Park rangers enter Oceano campground in riot gear

July 6, 2013

off-roadOceano State Park rangers entered the North Beach campgrounds in riot gear to keep from getting hit with residue as they confiscated illegal fireworks. [KCOY]

Both Cal Fire and California State Parks employees are out in full force collecting illegal fireworks through the weekend. Cal Fire has confiscated about 200 pounds of fireworks so far.

All types of fireworks are illegal in San Luis Obispo County.

Park rangers are concerned the illegal fireworks can start fires and endanger animals in their natural habitat.



Down in Oceano it looked like a scene out of “Apocalypse Now”. All it would have taken was for guys in paramilitary gear to make it complete.

I did see a number of fellows that looked strikingly similar to Colonel Kurtz, though.


Remember back when we were free? I guess the government doesn’t believe we have anything to celebrate.


Finewine……..Yes to celebrate…. Local Goverment………….. A big NO !


The freedom to be stupid ends when it affects others.

Celebrate your own idiocy in a mirror.


just because you go to a public campground doesn’t mean you can do anything you want


North Beach Campground is in Pismo Beach.


i’m thinking that fireworks and parades are politically incorrect. we need to do away with this “holiday” ;>)


It was obvious the authorities were everywhere but Los Osos. East of South Bay Blvd the sky was lit up with all sorts of airborne fireworks. Los Osos, take down the “Illegal fireworks / $2,000 fine” signs. The signs are meaningless if not enforced which is the way it been for years.

Kevin Rice

Happy Independence Day.


They’ll take any chance they can get to don the para- military gear. Even for sparklers and glow worms. Ha!


glow worms are the worst…..boring?


I don’t understand if ALL TYPES of fireworks are illegal in SLO County, why do we have firework stands in Templeton, Oceano, Grover, etc. I stopped at one and was surprised at some of the larger sized bombs. Why do we allow the sale of these products?


Fireworks are illegal in the county. Each jurisdiction has the option to make their own rules. Hence why the cities you mentioned it is legal. Also if you notice at the stands there is nothing that goes in the air. I.e. like bottle rockets etc. All are on ground displays which are easier to control for fire reasons.

Yes I am a bit of a fireworks nut but use your brain when you use them. I don’t put anything in the air.


Come out with your sparklers in the air!


Gay pride !

Don’t forget the feather boa’s !