Scorned Paso Robles woman paid assailants $12,000`

July 5, 2013
Victor Sanchez

Victor Sanchez

The former girlfriend of a man found murdered in Paso Robles allegedly paid a group $4,000 to assault him in October and then another $8,000 to kidnap and beat him more severely a few months later. [Tribune]

Following a biter breakup, Maria Del Carmen Granados Fajardo, 49, allegedly hired a group of people to assault and rob Victor Hugo Sanchez, 37. Following the assault, Sanchez was hospitalized with broken bones and facial injuries.

According to court files, Fajardo hired five people including David Rodriguez Hernandez, 37, to assault Sanchez last fall. In February, Fajardo enlisted the services of Hernandez who recruited three men from Modesto to help him assault Sanchez a second time.

On Feb. 22, Hernandez transported his recruits to Paso Robles and rented a motel room for them. One of the recruits, Edgar Ontiveros, 18, obtained firearms.

The next day, after Hernandez tinted the windows in a Honda Accord he gave the men to use, the group approached Sanchez at his apartment complex parking lot and shot him.

Fajardo allegedly paid Hernandez $8,000 in cash for the second assault. Hernandez then paid $2,000 of that to Ontiveros and then drove the three men back to Modesto.

The District Attorney’s Office filed murder charges Friday against Fajardo.

Hernandez’ girlfriend Christine Garner, Garners sister Crystal Garner and Joseph Villarreal Jr. have been charged with the original assault.

Hernandez remains on the loose in Mexico, but is being sought by Mexican authorities.

Granados was in Fayetteville, Georgia, when she was taken into custody. She is fighting extradition back to California.

The three recruits also remain on the run. They are facing murder, conspiracy, second-degree robbery and assault with a deadly weapon with enhancements for kidnapping and attempted kidnapping charges.


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Those biter breakups are the worst.

Killing folks…..under different name probably. Takes a very evil person to do something like this. This man had a family. She is the one that has to face god

Maria Fajardo doesn’t seem to exist on the web. What has she been doing for 49 years?

Where did she get the money for this crime and then fleeing costs $$. Probably has other noteworthy business dealings.