiautomatic with a round in the chamber and ammunition close by) in his vehicle, from which they were STOLEN.

Maybe the City of Morro Bay wanted to find out how it was they could have possibly hired such a doofus to their police force, and so did four background checks to see what they missed.

Why don’t we ask the soon to be X Ms Gibson and see she thinks her soon to be X should be on the BOS?

Six years later and the ugliness comes out now. again.. I agree with Congalton that we have lots of people who don’t want Brown’s expertise on this City Council. Let’s face it, divorces are not pretty and some never get over it. Brown deserves our vote. Carly and her group should be ashamed.

Uh, Carlyn? Did she put her spouse in the ER like Mr Brown did (yes, with records to back it up)?

So I think the shame is being placed squarely on the shoulders of Mr Brown, where it belongs. Carlyn/Dem Party had nothing to do with this – but Paul Brown did.

No one is “put in the ER” – one goes to the ER, and is then either placed in ICU or just released. You make it sound harsh. There are many people that are “placed in the ER” – think of all the illegal aliens getting free health care for their kids – do we say they put their children in the ER?!

Photos and medical records are so easy to manipulate. This is why eye witness testimony, along with character testimony is also considered. I don’t know this Brown guy or Isaac woman, but the timing of this AUTOMATICALLY throws up a red flag to me. While Christiansen did not bring this up, it’s no secret that the DCC is pretty scummy and shameful, this type of crap is right up their alley.

You are giving a whole lot of credit to Jayne and her “backers”, ie me, her long-time friend. Neither of us has any experience in “media”. She started working on this slowly over the last week of so, when Paul appeared to be getting more supporters. Mystery solved. If it makes us look like media geniuses, or Democratic Whips, well, lucky ccincidence. I have voted both parties in many elections, so, sorry, you aren’t going to get me on toeing party lines. It is a whole lot simpler than most people are willing to see. So be it.

It’s no secret that the RCC is pretty scummy and shameful, this type of crap is right up their alley.

Yeah, remember that… uh… well, there was that one time that…. ah, crap: I have to be honest, I did not know there was a RCC here (assuming it’s Republican Central Committee). All I have ever seen are raging liberal-progressive democrats, and pro-development democrats. Does SLO even have republicans? Or better yet, someone who is not far left? Of course, a real moderate would probably appear far right to many in SLO… so who knows.

What is your definition of “raging liberal-progressive democrats”?

The most important thing you just said was the kids are getting healthcare. Hmmmmm we must be doing something right. Illegal or not they still need healthcare and all of should help the poor and needy. Jesus may be one of those suffering children.

God Bless

Above comment was for Roy.

No one is “put in the ER”? People are taken to the ER by paramedics every danged day, and sometimes they are admitted from the ER to other units in the hospital. They can be admitted to the surgical unit or to a regular hospital bed unit. People are transported by paramedics to the ER, admitted to the hospital, and discharged, without ever being in the ICU.

Sorry. Someone with an abusive nature like Brown seems to has should be kept far, far away from positions of power.