Central Coast Bandit pleads not guilty

August 29, 2013

Image_7A 50-year-old Watsonville woman suspected to be the Central Coast Bandit pleaded not guilty Wednesday to all of the charges she faces, despite telling KSBY that she was indeed the bank robber. [KSBY]

Cristina Fernandez Padilla faces nine counts of second degree robbery and burglary, two counts of attempted robbery and charges of felony evading of an officer and assault with a deadly weapon for a string of bank robberies that began on December 31, 2012.

Padilla told KSBY in a jailhouse interview Monday that she had robbed the Central Coast banks in order to buy food and clothing for her 11-year-old daughter.

On Wednesday, a San Luis Obispo judge raised Padilla’s bail from $290,000 to a $1 million because she is considered a flight risk.

Padilla has been in jail since August 23 when several San Luis Obispo County law enforcement agencies teamed up to chase her from the Golden 1 Credit Union in San Luis Obispo to Paso Robles, where she crashed her car.

She is believed to have robbed six California banks in three counties over the past 8 months.



Padilla does not have to worry slo county is so weak on crime she will probably end up getting out with time served.


When you rob a bank, you eventually get arrested and placed on $1 million bail. If Padilla had just stolen gift cards from the homeless to feed and clothe her daughter, the worst punishment she might have faced is having to sleep with a county supervisor.


Boy if that (you know who was one’s choice) I say throw me in a cell and beat me once a day. That would be less severe punishment.


So….she admits to robbing the banks, but pleads not guilty. I say she should run for public office. She has all the qualifications.


So let’s see the receipts for those clothes!


I just KNEW she was a VICTIM! :/