Paso Robles police lock down middle school

September 27, 2013
Victor Sanchez

Victor Sanchez

Officials locked down a middle school in Stanislaus County on Thursday afternoon while Paso Robles police searched for three murder suspects. None of the homicide suspects were located. [ModestoBee]

Paso Robles police are searching for three Modesto teenagers wanted in connection with the shooting death of Victor Hugo Sanchez, 37.

Following a biter breakup, Maria Del Carmen Granados Fajardo, 49, allegedly paid a group of people $4,000 to assault and rob Sanchez in late 2012. Following the assault, Sanchez was hospitalized with broken bones and facial injuries.

In February, Fajardo enlisted the services of David Rodriguez Hernandez, 37, who recruited Edgar Ontiveros, 18, Louis Henry Madrigal, 19, and Alejandro Anguiano, 19, from Modesto to help him assault Sanchez a second time. This time Fajardo paid $8,000 to have the four men kidnap and beat her former lover.

Instead, the men approached Sanchez at his apartment complex parking lot where they shot and killed him.

Authorities believe Hernandez fled to Mexico but continue to search in the United States for the Modesto teenagers.


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I’m more concerned about the criminals inhabiting the Paso Robles City Hall. Esp. the Ol’ Boy Clique of violent criminals being coddled, pampered, and protected by Jim App and Burton.

So while they searched the school for these people, ALL students were technically being detained, since they were not allowed to leave. I guess this is an effort to train them while they are young?

I wonder how damaging that is to young minds to do one thing, while teaching about:

“No person shall be ….deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law…” I’m pretty sure that cognitive dissonance is not healthy.