San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Paul Teixeira, has died

June 27, 2013
Paul Teixeira

Paul Teixeira

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Paul Teixeira died Wednesday night, county officials said. He was 57 years old.

Teixeira was elected in 2010 as 4th District county supervisor. He was the board chair and ran the meetings. Bruce Gibson is vice chair and will become chair.

County officials are holding a press conference Thursday morning to discuss Teixeira’s death and how his seat will be filled. Generally, the governor appoints a new chair.


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Very sad………………….. but the good die young !

Paul was a very nice man whom you couldn’t help but like, even when you disagreed with his point of view. A true gentleman who grasped the need for civility in public discourse. I will miss him.

Sincere condolences to Mr. Teixeira’s family. Mr. Teixeira was extremely involved in his community; he will be missed.

A very sad day for SLO County. No public servant deserves this.