Poll suggests pot legalization imminent

September 27, 2013

pot IIA new poll by an influential study group shows that the biggest hurdle facing legalization of marijuana in California is just getting a measure before voters. (San Jose Mercury News)

A Public Policy Institute of California poll showed the margin of those favoring pot legalization widening significantly over the past year. Today, all adults in the state would approve such an initiative by a 52-45 percent margin, the PPIC poll showed, but among likely voters, the gap is even wider — 60 percent say yea, 38 percent dissent.

Republicans were in disagreement, with 53 percent of those queried opposing, but Democrats (64 percent-33 percent) and independents  (60 percent-36 percent) offset those opinions.

In another poll result, the Institute said Californians are largely in favor of Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to reduce prison crowding, 52 percent to 39 percent.

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It’s basically legal now. If it does get legalized, I do have an issue with people on welfare and food stamps and unemployment getting high instead of looking for a job. I would hate to be an employer in this state.

Well, they are the number one consumer of cigarettes & cheap booze (beer, mainly) – so this would just be one more “high” for them… that said, why do you care what they do with money that is given to them? Should not your issue be with the giving of money, rather than the use?

post industrial angst : can be treated with 1/8 gram every 6 hrs, ymmv.

It’s about time!

Legalize Pot and Prostitution we need to get both off the streets, and into the hands of our most honorable bureaucrats…

Given a choice of taking Paxil or a dogie,, I’ll take the latter

More evidence of Republican dunderheadism.

So… 53% of those queried for Reps vs. 60% of Dems (a whopping 7% difference, not counting margin of errors), you think that somehow is evidence of ignorance of only one party.

You’re pretty much a fool, I gather?

quite the pithy retort.

…and legalize prostitution so our daughters can pay for their pot!

Too much, too soon?

Cannabis is inexpensive. A casual smoker can spend less than $100 a month on pot. In contrast, I’ve known a couple of women reduced to prostitution because of opiate addiction. It ain’t pretty.

Well, look at the bright side, if you legalize it, it’d be near FREE, as even *I* can grow weeds… barely. Think what all those with green thumbs could do!

I’d still like prostitution to be legal… along with no seat belts and no helmets, if we choose.

Now there’s a thought. Keep it illegal to sell but legal to grow and give away for free. You could toss some as an inducement into that box of stringy overgrown late summer zucchini you’d ordinarily have to drop on your neighbor’s doorstep late at night.

It ain’t pretty.

“…. But it is like kissing God,”


There are going to be unforeseen consequences as the legalization moves forward it is short sighted to focus only on the legal inebriant .next time you take an aspirin let a single flower enhance its effects.

The seeds of this plant are full of very

beneficial nutrients, alpha to omega, good gruel for man, beast or fowl .

The fibre enhances many types of fabrics, material and social

imagine a moratorium on arrests so the people can make an informed

decision themselves with out fear of societal stigmas produced by our legal system,

Amnesty for incarcerated citizens , Hemp silk shirts are wonderful to see and feel,

hemp polyester is indestructablely soft .

We have a rare opprotunity to come together it really is up to us,

now here is a fresh link!


…and legalize prostitution so our daughters can pay for their pot!


What the? Legal pot now causes prostitution, are you joking?

Roy, your argument is so logically flawed it amounts to nothing more than a bizarre attempt at a scare tactic. Try and stay focused.

Too much, too soon?


Hah? What’s too much too soon? Legalization? Get real. I’m not even going to start on the reasons for legalization because if you’re this far gone it’s pointless. It’ll pass by 60% vote–which is as high as any measure ever passes.

Learn to deal with it.

You make a connection that pot causes prostitution? I was just asking for more freedoms. Yikes.

Personally, I’d love for pot to be legal because I’d love to just get high… but if that’s too much, then I’ll bobble-head-nod with the whole “medicinal” thing, if that makes us feel better.

It’s our life, we should be able to do whatever we please with it – as long as we’re not harming others.

I’d say the same for helmet and seat belt laws, but then you’d say pot leads to restrictions on motorists or something.

O Ohh r0y I think the only way you get out of this one is to pass out Twinkies and Chips Ahoy cookies…lol

Legalize it and let’s move on to other more important things.

Does this mean that children laugh at the thought of paying bill and adults can too?

you have to click on the link and decide for yourself,

its a spoof ad, but still…