Would-be supervisor list is growing

July 30, 2013

slo county signAt least six people reportedly seek a gubernatorial appointment to replace the late 4th District Supervisor Paul Teixeira, including former Arroyo Grande mayor Mark Millis and — according to numerous sources — Teixeira’s administrative assistant, Debbie Geaslen.

Geaslen’s husband, Tom, recently was fired for cause from his position of general manager of the Oceano Community Services District following the disappearance of $36,000 in district funds.

Also in the mix are Patricia Duron, an historian, master gardener, and commissioner for the status for women in San Luis Obispo County; Realtor Michael Byrd; and Arroyo Grande council member Caren Ray. Ruth Brackett, who held the 4th District post previously, is said by associates to be competing as well.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s appointment will serve out the remainder of Teixeira’s  term, until January 2015, and would need to run for election to keep the job for another four years.

Teixeira died in June of a heart attack during his first term.

Some of the applicants have been interviewed by phone by a Brown assistant, the first step in what will be a thorough vetting process. In the end, several candidates will be invited to Sacramento to meet with Brown’s appointment secretary, Mona Pasquil.


I for one see no reason why the Gov appoints someone to the position, I realize that a special election would cost the district/county quite a bit of money but to me that is the only fair way to get someone in. We are of the opinion that the Gov will appoint the right person for the job regardless of which he belongs to Rep or Dem, I myself don’t buy into that.

Ms Ray has too many problems of her own to deal with, her drinking club which she says she is no longer a part of, OK, but the biggest problem is cavorting with Hill and that is a huge problem, I can just about see it now, the cat fight between Ray and Torres with Hill on the sidelines, the sad part is thta we the taxpayer are the ones that suffer.

Ruth would be the best person to fill in for now,she has the experence on how things work and I think might be a good match against Hill and Gibson”s phoney work ethics.


To conclude the gov would not do The people of district 4 right because you may not agree with his choice is comical. We will be looking at the 2014 election season starting in 6 months. To hold an election now and then have the same group start campaigning again a couple short months later would be a terrible waste.

Ms Ray’s “problems” sound more like your issues with her than her issues. The laughable, discredited attenmet at a failed political attack job that distorts her association with a social running group has been addressed many times over and is not perceived as an accurate representation by anyone. Her record as an independent and moderate leader in Arroyo Grande speaks for itself.

So what does that leave you with, some dillusional narrative for your own entertainment?


Ruth was as bad as some of our current leaders. How much did her rat infested “used tire farm” cost the taxpayers to clean up?


Your statement is grossly misleading. and apparently purposely so, as you FALSELY claim that Carin Ray was “cavorting” with Supervisor HIll. Total lie. Total propaganda.

i don’t know Carin Ray personally, but has gained a fine reputation for her work as a member of the Arroyo Grande City Council.

You sound like you are pulling the old Kevin Rice scam of trying to turn molehills into mountains of controversy and misplaced animosity, when you bring up Ray’s involvement in a running club that she has not been a member of for years. So, members of the club get together and drink. This is nothing different than what members of the Elks, Moose, Eagles and other fraternal organizations do.

If we really want the best leaders to emerge and take leadership positions, we have to stop being intellectually dishonest, quit with the misleading statements, and quit paying attention to the foul, self-serving propaganda from Kevin Rice.


Debbie Geaslen? Are you kidding me! She was the wrong choice being Paul’s assistant let alone take his seat.

Caren Ray – YES! I was hoping she’d apply even before it was announced. I don’t personally “know” her but have met her twice and she will FIGHT for us not to mention that she is also very intelligent, young and extremely ambitious. I hope Caren is elected!


Hmm….not exactly the cream of the crop.


Would love to hear what that crops list is


The cream of the crop, rather than cream of the crap, would be one of honesty, integrity, loyalty, morality, and statesman(woman)ship…something we haven’t seen for decades.

We seem to have a cornucopia of baby boomers gone bad.


Hmm, a wish list of charter traits does not quite get us there. An idealized leader is a great dream but not reality.

I was hoping for an actually list of local leaders who could or should step up.

I have observed Caren Ray to have strength in all those catagories but I am sure there are others.

Keep in mind the list did not include lock step agreement with a particular ideology or your or my personal viewpoints.


Please tell us who you believe is the cream of the crop. Names, please.


Caren Ray!


Her name is Ruth Brackett…..and she would be outstanding! She is a world of knowledge regarding her District 4.


Bracken, or Brackett?


Pssst: I wasn’t poking fun at Ruth’s name, I was pointing out a typo in the orig story. Typo has been corrected and my comment above is now moot.


Atleast Caren Ray is not a shoe in any more. I hope for the sake of the county she does not get the position. I wish she was not on the council in AG either, I find her to be abrasive with the public a lot of times


I would guess she is still a front runner. She is a consensus builder with a broad base of support.

I have found her very open and accessible to all segments of the public. That being said, you can never satisfy all the people


Birds of a feather…?


No, please. Not Ray. We already have two floozy-mongers on the BOS. Let’s not add a floozy to make the set complete. Yuck.


Casting baseless accusations does not further the discussion. These sort of discredited comments are discussed at the top of the thread.

There are dozens of media sources over the last few years of her service, as well as the public record of numerous boards she sits on, all attest to her character and abilities in the service of the public. The truth will always rise to the surface while those who prefer the mud will continue to lay with swine


Really, I know people get all huffy when their misuse of the language is pointed out. But “shoe in?” C’mon. Like people who win easily do so because their feet are small? It’s shoo-in. I’m sorry, but bad spelling and silly spellings always make it hard for me to take people seriously. Yeah, I’d rather have smart people running the country.


Homer says: “I’m sorry, but bad spelling and silly spellings always make it hard for me to take people seriously.”

“Ad hominem attacks can take the form of subtly casting doubt on their character or personal attributes as a way to discredit their argument.”

So smart is defined by good spelling?

Jorge Estrada

My read on Deb Gealsen is that she was loyal to the public and the right hand to her boss, Paul Teixeira. I will not judge her by the business decisions of her husband. Having well served Paul Teixeira, the voters choice, she obviously would be the best quailified to serve in his absence. Remember Andrea Seastrand and Lois Capps, they were the Spouse not the Adminstrative Assistant. As a Conservative, Republican and a passionate Latino, my empathy is for the Voter’s Legacy in this Governor’s appointment.

I support keeping our local public process intact as well as affording continuity until the public speaks again, the next election.

Jorge Estrada

I think that someone is key stroking the public opinion.


Nicely said, I tend to agree but do not think Deb Gealsen has the qualifications. Or better put, there are more experienced leaders out there

Jorge Estrada

Many claim to be qualified for various reasons, Deb is the best judge for that too. If she were to formally decline then atleast decency would have been served. If she accepts, then her one vote surrounded with Paul’s legacy support will be best represent the voters. She probably will not chair the meetings but her knowledge will not lack the support of many. Integrity is the best strategy…


Well aside from one putting their qualifications forward for review, I don’t think I can agree that an individual is the best judge of their own qualifications. There is far more to public service than being aware of your predecessors opinions and agenda


Dick CHEEENEY would disagree with you.


You diminish Teixeira’s legacy by pairing it with either of the Geaslen’s.


The Geaslen’s were close to Paul and strong supporters. I’m not convinced he would have the same perception of them.


Deb Geaslen??? You’ve got to be kidding. Being a secretary to someone doesn’t make you qualified for their job. Plus, the 200 pounds of baggage attached to her by way of her wedding ring is not something the County Board of Supervisors needs to be affiliated with, now or ever.

By the way, why is she still drawing taxpayer-provided income still? She should be gone from that job on the 4th floor by now.


If having an affair with your married supervisor boss doesn’t cause you to loose your job why should the passing away of your boss?


You’re forgetting, Gibson’s transgressions were to be forgiven because it was an “Affair of the Heart”.

I read it in the Tribune.


Because two wrongs don’t make a right.

Sheesh. Didn’t anybody’s parents teach them the basics of ethics?